Gates Entered India – China Russia America Agreement

Gates Entered India - China Russia America Agreement:

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Whats today’s topic?

China has announced a 10-day battle.

What’s the reason?

Are China, Russia and America going to sign an agreement?

Yesterday we told that American troops were taken back from Saudi Arabia. But today’s post will be changed.

What’s the truth?

We will answer these questions in this post.

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China and America have a lot of issues. The Geo-politics which is happening is invisible to our eyes. From 1980s America has an issue. The issue is Soviet Union Russia. Two Countries in the European Union installed a lot of Missiles. These missiles were capable of carrying Nuclear Warheads. We will discuss in detail in another post. 

Gates Entered India - China Russia America Agreement

Many Countries wanted to ally with the EU. So in the 1980s, the two countries had allies. The missiles were placed in the allied regions. So the two countries start to worry and come to a conclusion to sign a Treaty called the INF Treaty. Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty.

Through this treaty, the countries accepted not to keep missiles in certain boundaries. So both countries will remove some missiles from regions. 

In 1993, George HW Bush and Russia’s President Borris Elstein sign a second treaty. Its name was Start(Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty). So the treaty has been followed from 1993 to 2020. Start has been improved to a new start. This treaty will end in Feb 2021. 

So the INF treaty was started in the 1980s. In 2019-2020 both countries cancelled the treaty. The reasons were building nuclear warheads against one another. So both countries have cancelled the treaty. 

Trump no says that NEw Start is in place. This treaty bans army weapons usage against one another. Trump now says that if the treaty is to be extended then China should also sign the treaty. This is a new condition of America. Many countries are nervous now. 

So the issues between China and America are escalating. The International community fears of usage of Nuclear warheads. Due to this threat, America has requested China to join the New Start Treaty. 

Gates Entered India - China Russia America Agreement

China is saying now that it will not sign as the third country in New Start. China says that it will keep on developing weapons. America immediately takes this issue to the UN. Iran’s Weapons Economy ban is to be over in coming Oct. This ban should be extended, Iran must not buy weapons from another country. America has said this in front of the International Community. China is opposing this ban. No reason should be told to ban Iran from purchasing new weapons. 

To control China, America has the last resort which is Coronavirus. Due to Coronavirus America is pressuring China. China has made a huge mistake. When China is trying to come out of this situation. Keep this news in your minds.

Yesterday America said that take back its military equipment and personnel from Saudi Arabia. But today Saudi Arabia and the Pentagon had made a deal. The agreement was 4Billion USD Millions from America to Saudi Arabia. Till 2028 this agreement will be valid. Nearly 1000 Missiles will be exported from America to Saudi Arabia. So America has made Saudi Arabia bow its head. 

We already know that there is a deficit of 9 Billion USD for Saudi Arabia. Now they are going to buy 4 Billion worth of weapons from America. We should understand how smart America is playing the game.  

Now lets come to another scene. In China, Wuhan nearly 1 crore people are going to be tested. 

There is another news. Our Indian PM speaks to Gates via Video Conferencing. In the coming days, Gates foundation and India are going to work together to the changes happening in the world. India has turned itself into an amazing country. Whether its economy, Tradition or education many changes should be made. So Bill gates have requested support to our PM and he accepted it. 


So totally four news. You may think that there is no connection between these 4 news. Now we are going to connect the dots. 

The virus started in Wuhan. Wuhan went into Lockdown. They said they have eradicated the virus and the lockdown was lifted. But the virus spreads to the world. The international countries went into lockdown. In Wuhan now they are asking people to register online to check whether they have completed the test. So the nearest Virus test centre is active and people should go and test. They announce it in Wuhan. This is not a normal announcement, if you don’t take the test you will be unable to come out. 

Wuhan lockdown was followed by the International Community. The tests conducted in Wuhan will also be followed throughout the world. 

Why they are testing again?

6New Confirmed cases in Wuhan now. So they are going to test nearly 1 crore people. So this may be followed throughout the world. 

We have to see anew. Department of Defence, America’s Military. They sign a big project. 50 Crore syringes must be produced and given to them. 

Why do Syringes are needed for the army?

Gates Entered India - China Russia America Agreement

If it is a request from doctors that’s ok but why an army?

If somebody in China refuses to take the test. They will notify the army. So the army will approach the family and ask the questions. The same situation fits America now. 

Suppose if there is a vaccine. Doctors will hesitate to inject the patients. If it’s in the army hands this process will be easy. So the army has placed an order for 50 crore syringes. There is proof. We will update this proof in TP App. 

America and Russia have signed a New start. America is calling china now. The reason is there may be so many issues in the future. When that time comes they have to make sure not to use Nuclear weapons. Suppose if the three countries sign then there will be no damage. But these three countries may export weapons to other countries. The other countries should not place weapons against these three countries. From 1500 miles to 3000 Miles no missile should be placed. So to sign this agreement the three countries are trying their best. So whatever they speak in the world stage we should know that there is an agreement. 

Gates Entered India - China Russia America Agreement

Lastly comes India. Due to coronavirus, we went into lockdown. There were many good announcements such as Farmers benefits and Self-dependent. Surely there may be big changes in India. Many people are now aware of the situation. If India becomes self-dependent that may cause various problems for other countries. Markets may cease to exist in India. The evil forces will try to stop us. 

We know that GAtes will praise us on everything we do. Russia and America should not place missiles. But America can sell weapons to Saudi Arabia until 2028. 

So when we hear this news we can slowly understand the Geo- Politics. 

In Un China has spoken against America. Will they sign the agreement?

If China doesn’t sign the agreement. America has placed many traps for China. China is also ready with their traps. Many issues will be visible to our eyes. But India should be very cautious. 

So as Indians while reading news understands and learn the news. Gates foundation if they enter India will they change our Education and Culture?. 

Are they trying to implement another economic strategy?

We are now only started becoming Self Dependent and to protect our farmers. So you should view the news in every direction. Speak to your friends. 

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What will be the next topic?

When will it come?

The info will be updated in a red colour Banner in TP app. We will discuss the update in another post. 

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