Gilgit Baltistan Full Details | India Vs Pakistan

Gilgit Baltistan Full Details | India Vs Pakistan:

The game is getting intense.

India and China border dispute is happening. Pakistan was silent for a while, by trying to infiltrate 2 or 3 terrorists into India. Silent Pakistan has given an announcement that may cause a Tsunami. The Pakistani govt has said that it is going to announce Gilgit- Baltistan as a separate state. 

How great is this announcement?

A Region which belongs to India which is illegally occupied by Pakistan. Now they are going to announce it as a state. 

What is this Gilgit- Baltistan?

What is the close connection between India and the region?

Nearly 70 years India has been struggling with issues regarding the region. 

What is the truth?

Has the time arrived for India to retake the lost territory of Pak-Occupied Kashmir?

Are China and Pakistan willing to go to war against India?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People.Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Pakistan has 4 Provinces Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh plus. On 17th Sep 2020, Pakistan is going to add another province to this list Gilgit- Baltistan. This announcement came from Some Idiotic Politicians. Within one or two weeks the Pakistan PM will give his announcement. 

So one to two weeks. The Winter season will start. China is playing a game with Pakistan as its support. 

Can Pakistan do it?

Will India let go of the territory?
So the Important question is 

What is this Gilgit- Baltistan?

We can search for the answer starting from 1935. On 2017 in the UK Parliament, a question was raised. The People of Gilgit- Baltistan are revolting against the Pakistani govt and they want the region to be united with India. The People in the region are protesting against Pakistan Occupation. This topic was raised in the United Nations, The International Court of Justice and UNSC. All this organization has a case filed and this issue has been placed under Pending Case. 

A Resolution was passed in the UK Parliament which says that Gilgit- Baltistan belongs to J&K and Pakistan has illegally occupied the region. 

So India when it cancelled Article 370 and included J&K and Ladakh as its union Territories said that India will retake the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. When India announced this Pakistan worries started. 

The Pakistan govt announcement clearly shows that it wants to create an issue for India. 

Gilgit Baltistan Full Details | India Vs Pakistan

On 1935, J&K Maharaja Hari Singh and the British had an agreement. There was no Gilgit- Baltistan at that time. It was divided into Gilgit Wazarat and Gilgit agency. There were five regions in the J&K province. It consisted of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit Wazarat and Gilgit Agency. The British requested the Maharaja for a 60 Year Lease of the Region called Gilgit Wazarat. The Maharaja accepts the agreement and gives the region for lease. 

After the 1947 World War2, The cry for an Independent India happened. The British knew they cannot control the Indian people anymore. So the British came to a conclusion for giving independence to India. India gets its Independence but during that time, the region Gilgit Wazarat was still under lease to the British. The British gave back the region to the Maharaja. Maharaja Hari Singh who didnt want to join neither India nor Pakistan. He wanted a J&K to be a separate Country.

Pakistan was a threat to J&K as it wanted to annex the region. To counter this threat two British Officers were appointed to support the Maharaja to solve this crisis. The two British Officers were Major W A Brown and Captain AS Mathieson. The order for these two British officers was to protect the two regions Gilgit Wazarat and Gilgit Agency. But slowly these two officers supported the Arab World.

So the British officers asked from control over the two regions from the Maharaja. These two officers pressured the Maharaja to join the region with Pakistan. This pressure was accepted by the British govt in that time. As a result, they give the two regions to Pakistan. But the British said that Pakistan has occupied the region illegally. So Pakistan, according to the British illegally occupied the two regions which are now known as Gilgit Baltistan. So the Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan are illegally occupied by Pakistan. This issue has many cases filed in Many organizations. 

The British in the 1940s were supporting Pakistan. But in 2017 the British govt is supporting India. 

Gilgit Baltistan is a very crucial strategic region for India. Pakistan then went one step ahead and gave away some of their illegally occupied area of Gilgit Baltistan to China in 1963. Now China has stationed its troops in that region. So Gilgit Baltistan which belongs to India is now occupied by China and Pakistan. 

Now we have to know the whole region of the J&K. After Independence J&K total Terrain was nearly 2 Lakh Sq Kilometres. But the J&K which is under the control of India is nearly 1 Lakh Sq Kilometres. So the remaining 1 Lakh Sq Kilometres is Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. 

Gilgit Baltistan has a terrain covering nearly 78000 Sq Kilometres. So India has to retake the lost territory to Pakistan. If we do this then China and Pakistan will leave our borders. If this happens our Border will be secured. If we recapture the lost territory we can easily stand against China and Pakistan.

Gilgit Baltistan Full Details | India Vs Pakistan

India must not achieve this goal. This is the objective of Pakistan and China. 

China has been gifted nearly 5000 Sq Kilometres of Area by Pakistan. Pakistan now asks permission to China to unite the two regions Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. IF they combine the regions then they can only station one Army which is the Pakistan army. But now there are two armies which are Chinese and Pakistani Armies present in the area. 

If Pakistan unites the region then India can easily recapture the lost territory. So China advises against the Union of these regions.  

Due to China’s stand in this issue, the Constitutions of Pakistan keeps on Changing from 1956, 1962, 1972 and 1973. So due to these changes, the Pakistan govt gives importance to Azad Kashmir and neglects Gilgit Baltistan. The People living in Gilgit Baltistan wants to join with India now. 

The region had majority Shia Population. Nearly 39% of the Population were Shia Muslims. The Sunni were below 30% of the Population. The Pakistani govt migrates many Sunni Muslims into the region. Pakistan wanted the region Puopluation to be Sunni Majority. 

According to the 2015 Population Census, Gilgit Baltistan had 18 Lakh People which had so many issues. 

In 1969, a council was created called the Northern Areas Advisory Council. The name Northern area was used by Pakistan from the 1960s to 1990s. So according to Pakistan, the two regions are named Northern Area and Azad Kashmir. So when Pakistan created a Council it will be managed by the govt ruling Pakistan. The People in Gilgit Baltistan refuse Pakistani Leadership. They need a separate govt. 

In 1974-75 they dismantle the Advisory Council and created a Council Legal Framework. To create this Council Framework they need the approval of Pakistan’s Parliament. The Pakistan govt has done nothing for the Gilgit Baltistan people. Now the people want to join India. People in the region are still protesting against the Pakistani Govt. 

If Pakistan announces Gilgit Baltistan as a state. Gilgit Baltistan has 9 Districts. If Pakistan controls it as a state, then the Indian dominance over the area will start to decrease. Pakistan has also announced that Gilgit Baltistan will be used for CPEC(China Pakistan Economic Corridor). 

This will create a huge issue for India. 

Why is Gilgit Baltistan a Strategically important area?

Let’s discuss in Part2. 

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