Florona is not a variant – The Omicron Threat

Florona is not a variant - The Omicron Threat

Alpha, Beta Variants didnt do much harm to the world. But Delta Variant wreaked Havoc. Now we have heard about Omicron and the Newly detected Florona. 

What is this Florona variant?

Florona first case has been registered in Israel. 

Will it spread to India?

One group says that the Omicron cases will have mild symptoms. Antony Fauci and another group are warning that the variant will spread quickly. 

Let's discuss this in detail. 

Flu Fl + Orona = Florona. 

Is this a New variant?

Influenza virus is a common viral infection. Symptoms include Fever, Cough, Headache. The Winter season is also called Flu Season. People travelling abroad will be injected with the Flu Vaccine.
In The World, the influenza virus spreads in Cold Regions. In America, Yearly it is estimated that nearly 30000 to 100000 die due to this flu disease. 5 Lakhs to 6 lakhs patients may be hospitalized in America per year. 

Now the question to WHO is

Is Influenzia and Coronavirus the same?

WHO is saying that both viruses are totally different. WHO says that the treatment is different and the vaccine is different. 

What are the similarities?

Both viruses are Contagious and it spreads to Young and Old people and people who have a weak immune system. Another similarity is the way the viruses spread to people. Both viruses can harm the respiratory systems. The Last is the viruses have the same symptoms. These viruses have mild symptoms and can be cured. 

Now let's move on to the next question,

If a person has been affected by Flu and Coronavirus at the same time. Both viruses can show the same symptoms. This is the statement from WHO. This blend of two viruses affecting the same person is called Florona. So this is not a new variant of the Coronavirus. 

In Israel, a pregnant lady was affected by Florona. Pregnant women tend to have a low immune system. So the viruses can easily affect the mother. This is how the Pregnant woman from Israel got infected by Florona. Now the patient has recovered from the disease. 

People around the world wrongly shared information about Florona. We have constantly updated our posts on Fake Name Viruses. So florona is not a new variant but a mix of Corona and Flu. So this is the explanation from Florona. 

The Next question is,

Will Omicron spread rapidly in India?

The Omicron cases in India has already reached 1500 cases. In America, the daily count is more than 4 Lakhs. This is the same situation in the UK, Spain and many countries across the world. When Omicron is spreading rapidly across the world. India has registered only 1500 Cases. We look for answers to this situation. 

India’s NDTV went to labs to obtain answers. The cases registered in the Lab were 60% Omicron cases. The Omicron variant affected patients in India is only 2%. The govt says that there is a gap in infection in India. This is called the Data Gap. The Facilities which can conduct the Genome Study to identify the variants is low in India. The Indian People don't care about variants. They think that they are affected by Coronavirus. The Indian people are well aware of the Coronavirus. Within Ten Days the Omicron variant cases may spike in India. Analysts say that nearly 24 Lakhs Indians may be affected by the Omicron Virus daily. This is the shocking analysis from the Researchers. This is the truth. 

There are advantages and Disadvantages. This may improve Herd Immunity. In Israel, the whole population was vaccinated three times and the govt approved for a fourth dose. Now the govt of Israel is taking steps to prevent the Spreading of the Omicron Variant. 

In India, govt has announced Night Lockdowns. Many Restrictions are in place. 

Will there be another lockdown in India?

We will know the answer within 10 days. The mild symptoms will be caused by Omicron Variant says WHO and Antony Fauci. The good news is India will soon reach Herd Immunity. 

What is herd Immunity?

The human body will identify and Create Antibodies to combat the Coronavirus. This is called Herd Immunity. Herd immunity is obtained in two ways. The first is the virus infects a person and antibodies are created to combat the virus. The next is immunity through vaccines. Now many rich countries have vaccinated their population. But still, the Omicron Variant is spreading. 

We can tell you the bad news. When the Delta Variant spread in India, the daily recorded cases were 4 Lakhs Cases. But the Omicron variant is 4x or 5x times transmissible than Delta. The Omicron is rapidly spreading with Mild Symptoms. So In India, it is calculated that daily cases may reach 25 Lakhs. 

There is another question,

How many people be hospitalized within the 25 Lakhs Daily cases in India?

In India when the Delta Variant was spreading from 4 Lakhs Daily cases 25000 Patients were hospitalized. There was a fear that in India the Medical Infrastructure cannot sustain the Second Wave of the Coronavirus. But thank God it didnt happen in 2021. But when 24000 patients were admitted to Hospitals the Indian Medical infrastructure struggled. 

Now they say the Omicron cases daily cases may reach 25 Lakhs Daily cases in India. 

How many patients will be admitted into hospitals?

It was 6 out of 100 Patients who have been hospitalized. In Omicron cases 3 out of 100 Patients may go to hospitals. So if the Omicron spreads and 20 Lakh people are affected. Nearly 60000 Patients must go to hospitals. The Indian medical Infrastructure must have the capacity to treat nearly 60000 Patients per day. This is where the real issue raises in India. 

Indians know that the Omicron has Mild Symptoms. But if there are cases so high the medical infrastructure is not upto the task. 

Can India treat Infected people?

In North India, health workers have started their protests. They are demanding to pay Hike and Allowances. If this Protest spreads across India there will be a huge issue. 

In Israel, nearly 60% of the total Population have reached three doses. Still, the Omicron variant is spreading in Israel. So there are high chances Omicron will spread in India. 

How will the Indian govt respond to this crisis?

Currently, the Indian people are not serious about the Omicron variant. Due to this carelessness, another lockdown is a possibility. 

The Indian govt and Govt Officials must warn the people to take measures. If People takes measures and follow the guidelines issued by the Indian govt. We can stop the Third wave from hitting India. If they don't do that we will have to face the third wave. 

The latest news says that the teenagers of India will be vaccinated. This is the current update in India. The Omicron variant is spreading rapidly to unvaccinated and Vaccinated people. 

The Advantage is that rapid spreading will result in a Rapid decrease in cases. If we follow guidelines for a few days we can overcome the Omicron variant easily. 

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