Drone Attack in Jammu – Battle Ready 50000 Indian troops

Drone Attack in Jammu - Battle Ready 50000 Indian troops:

There must be no peace in Jammu Kashmir. The people of J&K  should remain confused and in fear. Using the fear of the J&K  people, they want to create civil unrest and maybe a civil war in India.  through this action, they can take away J&K from India. This is the dream of Pakistan and the Pakistan based Terrorists. This is called Operation Tupac. We have discussed this topic. 

But we didn't know that there would be drone attack news. 

Terrorists have attacked the Jammu Airbase with drones. 

What does the  Indian Army investigation say?

What was the terrorists' target?

Let's discuss this in detail.

We will discuss Operation Tupac and Ajit Doval part2 in the Upcoming posts. 

Drones are used to break any Peace between India and Pakistan. We have already discussed Drones, Swarm Drones and India’s plans for drones. 

Using Drones has its Pro’s. But when it comes to a country’s security there are So many disadvantages. Drones are used for ISR( Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance). Drones that were used for ISR  are now used for terrorist activities. 

In 2019, Saudi Arabia’s Aramco witnessed the first drone attack. The Drones had explosives payloads. The world recognised the threat from drones. Similar damage has been done by Drones in the Jammu Airbase in India. 

Last Sunday at 1.30 AM. The First bomb fell and after three minutes another bomb fell on the base. 

Where did the drones launch from?

From the Jammu Airbase, 14 kilometres away is the Pakistan border. Terrorists or the Pakistani army could send these drones to attack the Indian Base. They could have used long-range batteries on the drones.  

Drone Attack in Jammu - Battle Ready 50000 Indian troops

After travelling 14 km from the border,

What were the targets of the drones?

 Indian Intelligence Bureau asked this question. One Drone hit the roof of the Airbase another fell in the field nearby. The Drone which fell on the roof carried 5 or 6 Kilograms of Explosives. According to the Indian Army, these Drones could have flown at a height of 1.5 Kilometres. The drones targets could be the Air Traffic Control System of the Base and the Radar Station. The army predicts that another Drones target could be the Army Jets which were stationed in the base. If the drones could have hit their designated targets it could be a great loss for the Indian army. 

The next question,

How did the Drones miss their targets?

Due to weather conditions, the wind speed was high. This was the reason the drones missed their targets. This action is a warning to the Indian Army. The army has to be very careful. The Indian Army predicted that Lashkar-e-Taiba could have launched these drones. Already the Indian Army has captured 20 drones in various locations. These Drones have been used to carry cell phones or ammunition from the Pakistan border into India. 

This is the first time drones carrying explosive charges have attacked the Indian base. This is a huge warning to India. 

Hours After the explosion, a Special Indian Police officer was killed by the terrorists in J&K. 

Does Pakistan want peace inJ&K?


Does Pakistan want the terrorists to destabilize India?

Drone Attack in Jammu - Battle Ready 50000 Indian troops

You also need to discuss Pakistan's ally China. China has been gathering its Troops in the Line of Actual Control(LAC). When the world is suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, these two countries Pakistan and China are targeting India. This is the undeniable truth.

Retaliation India has stationed 50,000 Troops in the LAC. News that India's Rafael Jet fighters are ready to engage China's J20’s and S400 Anti Missile System.

These events are angering the Indian people. Just leave us alone.

China & Pakistan together are brainwashing some citizens of India. People who ask the questions,

Why are we talking about Pakistan and China?

China has started its Service of Bullet Trains on 25th June 2021. This is very near the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh. China is improving its infrastructure on the border. 

Within the last 3 months, China has conducted more than 100 Military drills.  China has been moving its pieces against India. China has been supported by Pakistan. 

China and Pakistan together have started their attack on India. 

What must India do?

Some people say that during elections this news will come. Daily our Indian soldiers are patrolling the border so that we can live peacefully. In the Tamil Seed channel, we have mentioned that Indian soldiers are dying on the border and many terrorists have been arrested. This is not just news, but a warning to India. 

The recent news says that 4 to 5 Kilograms of Explosive Drones has entered our territory. If there are 10 Drones coming in the future.

What Will we do?

Do we have the infrastructure to stop these attacks?

China's bullet train has started service near Arunachal Pradesh. 

Do We have the infrastructure for building these kinds of trains on the border?

The Politicians say that increasing infrastructure is a waste. Due to these Politicians, these kinds of attacks will continue to happen. When the Politicians really want the Indian people to be safe. Then only the Infrastructure of India will improve. 

Drone Attack in Jammu - Battle Ready 50000 Indian troops

There may be many questions,

India is currently suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. Many People don't have food. The vaccine and Food problem is currently in India. But more importantly, these attacks in the border are very important issues that must be addressed.

Once another country gains a foothold in our Country. We cannot predict future events and issues for India. 

We have a lot of examples,  Syria, Libya, Srilanka. The Civil War happened and many countries helped with ethical Cleansing. 

Love our Country. The Indian people must give support to the Indian army. 

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