‘Gold’ Swapna Suresh | Kerala Gold Smuggling Case

What is the price of 1 Kg gold?

What is the price for 10 Grams of Gold?

Today’s Price it’s rs50000. Gold is becoming unavailable to the Poor and the Middle-Class People. But in Kerala, the police have busted 2 persons who smuggled 30Kg Gold. These people are in Kerala Politics. 

They have caught them in the airport.

Do you know the Politics behind this smuggling?

We haven’t thought about this issue. But now we must think. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

This smuggling was done by a woman called Swapna, Sarith Kumar. IAS Officer. 

Is this case filed against only these three people?

Why do we have to discuss Kerala’s News? 

On4th July, In the Trivandrum Airport a parcel arrives at the UAE Consulate Office. The parcel was mentioned as a Food item. The parcel was from UAE to India. The Police and the Customs in the airport have already been tipped about the Smuggling of Gold. 

So when the investigation was underway, the Customs see the Package in the Consulate Office. The customs were unable to open the package as there is no law to open packages. 

We should know about these two laws. Customs act and Diplomatic Relations act. The embassy personals tend to travel to other countries. But for those who are unable to travel, they can send packages to the embassies. The packages which are sent through the Embassies should not be checked by the Indian Customs. This is the Vienna Convention.

Through this law, a package has arrived from UAE to India. The law doesn’t permit the customs to scan the package. The Indian customs called UAE and told them they have doubts on the package. The UAE Officials travel to Trivanathapuram. If there is a doubt about any packages, the Indian customs must check the packages in front of the UAE Officials. 

When the opened the package they saw 30Kg of Gold. The Gold was in Cylindrical in shape and Gold Biscuits. Considering today’s price its value is 15 Crore Rupees. 

'Gold' Swapna Suresh | Kerala Gold Smuggling Case

The Next Question is 

To whom the package sent?

To send a package from one country’s Embassy to another. The officials need two letters. One Letter will from UAE and another letter from India who has the authority to receive the package. In the authority letter, there was a name Sarith Kumar. Sarith Kumar used to work in the UAE. The Customs and police doubted when the package was named to Sarith Kumar. When they investigated Sarith Kumar, he told that there was a woman called Swapna who helped Sarith Kumar. 

Who is this Swapna?

We have discussed the Mossad Series and Spy Woman series. All these happened in Foreign Countries. In Kerala, a 12th Studied Woman, she works in the IT field as Operations manager. Her salary was 1Lakh 80000 rs. Her job is contract-based not a full-time job. 

How did she manage to gain this high income?

Only she can give an answer. If she has successfully smuggled the 30Kg Gold, her commission was from 25Lakhs to 40 Lakhs. She has successfully smuggled gold 15 times says the investigation. So she has earned Crores from Smuggling gold. She continued to smuggle Gold. 

Who is this Swapna?

Swapna Suresh is very close to Kerala Politics. For Ex: A Sheikh from Sharjah visits India. The whole event was organised by Swapna Suresh. She has been seen in photos with Kerala’s CM Pinarayi Vijayan. So she has the place among the Elite Group. 

'Gold' Swapna Suresh | Kerala Gold Smuggling Case

How did she achieve this power?

She has conducted many Night parties. Basically she arranged everything to the men. These are news coming from the Media. 

We should understand how she got into the Kerala Politics Group. We know buying Gold in not easy. So 15 times she has smuggled 30 Kg Gold. From 2019 to 2020 In Kerala, nearly 524 Smuggled Gold has been Confiscated. From 2018 to 2019 it was 251 Kg. 

Please check the Description. Why Gold has been smuggled into India from Foreign Countries? Video.

1Kg Gold price is 50 Lakh Rupees. IF they bring it legally they have to pay 15% as Tax to the Indian govt.  So 15% will come to 8 lakhs as Tax should be paid. The Gold investors in India with the help of Some Politicians commit fraud. People who are used by these Criminals are the people who work in Foreign Countries. 

These Hard Working People may have to return back to their Motherland. These Criminals will say to those People that the flight ticket will be given to them as free and an additional rs30000 will be given just to exchange a parcel. People who are greedy accept the offer and are caught by the Customs. But in many cases, they deliver the packages.

We could have heard much news in the media.

But the media will never say, Who was behind the Smuggling?

Who sends the package?

Where are the roots for these smuggling?

Has any news channel investigated this?

Has Any Journalist researched this topic?

'Gold' Swapna Suresh | Kerala Gold Smuggling Case

If there is an Investigation in this direction. Many Jewellery Owners will be behind bars. But they will never ever conduct an investigation of this massive scale. Nobody will do it. Safe Journalism. 

Swapna Suresh was living in the UAE. But she was born in Kerala. Her father has worked in the UAE. She started a small job in the UAE. She then got married and divorced. She has returned back to Trivanthapuram. She has a Certificate that she is a Commerce graduate. But the details are blurry. She works for the Airport Authority. She got many contacts when working in Trivanathapuram Airport. She has quit the job due to Sexual Harassment. She has also launched a fake Harassment case upon a Person. After Investigation she the Judge found that the case was fake. She has been fired from the job due to the case. 

Then she works in the UAE Consulate. She learns how to commit frauds. This was the time she met Sarith Kumar. Later Swapna was sacked for alleged improper professional behaviour. Swapna had an FIR filed against her. 

When she didnt have any job. There was an invitation from the Kerala Govt for the Post Operations Manager in the IT dept. Through a Consultancy, she acquires the job. We don’t know the mystery behind how she got the job. 

Who has control over the IT dept?

IAS Officer Shiva Shankar. This Shiva Shankar is the Principal Secretary of Kerala’s CM. Now they have arrested Shiva Sankar, Swapna is missing and Sarith Kumar is in custody. 

How did she manage to escape the authorities?

When the News that the Package has been confiscated. The news was leaked to the govt. Then the news managed to be passed on to Swapna and she is absconding now. 

Believe it or not. The Politicians in Kerala had nothing to do with this package or case says the Kerala Politicians. The govt officials say they didnt have apart in this smuggling operation. 

'Gold' Swapna Suresh | Kerala Gold Smuggling Case

Can two-person smuggle 30 Kg gold?

Can they do it through the Consulate?

How did they get the approval letter from the UAE govt?

Both of them used to work in the Consulate in the UAE. But now they are not in their posts. 

Did the present officials help these accused?

How did IAS Shiva Sankar Recruit Swapna?

She was given a high position as the Operations Manager of the IT field. 

How did the Police didn’t investigate Swapna if she had an FIR filed against her?

What’s the relationship between Swapna and Shiva Shankar?

There are so many questions to be asked. Many have to raise these questions for a reason. 

When Sathankulam Case news came out. There are so many neighbouring states which talked ill about the Tamilnadu State. News like this is not known to Tamilnadu People. Kerala so is seen as a Pure Country without any cases. But Tamilnadu has many cases. This is the situation they are creating. 

We know about the Saritha Nair Issue. But there are no results to the issue. But if you ask about Tamilnadu Politics in Kerala people know a lot of news. This is not an ego clash. Crimes have been committed in all states across India.  

They caught them in Trivanthapuram Airport. The investigation says that they have also used Kochi Airport. If 500 Kg Gold is smuggled and Confiscated in One State. If the govt tight the security imagine the gold which will be confiscated. 

From 1500 to 2000 Kg Gold has been smuggled to various regions in India. They have confiscated only a small amount of gold. 

When Police can beat and kill Normal Shopowners for not shutting their doors in the appropriate time. 

What is the Police going to do in this case?

The states are different but the law remains the same. 

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