East Pakistan Genocide – How did India Help? RAW Part 10

East Pakistan Genocide - How did India Help? RAW Part 10:

A war is happening. 

What could a soldier think during the war?

The days when the Soldier is not hurt will be considered Waste Days. If there is a war happening, the soldiers fight for their countries. 

These soldiers are currently serving in RAW India’s Spy agency.

In Sep 1968, RAW was created. Cowboys have been created. These agents were sent to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka to spy. When Indian History has been changed,  RAW was the main reason behind the Independence of Bangladesh. 

How are the theories changing the theory?

The enemies of India say that Pakistan was one country. RAW Infiltrated Pakistan and split the country into two. 

In RAW Part9, we will discuss the real history. 

This post is a Historical Post. 

On 14th August 1947, Pakistan declared its Independence. Pakistan was called West Pakistan and East Bengal. 

Was it called East Bengal?

They changed the name from East Bengal to East Pakistan and included it with Pakistan. So India is surrounded by two sides: East and West Pakistan. For both the Sectors Urdu was named National Language. This was announced in Feb 1948. People from East Pakistan were furious because their language was Bengali. 

This started a Protest in March 1948. These Protests were headed by School and College students. There was a very important college student. His name was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He was studying at Dhaka University. The Language war has started. On 11th March 1948, the protests started. 

On 21st March 1948, Jinnah visited East Pakistan. After his arrival, he clearly said that Urdu will be their Official Language. Issues and Protests started in East Pakistan. At this time an Opposing Political Party was created in West Pakistan. This Party was created by Maulana Abdul Khan Hamith Basani. He created the Political party called Awami Muslim League. AML proposed 42 requests to the govt. Their aim was to protect their language and their culture. They said that they were Pakistani Nationals but their language was different. 

From the year 1954-57, The College student Rahman has joined the AML party. AML was changed into Awami League. This was not a protest by Muslims, but for all the people residing in East Pakistan. This was the reason Awami Muslim League was changed to Awami League. When the Political party was getting strong. Ayub Khan comes to power in Pakistan. After a Military Coup D'etat  Ayub Khan becomes the Leader. Ayub Khan promises the people that Elections will be held within a few years. 

The Money from East Pakistan was spent on West Pakistan. In 1965 Pakistan declared war against India. The 22 Days war was fought. India won the war, but in East Pakistan the Garrison was Minimum. 

The people living in East Pakistan were furious. Their lives are spendable. They wanted to be Reunited with India. The Indian Army in the 22 days war did not conduct major attacks in East Pakistan. 

The year was 1969, Ayub Khan was facing a decline. General Yahya Khan takes Power. Rahman who has joined the AL party introduces 6 very important requests to the Pakistani govt. Rahman wanted Equal Rights for the people in East Pakistan. Yahya Khan to defeat Rahman wanted to conduct an election in East Pakistan. If the AL loses the elections then the army will arrest Rahman. 

East Pakistan Genocide - How did India Help? RAW Part 10

In 1970 an Election Was held, people didn't vote for Yahya Khan. Rahman wins the elections. When the AL Party won the elections, the issue started to get big. 

The year now was 1971. Two years after the creation of RAW. The issue between West and East Pakistan still persists. This must be written down in our history books. The Six-Point Program was the main reason Rahman won the elections. Rahman promised his people that he would achieve his 6 Goals and the people believed him. 

On 21st Feb 1971, The Parliament of East Pakistan was Dissolved. Emergency situation was raised in both East and West Pakistan. Yahya Khan wanted to arrest people who spoke against him. Yahya Khan wanted a meeting with Rahman. The meeting was conducted. 

The date was 6th March 1971, the meeting was a failure. Rahman informs the people that the Pakistani govt has betrayed his people. He informs his people to get ready for war. On 25th March 1971, Yahya Khan said the people will have rights. At the same time, he sends the Pakistani Army into East Pakistan. The People of East Pakistan did not expect this move. 

On the 7th march, Rahman gathered nearly 10 Lakh People and started to protest. A New General was appointed, his name was Tikka Khan. This Tikka Khan was a ruthless Murdering animal who killed many people in East Pakistan. 

Pakistan govt's plan was to send the army to kill 30 Lakhs AL Party members. After witnessing the destruction they will have no other way but to join with West Pakistan. 

According to their plan, on 25th March 1971, Operation SearchLight was a go. This Military Operation Was started at 11 pm. The Army encircled the People. Dhaka University and AL Party members' residences were killed on sight. The Students in the University were set on fire. Nine of the Professors were beheaded and burned. AL party members were murdered. Nearly 10 Lakhs of People were murdered by the Pakistani Army. 

East Pakistan Genocide - How did India Help? RAW Part 10

There was a cry for help from East Pakistan. The massacre must end. Nearly 1 Crore Refugees fearing for their lives fled to India. Indira Gandhi was concentrating On RAW advancements. 

How will Indira Gandhi provide Shelter for refugees?

What will be the issues Indira Gandhi had to face?

Indira Gandhi with RN Kao must take a decision. India wanted to take this issue to the International community. America announced that it is an Internal Affair of Pakistan and the International community will not act. 

When Yayha Khan took Over Pakistan, Indira Gandhi and RN Kao knew that America would not be against Pakistan. India has no other way but to go to war with Pakistan. India needed Weapons. Indira Gandhi requested Weapons supply to many countries. All countries refused. The USSR was the only country to help India. Russia said that it will remain an ally to India. With the help of Russia, India was preparing for war. 

Many refugees were flocking to India. The Indian government must provide food and shelter. 

In East Pakistan, the situation was getting worse. The Pakistani Army raped and murdered many Women in East Pakistan. This history has been hidden in the books. The Pakistani army was brutal and they didn't leave anyone. 

India has to enter the war to save the people of East Pakistan. Indira Gandhi and RN Kao wanted to help the refugees. 

East Pakistan Genocide - How did India Help? RAW Part 10

We will discuss the details and Operations of the Indian Army in RAW part10. 

This post is just the beginning. 

So the truth was RAW didn't start the war in 1971. Refugees from East Pakistan were flocking towards India. India cannot house huge numbers of Refugees. There was no solution to this issue. This was the main reason the war started between India and Pakistan. 

The people of Bangladesh were being murdered and India helped them and saved them. When real history is taught to people. Our relations between our Islam Brothers will prevail. 

So India was not the reason for the Partition of Pakistan. This is the truth. 

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