“Don’t you dare” Taliban J&K – Pashtuns Haqqani ISIS-K and Anti-Taliban

"Don't you dare" Taliban J&K - Pashtuns Haqqani ISIS-K and Anti-Taliban:

Taliban - Afghanistan. Many viewers asked this question,

Why should we know about another country’s issue?

But Now many Terrorist organizations have sent a request to the Taliban. Their request was to conquer Jammu & Kashmir. Please Check the Link in the video for proof. 

Are the Taliban's enjoying freedom without any foreign troops in their country?

No. There are many issues in Afghanistan. Due to the Taliban takeover, there have been issues with America, China and Pakistan. 

What are these issues?

Let's discuss this in detail. 

Now we should know,

Who has control over Kabul and Kandahar regions?

The Taliban control over 90% of the regional provinces of the country. The Taliban is not one group. It has many subgroups. Kabul is under the control of the Haqqani Network. Kandahar And Hemat are under the control of the Taliban's directly. The Haqqani network says that the Taliban should form a government. They should rule the country and feed the people and look after the Country’s finances. These are the main issues the Taliban face now. 

Haqqani Network also says that Politics should not be linked with the Army. The Taliban are saying that the Army should be in Politics. So there have been some internal issues. The Haqqani Network has an influence in Kabul. This is the reason the Taliban have given control of Kabul to the Haqqani Network. 

We have heard the news about the Two Suicide attacks on Kabul Airport which was conducted by ISIS-K. Both ISIS-K and Haqqani networks have radical views. The Haqqani Network sees Pakistan as a valuable ally. Within the Taliban, there are two groups which are Pro Afghanistan and Pro Pakistan. Now there is an issue of who among these two groups will rule Afghanistan. 

"Don't you dare" Taliban J&K - Pashtuns Haqqani ISIS-K and Anti-Taliban

Many Terrorist organizations are trying to enter Afghanistan. This will create new issues. By discussing it we can understand the Main issue. 

The Taliban has 1.5 lakh fighters. The fighters have not received any Pay. The Taliban need a huge sum of money to pay their men. But the Taliban cannot spend that money. 

How will the fighters feed their families?

Among these issues, there have been recommendations to grow Opium and sell it to earn money. But this decision is despised by the Pro-Afghanistan Taliban. ISIS and Haqqani Network will grow Opium and sell them if they need money. Selling Drugs as a way to earn money goes against the teachings of Islam. Another Group wants to sell the Weapons which were left by the US to Pakistan. This might solve the current financial crisis. 

"Don't you dare" Taliban J&K - Pashtuns Haqqani ISIS-K and Anti-Taliban
Haqqani Network

So Al-Qaeda, ISIS, or Taliban are present in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda may have 200 to 300 Fanatics. The Haqqani Network may have around 2000 to 6000 fighters. This is the official figure. Al-Qaeda wanted to destroy America and create a New Nation for itself. ISIS created the Caliphate and wanted to destroy America. The Taliban don't want to destroy anyone but they just want to rule their country. 

How will the Taliban unite Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Afghanistan?

This is an important question. 

Afghanistan and Pakistan don't share the same values. The reason is the Pashtuns. The British empire was clever to start this game. In 1919-20 the British wanted to give independence to Afghanistan. They send in many people into Pakistan. So The Pashtuns were divided and they lived in Two countries. Afghanistan and Pakistan both got their independence. But the Pashtuns didn't agree as their people are living in another country. The Pashtuns want to occupy the Region of Pakistan and declare it as the “Great Afghanistan”. This is the wish of the Pashtun People. The Pashtuns are nearly 60% of the Taliban. So the remaining 40% has started to act against the Pashtun people. So the Taliban and Haqqani Network are different. The Haqqani Network now controls Kabul. There is a separation inside the Taliban called the Pashtuns and Non-Pashtuns. The Pashtuns say that they need to occupy some regions of Pakistan and the other group does not want this to happen. 

Amidst these various issues inside the Taliban. The Taliban is going to fight against the Anti-Taliban group which is in Panjshir Region. The Anti-Taliban group has Tajiks and Uzbeks. The fight against the Anti-Taliban can be done by ISIS-K, The Haqqani Network, Al-Qaeda or Non-Pashtuns group. Tajikistan will support its people in the Panjshir region. So there may be a Civil War brewing in Afghanistan. 

We discussed that the Taliban has 90% of Afghanistan under their control. The remaining 10% are not under the control of any Factions. The Rival Factions of Taliban are now approaching these 10% Groups. This issue must be solved by the Taliban. 

So there is a financial issue, Faction fights and the Faction to rule the Country, The Economic sanctions on Afghanistan, and finally the American issue. Based on the situation in Afghanistan, American politics is happening between Biden and Trump. Biden says that he has made the correct decision. But Trump disagrees. Due to Politics, the Americans are split into two sides. 

"Don't you dare" Taliban J&K - Pashtuns Haqqani ISIS-K and Anti-Taliban
Anti Taliban

In Pakistan, a new issue has started. The Pashtuns living in Pakistan have started their fight against Pakistan. 

In Weibo China’s Social media, the Chinese people have taken sides. Some Support the Taliban and the rest don't want to support the Taliban. If there is a change in Afghanistan, it affects the neighbouring countries. 

Now there is news which says that Al-Qaeda has requested the Taliban to occupy J&K. In this the Pakistan based Terrorist group Jaish e Mohammed had said that it will support the cause. 

Will the Taliban take a stand against India?

The Pro Pakistan group, Haqqani Network, ISIS and Al-Qaeda may turn their attention towards India. 

What can India do against this issue?

India may try to have diplomatic ties with the Taliban. The First meeting has happened in Qatar between the Top Taliban Leader and the Foreign Ministry of India. The Taliban have said that they will not create any issues against India. These Taliban are the Pashtuns, not the Haqqani Network or any other group. The Taliban want to rule their country in Peace. If the Pashtuns Taliban's give their support to India. This will start the separation of the Taliban into multiple factions with different agendas. 

Will the Taliban together set up a government?

There are so many issues for the Taliban to solve. 

What will the Taliban do?

This is closely monitored by countries like America. The British have this divide and rule method. They have done this in many countries. The British knew that divide is a great weapon to use against the United People. British divided India into two countries. The British are experts in this method. 

This divide is causing wars and deaths. Afghanistan is facing this issue now. 

Will the Italians understand this divide and rule Policy?

Will there be peace in Afghanistan?

We have to wait and see. But saying that the Taliban may occupy J&K is funny. The Taliban don't need the wrath of India on them. Try to improve your Country’s finances. This is just a small warning to the Taliban. 



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