Germany’s Downfall – The Berlin Wall | East & West Germany

Germany's Downfall - The Berlin Wall | East & West Germany:

Can a Secret Society start a World war?

Black Hand was the Secret Society which was responsible for World War1. World war 1 lead to World War2. 

Have you ever wondered,

Why Hitler obtain Power quickly?

Why did the Germans Support Hitler?

How Hitler’s Policies affected Germany?

How did World War1 have an impact on Hitler and Germany?

After World War 2 Germany was divided into East and West Germany?

What was the moment which united the Nation?

For World War 1 which was over in 1918. Germany was paying war Reparations to many countries until 2010. 

What is the truth?

Let's discuss in detail.

We discussed that World War 1 was started by a Secret Society. But we will not discuss more on World War1. The Secret Society’s name is Black Hand. There was a big issue between Serbia and Austria. Thus countries like Germany, Italy against Russia, France, Britain And America. In 1918 Germany surrendered to the Allies. The International Community accused Germany of starting World War1. 

Due to World War 1, Many Countries faced huge Economic Losses. So as War Reparations the Allied Countries demanded the Gold to four Allied Countries. 

Was it only Gold the Allied Countries demanded?

They also occupied Germany’s 13% of Land. Germany has lost 13% of its land and its gold. The Allied Countries also wanted Germany to pay War Reparations on a Yearly basis. The Allied Countries made an agreement with Germany which was called the Treaty of Versailles. In the Palace of Versailles, an important meeting took place. Govt Officials from France, Britain and America attended the meeting. Germany was going to sign the TReaty of Versailles. There was a cry from the People of Germany to not Sign the Treaty as it would affect Germany Greatly. 

Germany's Downfall - The Berlin Wall | East & West Germany

But there was no other way for Germany. They had to SIgn the Treaty. When Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles. The Economy of the Country hit Rock Bottom. 

What was the reason?

As we discussed Germany lost 13% of its Land Area. Germany also had Colonies on the African continent. The Colonies of Germany were divided among the Victors. 

What was the loss Germany had to pay?

Due to World War1, The total loss from that time was 40 Lakh Crore Rupees. Nearly 2 Crore People lost their lives in World war1. After the war a Deadly Fever spread. The fever kills another 2 Crore People. More than 1500 Days The World war raged on. All this happened because Germany said the Treaty of Versailles and Germany had to sign it. 

After Germany Signed the Treaty, The money made by the Hard Working Germans were given away as War reparations. Hitler was one among the people who were closely watching the events unfold. 

After Germany Signed the Treaty, Hitler joined and took over the Nazi party. He promised to save the German People who were suffering due to the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler’s Propaganda and Germany’s situation after Loss in World War1 were because of Jews and Communists in Germany. The German people who were suffering greatly due to the Treaty of Versailles started listening to Hitler. German Pride was destroyed due to the Treaty of Versailles. People wanted to create a New Germany. The Treaty of Versailles became the reason for World War2. Hitler a Dictator was created due to the Treaty of Versailles. Thus resulting in the start of World War2. 

The European Countries and America created the Treaty of Versailles because Germany Should not start another World War. This idea resulted in failure. World war 2 happened. 

Germany's Downfall - The Berlin Wall | East & West Germany

World War 2 ended with Hitler’s Suicide. The International community did not want another World War. They didn't want Germany to be the reason for the next World War. Germany played a very important role in World war 1 and 2. 

The Allied Countries divided Germany into 4 Divisions. Four Regions were divided among Russia, Britain and America. 

Why did they divide Germany into Four Divisions?

If Germany remained as a whole Country. The Germans will again start to rise against their conquerors causing issues for the European Countries and America. 

So they used The Divide and Rule Concept which was used in India. So the divisions were called East Germany which belonged to Russia. The remaining regions were called West Germany. 

In 1949, they had to name the divisions as Countries. Western Germany was called the Federal Republic Of Germany. East Germany was called the Germany Democratic Republic. 

West Germany countries had Capitalism as their Policy. But in East Germany Communist Policy was used. 

East Germany was ruled by the USSR and faced a Recession. But in West Germany, the European Countries and America started their Business and industries were built. 

Take For Ex: Brexit happened. Why did Britain exit the European Union?

Britain says that the taxes they pay to the EU were not used or spent on Britain. Britain accused that their taxes were used in other European Countries. This was their main Accusation to exit the EU. 

The same happened in Germany after World war2 with a slight difference. World Politics which is happening happened after World war2 and it was the same. 

We have already Discussed How America Became a Superpower after World war1. We released nearly 13 videos. America’s Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points and the Creation of the UN and many World Organizations. If you watched those Videos, You should understand World Politics which happened in the past and in the Present. 

So When Germany was split into West and East Germany. West Germany had increasing growth. When West Germany was growing in Economy, The people who lived in East Germany started to illegally move into West Germany. They wanted to earn and live a peaceful life in West Germany. 

According to the 1961 Census, nearly 1000 Germans escaped from East Germany into West Germany. 

Germany's Downfall - The Berlin Wall | East & West Germany

Why did the Germans want to move to West Germany?

The questions refer like

Why do Indians move to America for jobs?

East Germany didn't have many jobs. The Germans who were educated moved from East to West Germany. Already there was a recession in East Germany and the production rate was low. Manufacturing and Production were low in East Germany. The Germans thought that they could have better jobs in West Germany. So West Germany was growing and East Germany was decaying. 

The Russian President wanted to stop the migration and change the situation in East Germany. His name was Nikita Khrushchev. He wanted to stop the Germans moving from East Germany to West Germany. So he ordered Barbed Wires. The Barbed Wires were then upgraded suddenly into 6 Feet walls. The wall's length was up to 160 Kilometres. 

How did the Russian erect the wall?

The Allied Countries have divided Germany and its Capital Berlin into 4 Divisions. So the regions are divided by the wall. By 1970s the Wall height was increased by 10 feet high. This wall was called the Berlin wall. 

This Berlin wall was the start of the Cold War which continued for nearly fifty years between two countries USSR and America. 

What happened after the construction of the Berlin wall?

The Germans were not allowed to flee their country. They were unable to move from East Germany to West Germany and to other countries. The allied Countries America, USSR and Britain thought that if the Germans got out of the Country. They may start a movement against the Occupying Countries. So the Occupying countries closed the Borders of Germany. 

So The Germans had Russians in One side and Americans on the other side. Newly formed NATO forces also took command. NATO was created against the USSR.
When NATO was created the USSR created their Own Warsaw Pact. The Countries which signed the Warsaw Pact will be watched closely by the USSR. When the years rolled by, the USSR started to lose their economy. There were many reasons for the decline of the USSR. 

But this was a Great Opportunity for the Countries which were controlled by The USSR. Romania was one country which wanted their complete Freedom. Romania left the USSR, then conducted a Democratic Elections and elected its Ruler. When Romania left the communist Policies and became a democratic Country. The Germans in East Germany wanted their Freedom. The Germans wanted to unite their country. 

Germany's Downfall - The Berlin Wall | East & West Germany

This thirst for freedom led to the Destruction of the Berlin wall. 

How was the Berlin Wall brought down?

Were there media manipulation or Media techniques?

In The Next video, we will answer these questions. When we discuss this topic, you will understand that a Single Word which spreads in the media may create a Cold War between two Superpowers and it has the power to end the Cold War. 

The World doesn't recognize East Germany but it does with West Germany. 

What happened in East Germany?

What did the International Community do against the rule in East Germany?

What did Germany give as Reparations after World War2?

In The Next Video, we will discuss the answers to these questions. 

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