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Education Policy 200 - RTE 2020 Admission: 

But whenever we talk about something different and which brings a change in our society, we usually don’t get enough views. To all those who see this video like Youngsters, Matured Adults, please take a promise that you would spread this information to all your friends and families. To spread this rightful and useful information, I request everyone to be a part of this video.

 Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Right To Education [RTE] 2009, was an Important Law brought up by the Indian Government. There are various things to be discussed in this rule, but let’s not go into more in-depth information. One of the essential aspects of this rule is, Children from the age category of 6 to 14 must-have compulsory education. This rule also applies to private schools with 25% placement. Many might get angry even to hear the name of private schools. That’s because influential people would always get a higher education, whereas people from a poor background would not get the proper knowledge.

But there is a rule in our country in which people from any kind of background or place should get a proper education. This is one such rule many of us don’t even know. We clearly didn't know about it until we researched it. If there were awareness about this rule, many Poor students would now be studying in private schools. Private schools would say and send proof that they have given that 25% placement out of those 100 seats to the Poor students to the Central and State government.

The government will regularly deposit the amount in the account of those 25 seats for the needy students. But do you know where that amount is going?

It goes to someone just because we don’t have enough awareness about this issue. So this is how many Private schools earn profits. We must be the one who should take over this issue and spread awareness.

If the government brings upon any wrong rules and policies, we unite in protesting and abolishing that rules or regulations. But we have no idea whether the private school near our home does the government instructions work honestly. YOu can ask questions about this issue in Private Schools near your houses. If you want to know about that, then just check and investigate the management. If you feel they are not doing their job, you can raise a complaint against them.

The fine for this act would be more than 10% they have earned in the school. So many might be ready for this task. While hearing this, many owners and senior authorised persons of schools would be terrified by this.  If they want to be out of this trouble, they must do their proper job and duty. They must give those 25 % placements to Backward, Economically Backward and Orphanage people. If the income of parents is less than two lakhs in a year, then their kids have high chances of getting that 25% placement.

Tribal people, orphanage people, HIV infected students, Transgender students have rights to join in private schools within that 25% placement.

Kids of poor labourers have a free opportunity for getting placed in Private schools. These all are some of the essential things that are mentioned in the RTE policy of 2009.

Many have said that some of the private schools have asked kids from LKG and 1st Standard to write entrance exams to join in the school. If you hear something like that, then you can file a case on that school under section 13. It says kids from Lower Kindergarten or 1st Standard are not allowed to write any entrance test or the management is not entitled to claim any Capitation fee. If that ever happens, then the Licence for running schools would be cancelled permanently.

Many might ask, what is the reason to speak about this topic now?

A few days ago, The Principal Secretary of Tamil Nadu Education made an announcement. He said every private school must send the reports of that 25% placement to the government and also should paste that report on the Notice Board of the School. If you have any Private schools near your home, kindly check that it has posted the reports on the Notice Board. If not, you can raise a complaint against them.

If any private schools failed to do that, 25/8/2020 would be their Deadline. By 27/8/2020 the school must give notice to the parents of those students who study there by the 25% placement. Then later, those parents can rectify those reports and can give that back to the management. Those Schools also need to mention another detail in that notice. They have to mention the name of those students who have been allotted with that 25% placement.

These things would finally end by 27/9/2020 or 28/9/2020. So we only have a period of up to 30 to 40 days to create a change. Many might ask if the schools would demand a higher fee to the students. But that is not the case since every private school would have already signed an agreement from the government in which every school must demand a certain fee to the students. If they demand more fee, then their license would be cancelled permanently. The private school also has no rights to demand a fee from students of that 25% placement. This is because the money given to those students is directly provided by the State and Central Government. To keep a note on this, the State and Central government allot nine people to form management-like associations called PTA.

In those nine people, six must be the parents of those students studying in that Private school. If you have any issues related to this, you can file a complaint to that management. So for that, you must know about that association that is formed in your private school.

Now the things we have to do are,

Firstly, Check the number of seats or slots that have been given to the backward caste students.

Secondly, Find the standard fee that the government has allotted for all private schools. If you find something wrong in that you can file a complaint on that institution.

You can register a complaint in the State Level, Central Level or District level. The one who controls this policy is the ‘Right to Education Protection Authority’ [REPA]. If this group works perfectly then undoubtedly many of the Economically Backward or other orphanages, people might get free education. The main reason to post this video is, please share this message to everyone and make it spread all over like the Amazon forest fire. I believe we can make a change to this society in the upcoming 30 to 40 days. With the COnfidence that the people will act, we end this video. 

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Article By Hari Chidambaram


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