Disease ‘X’ 2021 Explained | New Deadly Virus | A Start to the End of Humanity

Coronavirus Pandemic is rampaging the world. The New Strain of Coronavirus is spreading in the UK and South Africa. They also said that Bird Flu is spreading. Now they have announced Disease X is Spreading. 

Let’s discuss in detail.

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We have made a couple of Mistakes in the Uk Virus Video. The First mistake is that Coronavirus Mutation may have been 60000. This is wrong. Nearly 60000 tests were conducted. More than 5000 Mutations could have happened to say the Sceintists. 

The Second Mistake is 60% mutated Virus has spread in the UK. But the 60% Spread happened in Kent and its surrounding areas, but the whole of the UK. Now because of the Lockdown in the UK. We still don’t know which virus is spreading. So these two Mistakes are big ones. We apologize for the mistakes. 

These mistakes must not be repeated in this video. So our search has been Thorough. 

Disease X was mentioned by the World Health Organization and Anthony Fauci. 

What is this disease X?

 The disease is an illness. The X means unidentified Disease. This may start to spread. When Coronavirus started to spread. Many asked the question whether its Disease X which is spreading. 

But Sceintists Confirmed and Said that Coronavirus is not Disease X. The reason is the Fatality Rate. 

We should understand how they calculate the Fatality Rate. The Fatality rate doesnt say out of 1000 these numbers of deaths happened. A Virus which spreads to people and the Death rate is calculated. 

The coronavirus Death rate is 1.4% to 2%, Max. But Ebola Virus death rate is 50% to 60%. A Scientist who played an important role in Identifying the Ebola Virus has given the announcement regarding Disease X. Disease X may Spread from the African Continent. 

Disease 'X' 2021 Explained | New Deadly Virus | A Start to the End of Humanity

Have they identified Patient 0?

The World was unable to find Patient 0 for the Coronavirus. The Person who was first in contact with the Coronavirus. This person to contract the virus is called Patient 0. WHO had gone to China in search of Patient 0. 

When it comes to Disease X, they have doubts that a woman may be patient 0  from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She had the Ebola Virus. But now the woman has been cured. 

A Very Important Scientist in a big press meet, Informs that Disease X may spread. Whole Media started to speak about this Disease X. 

Does the World Be warned about the Spread of Disease X from The African Continent?

Yes, and the World should Fear the virus. All Scientist say that if a virus starts spreading from the African Continent, that Virus will spread throughout the World strongly. 

So Ebola Virus infection may lead to 50 to 56% Death Rate. There are results which say that Ebola has the capacity to kill the infected to a Deadly 80 to 88%. This Ebola Virus is spreading in Africa. 

Let’s discuss more the Ebola Virus. Coronavirus strains are many in numbers. The One strain is COVID-19. SARS and MERS are Strains of the Coronavirus. 

Similarly, the Ebola virus has six strains. In the Six Strains, five of them are so deadly. The last one hasn’t spread to humans or animals. But this strain has been identified in Bats. In the 5 strains, scientists have said a Few which are deadly. 

Disease 'X' 2021 Explained | New Deadly Virus | A Start to the End of Humanity

Ebola was first identified in Congo. The Virus was first discovered near the River Ebola thus giving the name Ebola Virus. 

How does the Ebola Virus Spread to humans?

Scientists say that the Virus may spread from animals to human. Then Human to Human. It spreads from Monkeys to Humans. It spreads through the Liquid of Fluid of Humans. For Eg: If a human dies from Ebola Virus, If there is a Liquid from the dead body and if another person touches that the virus may spread to him. This is the reason Ebola is considered to be a Deadly Virus. 

Did the Patient had only the Ebola Virus?

Many tests have been taken by the other tests were Negative. So this Unidentified Virus may be Disease X. The Scientist could have given that statement about the Disease X. 

The Disease spread through Ebola Virus is called Ebola Virus Disease(EVD). Reasons for the spread of the virus is still unknown. They still don’t know the Origins of the Ebola Virus. But it seems the Bats carry the virus. 

Disease 'X' 2021 Explained | New Deadly Virus | A Start to the End of Humanity

Ebola Virus contains strains called Ebola Virus, Sudan Virus, Tai Forest Virus, Bundibugyo Virus, Reston Virus, Bombali Virus. This Bombali virus has not spread to animals or Humans. 

Is Ebola Virus mutating into Disease X?

According to WHO,

Is there any other deadly virus?

Scientists have identified 200 Viruses which will harm humans. From this list, we still don’t know which Virus will become Disease X. We still don’t have the spreading of Diseases X. 

There was one woman who was infected by the virus. But she was cured. Disease X May spread is the Verdict. It has started to spread is not true. 

If Disease X Starts to Spread it will be the start of the End of Humanity. This is the warning from the Sceintists. 

We have already started living among Coronavirus. Coronavirus 2.0 is on the way. Now they say Ebola and Disease X may come. Live every day happily. Do the right thing. Do something good for the World. 

It is upto the Divine Power to help humanity. 

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