Drones VS EMP – India’s Swarm Drones | Future Warfare

Drones VS EMP - India's Swarm Drones | Future Warfare:

From 2014 until 2020, War in Syria. The UK using Airstrike has killed more than 3000 people. But in Syria, No UK soldier has lost his life. The reason is they used asymmetric warfare. Drones come under the category of Asymmetric warfare. 

Swarm Drones Part2.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

In the last part, we discussed many technologies which were unknown to us.

Should We or our students or our teachers be talking about the Swarm Drones More?

The Videos which we release should be useful to the Students and the Next Generation. 

Students have been doing a seminar on a yearly or a quarterly basis. 

This topic should turn into topics which the students should pick for their seminars. 

They should learn,

How to create a Drone and fly it using a remote?

How can they hack these drones?

Can we be able to run all these in One Software?

Our Indian students aim must reach International Standards. This is the reason the latest technology videos have been shared. We have been saying multip-le times that students should watch this topic and research it. 

Drones VS EMP - India's Swarm Drones | Future Warfare

The EMP, 5G, AI and now the Drones videos are needed for the future. 

Swarm Drones was introduced in 2018. In 2018 Swarm Drone attack against Russia was the event, which said to the world that Swarm Drones technology is available. 

China to get a Guinness record flew 1000 Drones at the same time. This becomes a World Record. Intel breaks China’s records easily. In 2018 the same year 2018 Drones were flown using only One Software. Through this many World Countries showed their might in the Drones Technology. 

Many Countries started to manufacture drones. China on a daily basis is producing 1000 Drones. China is producing Different types of Drones on a daily basis. 

The issue is not with the Manufacturing of China’s Drones. 

What will India do against these Drones?

We need to understand what the Indian army technology has. 

There are two types of Drones UAV and UCAV. Combined together they are called UAS(Unmanned Aerial system). 

Drones VS EMP - India's Swarm Drones | Future Warfare

To Counter the UAS they develop CUAS( Counter Unmanned Aerial System). In the years 2018-2019, there were only ten strategies against the UAS system. 

But in 2019-2020, we have nearly 203 Strategies to bring down the drones. India has 203 Strategies to hit these drones and send them back. This is known by the International community. 

In the 203 Strategies, there will be EMP. EMP is a direct energy weapon. We are not going to discuss India’s Direct Energy weapon. This information is confidential. 

Direct Energy Weapons can be divided into two parts. The first is the laser, the second is Microwave. 

India has used Microwave to create Kali Missiles. DRDO has successfully tested Lazor based weapons. These two ways will easily kill the drones. 

Is this enough to counter the drones?

Can EMP be used effectively against Drones?

Can we use the Drones against the 5th generation Jet fighters?

Drones can have small motors. But these Jet Fighters Speed is great. 

First, we should learn about the LOCUST(Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarming Technology). From a Jet fighter or missile, a weapon will be deployed. This will have small drones in it. When the radar identifies the Enemy Target, This Weapons will be launched from the Opposite direction. When the enemy Aircraft approaches in the direction these 1000 Drones will be ready. These Drones will start attacking the Enemy Aircraft or an Enemy Missile.  LOCUST technology has been developed. There are so many versions in this technology. 

Drones VS EMP - India's Swarm Drones | Future Warfare

America uses a Drone called Black Hornet. This Black Hornet is only ten Cms. Its weight is 16 Grams. These drones were given to each and every American Soldier. The Pad to operate the Drone will be in the Pocket of the Soldier. 

In times of war, The Soldier will use the drones. The enemy has tanks, Soldiers and many types of equipment. But three Soldiers had 6 Hornets. The Hornets will be able to gather all the information of Enemy Frontlines and send the Intel to the HQ for a Strategic counter attack or defence. From 2013 The Black Hornet has been in service in the United Armed Forces. There are so many different types of Drones. 

From 2018 India has been conducting many research and Studies on Drones. India has three UAV’s Prototype. 

We discussed that Drones can be disabled by EMP. But they have launched EMP shielded Drones. So we need technology to destroy the EMP Shield. 

But first, we need to detect the drones.
How can we detect the drones?

In 2020, South Korea announced that it can easily detect Chinese Drones through the satellite which they have launched into space. 

What kid of Satellite was launched?

The Answer is a Synthetic Approach Radar(SAR). We did our research on Indian Satellites. 

The Indian Satellites which were launched into space for Tracking and meteor Operations. The Indian Satellites RISAT-2B & RISAT-2B1 are using the Synthetic Approach Radar. This Radar will identify any object which is flying from ground approx 500 Kilometres. So India has the satellites and so does the enemy. 

The SAR satellites will be able to identify the numbers of Drones, their Software, and Pinpoint the Area by using the radio signals. The technology to break the remote to the drones. Anti Drones Technology has been developed. 

If there is a war, it will be conducted with Technology. In this war, they don’t need trained Soldiers but Gamers. 

Analysts say that Gamers who play First-person shooter games can win the war for their country.

How is this possible?

Drones will be released. The gamer will have the visual from the drones. Just like playing games, they will identify enemy targets. They will also have satellite images and they can easily destroy the Frontlines of the enemies. So the Dorne TEchnology will be Future Warfare. 

If there is a war, there will be a ceasefire, defeat of Peace. But the Drone Wars will never have an ending. If a country losses too much soldiers in a war, it will be ready to come to peace agreements. But if the Drones are fighting the wars, it will be an Ever-Ending War. 

This is the reason this issue has become an important issue for the International community. They believe that there should be an International Law to conduct these Drones war. 

Drones VS EMP - India's Swarm Drones | Future Warfare

They want to know,

What drone technologies does the country have?

During a war, 

How will the country use its drones?

After getting the facts, the Battleground will be set up. The war should be designed according to the data obtained. 

In Ancient times, In India, there was a law where no soldier should be stabbed in the back. 

So when the International community agrees and sets up a law. 

What will this law be for the Terrorists?

This Law is still a debate among the international community. 

Imagine People called Rebels fighting for their freedom. 

What will happen if the army sends in Drones?

What will their thoughts be?

They will understand that Drones are being used. So they will change their Warfare. Drones will change Terrorism. The Asymmetric Warfare will be the one to bring in many issues for the world. 

America’s PAtent 10180309. Search it in Google. 

What does the Patent say?

A Gun attached with a Payload. When the gun fires the EMP pulse will be emitted. So using this weapon they can disable the drones. America has taken the patent. 

Many Corporates are now in development to disable the drones. Program Skywall 100 was initiated. A Drone which is at a distance of 1 Km will be targeted and a missile will be launched. The Missile will detonate 200 Metres from the Drones area and create a Net. Thus disabling the drones. This is Skywall 100. There are Skywall 200,300 currently running. 

A French Corporate Department13 has developed a Project called Mesmer. This technology is Anti Drones. 

Lastly, CHAMP(Counter Electronics Hyper Advanced Missiles Project). CHAMP has been tested in India. If we are successful we can easily defeat enemy Drones. 

The technology mentioned in the video. India has it all. Direct Energy Weapon, CHAMP, LOCUST India has the prototypes. Within one or two years it will be included in the Indian army. 

So Youngsters of India should learn more about these Swarm Drones, Softwares please search and learn about it. 

Many Technological Videos will be posted in the future. 

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