E- Cigarette Dangers – Awareness

E- Cigarette Dangers - Awareness:

Have you heard about E-Cigarette?

Last month E-Cigarette has been banned all over India. People who use E-cigarette or Sell it or manufacture it will be punishable for up to 3 years in jail and up to 5 lakh rs must be paid to the Govt. But now a group of MP has said that “ why did you Ban E-Cigarette?, We need to manufacture it and sell it. The members of the Parliament for in discussion right now. 

This e-cigarette is a 350 crore business and it should be permitted to manufacture and sell it.

What is E-Cigarette?

Why is it banned in nearly 25 countries?

What are the main reasons behind the ban?

We will look into this in detail in this post.

 Beloved Tamil people. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.


E- Cigarette Dangers - Awareness:

Before we go into the topic. 

Do you smoke?

Do your relatives or your friends smoke?

Please tell them to stop it now.  some friends may suggest that suggest don't smoke cigarettes but try smoking e-cigarettes. The free advice which your friends have given about E-Cigarettes is false. The e-cigarettes were created by the Chinese. America has already created e-cigarettes in 1990 but in 2003 the Chinese created it. The first e-cigarette company was created in China. From 2003 to 2005 nearly 200 companies wire manufacturing e-cigarette in China. This culture slowly spread in America,  so the total companies which produce e-cigarettes right now are 428 companies. When it comes to cigarettes the leading seller is Marl boro. The Company which is a parent organization to Marl Boro is Altira. Altira Has invested nearly 13 billion US dollars in e-cigarettes. This company has been run by the jews which is in America right now. 

So if Altira Is investing in 13 billion US dollars, then it should advertise it to the Young Generation. So Advertisements that were released 30 or 40 years ago were digitally enhanced to suit the current generation. Please See the Pictures in the video 3.21. Many believe that as a trend nowadays.

The trend has been broken into pieces within 2 years.  These companies advertised saying that smoking e-cigarettes are much healthier than smoking normal cigarettes. In 2019 a report said that it may Modify the genetic material or DNA which would increase Cancer Risk. On Oct 3rd, 2019, A big gathering in which President Trump was a part of said that by using E-cigarettes nearly 1500 people are on death row. Nearly 18 people have already lost their lives to E-Cigarette. America right now is thinking about the ban on e-cigarettes.

But in India, after the Govt has banned it, a group is opposing it. That Group is called TRENDS(Trade Representatives of Ends). These Trends are saying that they are going to meet a lot of MP to discuss lifting the ban on e-cigarettes. While America is thinking about the ban, in india they want to manufacture even after the ban is in place by the Govt. America is the Second largest user to use these E-cigarettes.  This trend did not take foot in India.

What has China has to lose?

In China, it is estimated that this business is nearly 63000 crores rupees. Will they easily leave this business. This post is especially for the Indian Youth, A Serious Problem is coming your way and this post is a warning to you guys. So when this issue becomes a huge problem many will know about it. But this post is a Warning so that some of them can be warned earlier. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

What is E-Cigarette?

It is the shape and size of a Pen Drive. It is a small device that has been called as Pods. We say one cigarette and 10 becomes a pack. A pod is nearly equal to 1 Packet Cigarettes. So when you use it, there is a battery in the pod. When activated the Power from the Battery will heat the metal which is in the pod. There is also a Liquid that will contain Nicotine and also other chemical compounds. When this mix of Chemicals hit the Metal it will give you a smoke. It looks like a cigarette but you don't have to light it up. Nicotine is there right.

E- Cigarette Dangers - Awareness:

What's the Difference between Nicotine in E-Cigarettes and cigarettes?

You may think that that might be a slight difference but it will not be a major one. To understand this we have to know about a term called Blood-brain barrier. This will be Scientific,  so we will talk about it in basic terms. The blood through our nerves runs nearly 93000 Kilometres Is a scientific fact. So the blood flows to your brain as well. If we have a disease we inject ourselves with Medicine and the blood carries it to the whole body. For Ex: If its fever the Medicine which is injected into our body is not needed for the brain. The Blood-Brain barrier is like a gate that checks the blood often which travels to the Brain. So if its water it permits to pass through with the Blood. So if its drug or some molecules which are not needed by the brain this Blood-brain barrier sends it away.This is why our brain is Protected by the barrier. 

 Our Scientists Have found a way to bypass this barrier. So what they did was they injected the Molecules which had permission to travel through the barrier. These findings enabled them to cure Brain Tumor. If you smoke a cigarette this barrier will be destroyed. When the happens Mini unwanted molecules that are in your blood will be reaching the brain directly without the barrier. Your ability to Think will be disabled, you can't remember anything, you may be affected by regular strokes, Your heart will become weak. 

So to break the barrier,  E-Cigarette will send Nanoparticles, So when the Liquid meets the Mix which we have previously discussed these Nanoparticles are in there. These affect greatly your brain. We have also shared a detailed video about this in the Video Below. 

Click here : Blood Brain Barrier Video


Is this e-cigarette topic really important to Indians?

We are sharing statistics with you. In 2011 the people who used E-cigarettes were Only 7 million But in 2018 it has  raised to nearly 42 million people. From 2018 to 2019 it has gone up by nearly 25%. So the usage of e-cigarettes is rising in an alarming rate,  it may affect our young generation pretty soon. We know about Cannabis right, 10 Cannabis packs are equal to one pod of e-cigarette. 

Hindustani cigarettes there are nearly 7500 flavors available. Tulsi flavor, Potato flavor, Rose flavor and many more. They are all artificially created and added into the E-Cigarette. So 428 Companies and Altira going to Invest 19 Billion dollars into this. This has the potential to become the biggest market worldwide that's how the Chinese see it. They are right now searching for a big market that is India. Indian young generation must be cautious right now. 

Please share this post with your friends. If it comes also we should be ready to protest against it. We don't want E-cigarettes. Talk about this to your relatives and friends and share this post and video to many. It is our responsibility to protect our young generation. Comments regarding this post are Most Welcome. 

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