Flight 1771 Crash – Control your Anger

Flight 1771 Crash - Control your Anger:

Flight 1771 was flying 22000 Feet High. Its system malfunctioned and crashed. The Flight crash killed 43 Passengers. This statement was released by America. 

Where did the Flight crash?

Many are searching for the crash site. The US Authorities are searching for the remains of the flight. An Authority spots a gun which had two fingers in it. 

The authorities start their investigation. DNA from the fingers and the passenger list were investigated. The fingers belonged to David A Burke. This information was obtained by the National Transport Safety Board. 

Who was David A Burke?

Why were his fingers in the revolver?

The Authorities start their investigation on the crash site. They start their investigation into the life history of David A Burke. 

A Wrong thing in our life may steer up Anger which will change our lives. This can be learnt from David Augustus Burke’s life history. 

In 1987 David was born to a Jamaican Couple who settled in America. David was working for US Air. He was working as a Ticket Agent. David’s love life is filled with failures. From 1980 to 1987 his love life was bad as 4 of his Girlfriends left him. David was a hothead. So the resume of David had a Black Mark for his Anger. But US Air knew that David was short-tempered and still they offered him a job. 

A Robbery had taken place in Flight 1771. The Investigation started about the robbery to identify the robber. The report said that David would have committed this crime and the value of the object was 69USD. David pleads not guilty. 

On 7th Dec 1987, the case filed against David will start the trial. David’s Senior Officer was Raymond Frank Thomson. Raymond had another meeting on 7th Dec. So he fired David so the trial could be completed quickly.  David did not take this seriously. But Raymond said, “Have a Good day”. Already David has been fired from the job. He apologized. After these disgraces, Raymond has said “Have a Good day”. This affected David. 

David goes to his house, he then takes his girlfriend and the child into his car. Nearly 6 Hours travel. He told his girlfriend about the hard work he put in for US air. He was crying and angry. His girlfriend knew that David was in a Difficult Situation. After 6 hours of travel, he drops his girlfriend and the child. David then returned to his house in Los Angeles. The next day, December 7th Dec was his investigation day. 

David knew that Raymond Thomson was going to be in flight 1771. He buys a ticket for Flight1771. The Flight has takeoff. When the flight was flying 22000 feet high. David writes on a small paper. He wrote that he has already apologized. But Thomson didn't listen and will not listen. Before he boarded his flight he informed his Girlfriend that he was going to San Francisco. He wanted to speak more but couldn't. He says that he loves his girlfriend and sends the voicemail. 

Flight 1771 Crash - Control your Anger

The Air Hostess asked the passengers to remove their seat Belts. David takes the paper to Raymond’s seat. David then goes to the Restroom. Raymond was furious and he followed David. David takes the revolver which he has hidden in the Flight. He shoots two times Raymond. The Passengers started to panic and shout. 

David opens the Cockpit and he shoots the Pilot and the Co-Pilot. David also fires at another pilot. Without the Pilots, the flight crashed and a total of 43 Passengers died. The National Transportation Safety Board officers started their investigation. They find the revolver and the paper written by David. 

How did David manage to smuggle the Gun into flight1771?

When David got fired. The US air did not remove the credentials, David. Using his credentials without any checking David Managed to board the flight. 

In the History of America, a law was passed due to this incident. If a person working for the airline is fired then the data should be deleted immediately. They have to wait in line with the passengers. 

David has begged Raymond not to fire him from his job. David was unmarried because he didn't have a permanent job to support his family. This was the request from David to Raymond. But Raymond’s ego and his words against a wounded man. This triggered the rage inside David. 

Flight 1771 Crash - Control your Anger

So the words were used against David and his anger. This led to the death of Innocent Passengers of Flight 1771. When People lose their love and respect this triggers the worst thing. 

David’s temper is a great example and a lesson to be learned to control our anger. Ask Yourself whether you are treating the people who work for you respectfully. Do a Self Identity. This post is for you. 

Based on the Corona Pandemic many families are facing issues. Please talk and solve the issue. Anger will defeat even the strongest man. Try to control your anger. 

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