Fake Pakistan & Duplicate China Coalition Explained

Fake Pakistan & Duplicate China Coalition Explained:

Two Countries in the world are trying to destroy India. One Is a betrayer, the other a traitor to his brother. Pakistan and China are trying to hunt down India. 

Will their partnership prevail?

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We saw comments that events which are happening around India videos are great. You have also commented that by seeing these videos you can gather a lof of Info. Inbetween Post other topics also were some comments. Please Watch One Plus 8 Video. 

What happened on May 22nd in Pakistan?

May 22nd a flight carrying nearly 100 people was supposed to land. There were messages from the Flight Control Office saying that the flight is in High Altitude. So if the Plane lands it will crash. Nearly 5 warnings were given to the flight. But the Pilot and Co-Pilot were having Conversations about Corona Virus and their President Imran Khan. The Pilot and the Co-Pilot failed to listen to the warnings. But it was too late when the Pilots recognised they were in trouble. The Fight Unfortunately crashed and 97 people lost their lives. This happened in Karachi. 

Pakistan govt conducts an investigation of the crash. It started in May 22nd and ended in June 22nd. The report says shocking news that 1 in 3 Pilots in Pakistan have fake Licenses. Pakistan govt tweets in Twitter. When the International Community heard the news it was shocked and stunning. 

Fake Pakistan & Duplicate China Coalition Explained

Nearly 850 Pilots are in Pakistan. In other countries also these Pakistani Pilots are working. The Gulf Airlines removed 56 Pakistani Pilots from their service. Vietnam banned 7 Pakistani Pilots. We still know how much of the fake Pilots are left. 

So Pakistani Pilots numbers are 850. So nearly 260 Pilots hold Fake Licenses. So fake Pilots are in Pakistan. There is also a fake army. The truth is there is no army but only Terrorists. These Terrorists are stationed near Kargil and the terrorist is supplied arms by China. China is saying that it will send its 4 Armed Drones to Pakistan. 

Due to this act, India is going to initiate the Predator B Plan. 

You will ask us. Nepal also betrayed India. Why are not talking about Nepal?

Nepal’s Parliament is postponed. There are going to be changed in Nepal’s Politics. 

WIll Sharma Oli remain the PM?

OR Will another person from the communist party takeover the rule?

Sharma Oli is losing favour among the people. 

Let’s move on to China. 

China has the most advanced Jet Fighters called J-13, J-15, J-20, J-30. But what does India Have?

Fake Pakistan & Duplicate China Coalition Explained

You would have seen this news in Social media or Media. But the fact is these Fighters are duplicate. Reverse Engineering Technology. 

What is the Unity between Duplicate and Reverse Technology?

The Chinese have the Capabilities to create a Duplicate which looks exactly like the Original. 

But will the Duplicate work like the Original?

No. 100% it will not work like the Original. So the International Community thinks that the J-13 and J-15 Jet Fighters will not function properly. 

Russia and China are friends. On 2005, The weapons Imports to China from Russia, the percentage was 60% of its full imports. If we look at 2012, the Percentage is 8.1%. 

Why China has decreased its Import weapons from Russia from 2005 to 2012?

China reverse engineered Imported Weapons and equipment. Now they don’t have to import from Russia. So Russia knew about China’s tactics and said that it will only Supply China will Bulk Orders. Russia said that by buying a low amount of Equipments China used Reverse Engineering and creates its own Products. Russia has pattern Rights for the Weapons systems but China duplicates them and they don’t pay pattern rights to Russia. 

On 1990, 27 Jet Fighters and S300Anti Missile Systems were bought by China from Russia. Russia has also sold S-400 Anti Missile System, The next year China will release its Duplicate version of S-400 Anti Missile System. 

Fake Pakistan & Duplicate China Coalition Explained

So in 1990 27 Jet Fighters and S-300 Anti Missiles system were given to China. China signs an agreement with Russia that it can produce 100 Jet Fighters build in China. But after some Years China announced that they have developed J-11 Jet Fighters. They also say that they have developed another Air Defense System called HQ9. The 27 Jet fighters which Russia gave to China was Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Jets. China produced a Chinese Copy of the Jet as the Shenyang J-11. But China didnt pay Russia for the Copyrights. 

From the S-300 Anti Missile System Model, The Chinese using Reverse Technology created the HQ9 Anti Missile System. So China buys some Military equipment from Russia and then does reverse Engineering and creates its own versions. This is the fact and the truth. China doesn’t want the world to know its tactics. 

Last Week China has formed a new group because the Chinese People and opposing Political parties have started Protesting against the Communist Party. So the Communist party have created this committee to crackdown these opposing forces. Through this, we can clearly understand that The Ruling Communist party has been threatened in China. 

So getting Sample Military Equipment from Russia and using Reverse TEchonology China creates Duplicates. Pakistan creates Fake Pilots. These two Duplicate Countries Foreign Ministries had a phone call last week. 

China announces that Pakistan will give its full support on One China Policy. Imran Khan says that Pakistan will Complete CPEC(China Pakistan Economic Corridor) at all costs. The International community is continuously warning Pakistan that Through CPEC they will face huge economic losses. Even The Pakistani Intelligence and other organisations in Pakistan say CPEC is a loss for Pakistan. Pakistan not listening to these warnings is going to invest 60Billion USD in CPEC. For Pakistan to properly execute CPEC it needs Drones and it needs support from China. So China is going to supply 4 Armed Drones to Pakistan. These drones are called GJ2 Drones. Nearly 48 GJ2 Drones are going to be given by China to Pakistan. The Initial supply is 4 to 6 drones. Each drone can carry up to 12 Missiles. 

Does India have a counter for these GJ2 Drones?

These drones fly in Low altitude. It cannot be detected by the Indian Radars. These drones have Duplicate Technology from Russia. So to counter these drones India needs a Counter Drone. This Counter drone is called Predator-B Unmanned Drones. India is going to buy HQ9 Reaper unmanned drones from America. 

Remember Iran’s Military Commander Suleimani who was killed by a drone. The same drone is HQ9. 

India has been requesting America to supply Predator-B and HQ9 Reaper Drones. But Americans said that they can supply Predator-B which cannot carry missiles. These drones are supposed to be used for Scouting and Patrolling. The Indian Govt Neglected America’s Offer. India has again placed a request to Supply these Armed Drones, there are chances that America will supply these drones. 

You may ask us a question now.

Why Did America refuse to give India Armed Drones?

Fake Pakistan & Duplicate China Coalition Explained

The reason is we are buying S-400 Anti Missile System from Russia. America fears by selling Predator-B and HQ9 Drones to India. India may give the models to Russia thus Reverse Engineering could happen. But now the situation has changed. America wants to destroy China. So these drones will be sold to India. 

Do we have to buy the drones from America?

Don’t we have the technology to manufacture these drones?

The India DRDO is working hard now to develop and produce Unmanned Drones. DRDO Rustom is a medium altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Air Vehicle which is under development by DRDO. 

Is GJ2 Dronesa threat to India?

It is a 50% threat. The Chinese have sold the GJ2 to many countries. But in War, when attacking the enemies The GJ2 Drones are 70% accurate and 30% results in failure. So this is the result. We don’t have to fear these drones. But through this threat, we can acquire unmanned Drones to defend ourselves which are not Duplicates or Reverse Engineered Weapons. 

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