Elon Musk Space Runner Part1 | Starlink- SpaceX

Elon Musk Space Runner Part1 | Starlink- SpaceX:

The news about the vaccine for the Corona Virus, hearing this news is tiring. When we post about Corona Virus and Vaccine we get new viewers. So to change the topic we moved to Bill Gates Series. So in this post, we will discuss Elon Musk. We know SpaceX. 

What is his dream plan?

He says, he will deliver the electricity needed for the world?

What is the truth?

Through the Starlink Project, nearly 422 satellites have been launched.

Why are these launches?

This post will be the first in the Series for Elon Musk.Part1

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

What is the Biography of Elon Musk?

We talked about his brother when discussing in Gates Series. But Elon Musk information is not known to Tamils. The technology he creates is not known. He has been involved in so many projects. In Neuro Technology his new discovery was done three days ago. When the world was speaking about Corona Virus. 

Elon Musk was thinking how to launch the Falcon9 Rocket. He has taken another project called Dragon Rocket. Elon Musk is providing electricity for South Australia. He places a request to the UK govt. 

In the request, Spacex is producing Construction and Electrical products. The electricity needed for the whole UK can be supplied by Spacex. So they need only Permission from the govt. This was in the application given to the UK govt. 

The UK When it exited the EU, the country was in demand for Electricity. The demand will be met by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. He says that he will build more than 100 GIGA Factories across the world. From these 100 GIGA Factories Electricity needed for the whole world will be supplied. 

Lithium-Ion Battery is the most powerful battery in the world. The technology is only available in Spacex. So the discoveries which he makes are for the Future. We don’t know who will dominate the world whether it is Bill Gates or Other persons. But if Elon Musk continues his actions he will become the most powerful man in the world. The World will listen to him.

Elon Musk Space Runner Part1 | Starlink- SpaceX
Elon Musk Space Runner Part1 | Starlink- SpaceX

How will he control the world?

The Answer is the Starlink Project. We know about Satellites. Nearly 60 to 70 years have gone by when we first launched our Satellite. Now the satellites send to space total count is 9000. In this, nearly 2000 Satellites are still active. Other satellites have become debris. So the official stats are Nearly 2000 to 2500 Satellites. 

Elon Musk introduces the Star Link project to the world. He says he will launch 12000 Satellites, these Satellites will be stationed in Low Earth Orbit. 

Are 12000 Satellites for Elon Musk?

He says that an additional 30000 Satellites will be launched and he has to get permission. He has all orders and Permissions to launch these 12000 Satellites to Space. Every Organisation or govt has permitted Spacex for launch. Imagine 12000 Satellites surrounding the earth. 

Elon Musk Space Runner Part1 | Starlink- SpaceX

What is the reason behind this project?

He Says that Internet Speed WIll be available to all. Now let’s discuss Corona Virus.

Will Corona Virus just disappear?

Corona Virus will not leave the world. It will become a part of our life. We should learn how to live amidst this pandemic. So Work From Home will become the Peak Sector. Many Colleges and Students will study from Home using Online. We will see the changes when it happens. 

So when this comes true, We will need the Internet. 

China for nearly 5 Crore People has built 2 Lakh 5G tower. Now it is operational.

Elon Musk on 2015 says “If he launches 12000 Satellites into Space through Optical cable the speed of the internet is fast, you can use a net speed which is 43% faster than the Cable internet. The blueprints for this project is with Elon Musk”. 

Elon Musk Space Runner Part1 | Starlink- SpaceX

He informs the America Govt. We can do anything with the satellites. Elon Musk first launched 60 Satellites into Space. First Satellites to be launched was TinTin A and B. So totally 60 Satellites are in orbit now. The satellites names are Starlink1, Starlink2 etc. 

On 2019 There was an issue between Spacex and the EU. The EU wanted to station their satellite in a place in the orbit. But that place was already occupied by Starlink44. So they contact SpaceX to move the Satellite. Elon Musk says that the satellites are programable. If we want to move the satellite they can do it. If a Satellite is faulty and must return to earth they can do it.  These Satellites will never be Space Debris this is the reason they station these Satellites in Low Orbit. 

But 12000 Satellites will be connected. During this time Iran Launches a Satellite to be stationed in Low Earth Orbit one week ago. America opposed the launch. 

India brings is Mission Shakthi. A satellite which is programmed to self Destruct in space. The US media bombard India with questions. How will India remove the debris?. How will India solve the issue?. But no Indian Media has spoken about these Spacex 12000 Satellites. 

How will they control these Satellites?

Who will have the data?

The Indian Media will never ask these questions. During this Pandemic, nearly 60 satellites have been launched in April. After the launch, the people in Israel and many countries can see the satellite train in space. The satellites are stationed in Low Earth Orbit which comes to 500 Kilometres. So during night time, these Satellites are visible to the naked eye. Many People have seen the satellite Train in space.
People who research space. If you launch satellites in huge numbers we cannot be able to research the Space. Elon Musk says that in 2019 or 2020 Elon Musk will launch DarkSat. This Darksat will not be visible to the naked eye. 

Elon Musk Space Runner Part1 | Starlink- SpaceX

What will a satellite do?

When people were wondering about North Korean Leader a satellite image was released. So one satellite can easily trace the people. These 12000 Satellites can also do the job. But who will test it?. It may be used for Military Purposes. These satellites may be used to find out the Natural Resources of India. It can be used to spy on other countries. The World Media and Sceintists and Youtubers would start talking about this issue. 

If these people speak only the normal people will know the truth. The truth to cover our world with Satellites. 

Is this post supposed to scare you?

IF we don’t know the truth what’s the point of living. What will we do?

We are living in an Advanced World. We can speak to an American in a video call within seconds. Are they going to use these Satellites for this purpose alone?

These satellites when in orbit who will have ownership over these satellites. What will be the price?

Elon Must says when they launch 400 satellites the project will start to work. So Electricity will be produced by him and then data and Internet. So People who want to become Engineers or researchers what are we going to do?. 

When we are talking and receiving Information about Corona Virus. There are so many YouTubers who Debunk the video and there are fact-checkers also. These YouTubers should start speaking about it. Everyone can say Annunaki is Conspiracy Theory. 

Elon Musk Space Runner Part1 | Starlink- SpaceX

But with the help fo Science. Starlink projects Pros and Cons can be discussed. The awareness for the students can be created. 

We are going to discuss Elon Musk Technology. We will start speaking about it. We will discuss it in the next post. This Series will continue. 

There is a Surprise Video Tomorrow so don’t miss it.

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