EMP Weapons Vs the World – EMP weapons Explained

War. India and China Border Dispute. America and China Cold War. World War 3. 

Recently We have been seeing this a lot on the news. 

What is the root cause of these issues?

Nuclear Weapons. The World in staying silent because of the Nuclear Weapons. There are some reasons which we will discuss. 

If there are no nuclear weapons, Pakistan would be invaded by India and it will be occupied. China could have occupied India if there are no Nuclear Weapons. China’s CCP regime will be no more as America could have occupied China. America could have been occupied by Russia. 

Are Nuclear Weapons being the Core of Peace in this world?

If they build a technology which overthrows Nuclear Weapon, then there will another issue in this World. 

China has been saying recently that they will use EMP weapons upon America. In America June everybody was working hard as they got intelligence from the CIA that China may use EMP weapon upon America. A document was submitted by a person who was a part of the CIA and now is in a very Important Position in the American govt. 

Russia, on the other hand, has announced that it will develop EMP cannon. 

What is this EMP weapon?

IS it deadly than Nuclear Weapons?

Will EMP be the next weapon is the war between China and America to become the Next Superpower?

What is India’s part in this issue?

We will discuss in detail in this series. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

War is always an Interesting Topic. You will know about the Latest Technology in the Modern Warfields. After we discuss this topic. We will have a glimpse of our future. 

So when it comes to India, Indian Engineers, Students we all think that the next big war will be on Air, Water and Land. We also know that there will be a war through Satellites in the Space. 

But we still can’t predict how this war will be Fought?

Can a Satellite destroy a Country?

Can a Nuclear Weapon Destroy a Country?

The Answer is No. Using One Nuclear Weapon cannot destroy a whole Country. Nuclear Weapons which Russia has cannot destroy the Entire USA. The reason is MAD(Mutually Assured Destruction). 

During World War 2 the human race developed the Nuclear Weapon. The first to develop a Nuclear Weapon was the USA. But after 6 to 8 years Russia also develops a Nuclear Weapon. Now America had a doubt whether Russia will use Nuclear weapons in the USA. Russia had its doubt whether America will use Nuclear Weapons. So both Countries were Scared. 

After this many countries started to develop Nuclear Weapons. The fear which engulfed these countries gave birth to MAD(Mutually Assured Destruction). 

What does the MAD agreement say?

A country will not use the Nuclear Weapon until the other country doesn’t start a Nuclear War. the MAD also defines when the Nuclear Weapon can be used.  The use of Nuclear Weapons upon another country must be done once the COnfirmation has been submitted. For Ex: America cannot assume that China may Destroy America. It has to be Crystal clear and in its views and it should have proof that China is acting or trying to destroy America. After this confirmation, America can use Nuclear Weapons upon China. 

In World war 2 these rules didnt exist when America nuked Japan. 

EMP Weapons Vs the World - EMP weapons Explained

When Iran was developing Nuclear Weapons Mossad went in and destroyed the research. America has banned Iran from Developing Nuclear Weapons. When Syria was developing Nuclear weapons Mossad Used Air Strikes to destroy the Facility. Iraq and Libya Nuclear Facilities were destroyed by America. 

Is America doing this to protect the world?

No. We have to look into the history books to see America’s True Face. Three Countries America, Russia and China. 

After World war 2, America and Russia start the Cold War. Both countries wanted to destroy the other. In 1961, nearly 178 Weapons test has been conducted. All these tests have been conducted in our world. So Clearly we can see that using one Nuclear Weapon we cant destroy the whole world. 

There is a Nuclear arms Reduction treaty called the New Start. This agreement says that America or Russia should not have more Nuclear weapons targeted on one another. So this treaty says that America can deploy 1200 to 1500 Nuclear Weapons against Russia. 

For Ex: So through this treaty, if America Plans a Nuclear war against Russia. Nearly 25% of the Russian Population will be dead. Nearly 90% of their Industries will be destroyed. After the attack, the Radiation caused by Nuclear Weapons will affect the living population. There are so much to discuss after the Fall of the Nuclear bombs which is called Nuclear Fallout. 

If Russia counter-attacks by using Nuclear Weapons. Nearly 40% of Americans will perish. Nearly 95% of their Factories and industries will be destroyed. So Americans have a lot to lose in this engagement if this happens. This truth is known to the whole world. So Nuclear weapons create fear among the Countries. Until World War 2 people believed that Nuclear weapons can be deployed on Airplanes. 

But after World War2 they started to build missiles capable of carrying these Nuclear Weapons. These Missiles are categorized into two. One is called Cruise Missile and the other is ballistic Missile. 

Cruise missiles are Self Guided and accurate missile systems which are Pre Defined. Cruise Missiles are powered by Jet Engines. There will be a control unit. There will also be a memory unit for the targets. 

The Ballistics missiles are capable of travelling Long Distances. They are initially powered by Rocket. Their trajectory that arches upwards before descending to reach its intended target. 

EMP Weapons Vs the World - EMP weapons Explained

There are so many issues around the world caused by these Ballistic Missiles. The reason is these missiles are capable of travelling long distances and cause the maximum damage. The world knew and feared that the Ballistics missiles. The world started to produce more of these Ballistic Missiles. Then Comes the HyperSonic Missiles. These are basic information which we are sharing with you.

Is there a Chance there will be a war in the Space using Satellites?

Yes, They can do it. America passed a new law in 2019. The laws name is Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic pulses. 

When we use an electronic device it creases Electromagnetic waves. Using a short burst of Electromagnetic energy caused by Natural Occurences or man-made pulse we can completely disable an electronic device. So the Electromagnetic waves are everywhere. Increased Electromagnetic Energy can be deployed in a missile. These missiles are called NEMP Missiles Weapons(Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse). 

America has a separate division for this weapons system called EMP task Force. 

Who is the director of this EMP Task Force?

The director is a former employee of the CIA. His name is Peter Pry. Dr.Peter Pry submits a very important report on the Chinese CMP threat to the American Congress. The report says that China has the most powerful EMP weapons. Using these Weapons China can easily destroy America. If China uses the EMP weapon on America. Nearly 90% of Americans will be killed.

Using 1200 Nuclear Warheads the estimated kill rate was 40% Americans. But using the Strong EMP weapon 90% of Americans can be killed. 

How is this possible?

War has many faces. Through Hunger people may die. People cannot do their jobs as Americans tend to rely on Technology a lot. Nothing will work in America. So it will cause huge Destruction to the American People. This can be caused by the Nuclear EMP Weapons. 

The Nuclear weapon will be small when it explodes it creates the Electromagnetic pulses which will affect the Electromagnetic waves. When it explodes the Energy will be spread throughout the region and all electronic devices in the area will be shut down. 

EMP Weapons Vs the World - EMP weapons Explained

There are power girds across all countries. Now America is passing laws to protect their Power grids across their country protecting them from EMP Attacks. In an EMP weapon is launched it should not disable the Power grids. The American Military cannot withstand an EMP attack. Due to this, the EMP task force has been created. The task force is the one which identified that China has the Strong EMP Weapon. 

Two Weeks ago Russia announced that they have an Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon. Russia and China have EMP Weapons. 

Does America have these EMP weapons?

Yes. But the truth is the three Countries America, China and Russia have EMP weapons. But they haven’t tested it yet. It is considered as a Conspiracy Theory. 

But in 1962 America conducts an EMP weapon test. The test was called Starfish Prime. On 1958 they discovered that there is an existence of Charged particle radiation trapped by the Earth’s Magnetic Field. This field is called Van Allen Radiation Belts which was named after the Discover. Due to these Radiation belts, they said that humans cannot travel to space. When A satellite comes into the Radiation belt is will be disabled. 

EMP Weapons Vs the World - EMP weapons Explained

Van Hallen and the American Govt wanted to turn this discovery against their enemies. In 1961, Russia conducts its Nuclear weapons test. This Russia Test is 1000 Powerful than the bomb dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In 1961, both Americ and Russia conducted more than 178 Nuclear Weapons tests. The Nuclear test conducted by Russia was called the Tzar Bomba. 

What was the Yield of the Nuclear Weapon tested by Russia?

50 Mega ton. When Russia conducted this test. America wanted to conduct another type of Nuclear Tests which are more advanced. So in 1962 the American govt and Van Hallen started to test the Nuclear weapons on the Radiation belt which is surrounding the earth. They wanted to know the changes Nuclear Detonation can do. They wanted to use the results against their enemies. 

How much yield did the Nuclear Weapon have which exploded in Space?

The Clear Weapon Yield was 1.45 ton. The Tzar Bomb had 50 Megaton as yield. 

What is the yield of the Nuclear Bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

13 Kilo Tons. So 1.5 Megatons in 100 times powerful than the 13 Kilotons bomb. When they detonated the Nuclear Bomb in Space. The Electro-Magnetic Pulse hits earth as a result of the explosion. Nearly all electronic devices have been destroyed or damaged within a range of 1000 Kilometres land where the Pulse hit. Many street lights burst. Military equipment was damaged. This happened when they initiated Starfish Prime. 

The Americans learnt that by sending Nuclear weapons to space and detonating them at the right time they can cause destruction to the country which is directly below the Radiation belt. IF this happens in a country the entire Communication devices will be damaged or Destroyed. It may be Jet fighters, Drones, Nuclear Missiles, Satellites all will be damaged, Destroyed or Disabled. 

Now China’s aim is to destroy America using the Strong EMP weapon. Confirming this theory are the news which is leaked through the Chinese MEdia deliberately to frighten America. 

China says that if America comes into the South China Sea, China has First Strike Policy to use the EMP Weapon against America. 

What will happen if China uses the EMP weapon against America?

Let’s discuss this in another post. We discussed the 50Megaton Nuclear test. 

We will discuss the Tzar Bomba in another post in this series. 

Please search for NewStar Treaty. Starfish Prime. EMP weapons and NEMP(Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon). There is also HEMP which is High Altitude Electro Magnetic Pulse. We will cover the topics in the upcoming videos in this series. 

We can predict how the wars will be fought in the near future. 

How many EMP Weapons do the countries have across the globe?

Does India have EMP weapons?

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