Have the Taliban defeated the Resistance fighters? – Full Details

Have the Taliban defeated the Resistance fighters? - Full Details:

Has the Panjshir Resistance fallen?

The Taliban have given a new announcement. The Taliban say that the whole country is under their control and they have captured the Panjshir region. 

Where is Saleh now?

What happened to the Anti- Taliban group?

Will the Taliban quickly form a government?

What was Pakistan Part in this takeover?

Let's discuss this in detail.

Have the Taliban defeated the Resistance fighters?

Ahmad Massoud and Amrullah Saleh both say that they will not accept the Taliban rule. They said that the Resistance fighters will continue to fight against the Taliban. This issue started on 15th August 2021. 

It has been three weeks since the Taliban Takeover happened. The World was watching the Panjshir region. Saleh’s tweet said that resistance is here and will fight the Taliban to the end. The Tweet from Massoud gave a Boost in morale to the Anti-Taliban. 

But on the 6th of Sept, the Taliban attacked the Panjshir valley. The Resistance fighters previously have announced that they have killed up to 600 Taliban. The NRF National Resistance Front of Afghanistan. The Taliban have said that the NRF has completely collapsed. The Northern Alliance have denied the Taliban's statement. The NRF has said that they have not been defeated. They have said that they have lost two important leaders in the fighting. 

Who were these two leaders?

Fahim Dashty and General Sahib Abdul Wadood Zhor. The Resistance have lost their leaders and their dear friends. 

The Panjshir region has a total of eight districts. The Taliban have announced that they have captured eight districts. Saleh and the other leaders of the resistance say that the Taliban did not conduct the Attacks but it was helped greatly by Pakistan. We should understand that the ISI Chief is in Afghanistan. Pakistan used its Air Force upon the Resistance fighters. They have airdropped Paratroopers in the region. It has also used specialized Bombs in the region. Massoud has tweeted #SanctionPakistan. The Nati-Taliban are saying that the Pakistan army is killing its fighters. Pakistan has created an issue in the name of Tehreek e Taliban. 

The Tehreek e Taliban are not the Taliban in Afghanistan. They are against the Pakistan govt. The Resistance fighters who fled the fighting in the Panjshir region may support the Tehreek e Taliban. 

Where are Saleh and Mahoud?

Saleh fled to Tajikistan because the Tajiks were the Majority in the Panjshir region. There is no whereabouts of Masoud. Masoud has said that he is safe. But there was fighting in the Panjshir region which was helped by Pakistan. The resistance fighters did not have sufficient weapons to hold the region. The International community did not support the Resistance fighters. So the NRF was alone and until the end, they stood against the Taliban for their freedom. 

Has Panjshir completely lost?

We cannot confirm that the Panjshir Region has fallen to the Taliban because the Taliban have not caught the Leaders of the NRF. Twenty years ago The Taliban quit Kabul because of the American Invasion. Now the Taliban are saying that they have defeated the NRF. This will create issues for the Afghan people. This is not a peaceful solution. 

Have the Taliban defeated the Resistance fighters?

The Taliban had a press meet where they said that they wanted to speak with the Resistance fighters. The NRF was not ready to meet the Taliban. This is the reason the Taliban had to fight with the NRF. The Taliban have said that they will not harm the people who were in the Panjshir region. 

Now let's look at proof whether the Taliban had stayed true to their word. An Afghan Pregnant Woman who was a PoliceWoman was shot dead by the Taliban in front of her husband and children. The Taliban refuse this allegation. 

The Taliban who said that they will protect Women's rights are now killing the Women Officers. 

How can we believe that the Taliban will do no harm to the Panjshir People?

What is the next aim of the Taliban?

Surely it will be forming a government. The Taliban have said that they will announce the Govt ASAP. The report of invitations to other countries has been leaked. The Taliban have invited Qatar, China, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. These 6 Countries will attend the Govt Formation Ceremony. The Taliban have said that the Invitation will be sent to the Six Leaders and they want friendly relations with these Six Countries. 

What is the role of Turkey in Afghanistan?

Turkey was the country that built walls to stop the refugees from coming into their country. If Turkey wants a say in Central Asia they need Afghanistan Support.  The Taliban need Turkey to unify Afghanistan. The US and Taliban peace agreement was made in Qatar. Qatar acted as a Mediator to come to an agreement. The Kabul airport is under the control of Qatar. The technical team in Kabul Airport is from Qatar. 

What is the role of China?

The Taliban have said that China will be their business partner. This is China’s role. Russia is a neighbouring country and it is against the US. The NRF or the Resistance fighters fought against the USSR when the invasion happened. Russia is going to step its foot inside Afghanistan. 

Have the Taliban defeated the Resistance fighters?

Pakistan’s role was to help the Taliban obtain this victory. Taliban have announced that Pakistan is their Second home. Pakistan's power has increased in Afghanistan. When the ISI Chief visited Kabul, Panjshir regions were attacked. During the fighting, the Pakistan Airforce were used in fighting. Now the Taliban have claimed Victory and are ready to form a new government. 

What will happen next?

No Peace Agreement has been signed. America has already started blaming the Taliban that they have broken the agreement. America has said that the Taliban is supporting Al-Qaeda, Haqqani Network and ISIS-K. The agreement was to not allow or Support any Terrorist organizations in Afghanistan. But the Taliban are supporting the Terrorist Organizations. So very soon the Peace agreement will be cancelled. America may announce this soon. 

After the announcement, many Economic Sanctions will be passed. To save Afghanistan the Taliban will need help from China, Russia and Iran. When this is the situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan will use this opportunity correctly. Pakistan may train many terrorists to attack India. This has been Predicted by World Analysts.  If this is Pakistan’s ultimate attack. The Taliban will attack Pakistan first and then move towards India. India has plenty of time to take action. 

For the Afghan People, the Taliban should give a just rule. If the Taliban manage to rule Properly. Nobody will speak against the Taliban. If there is a minor issue in Afghanistan. Many countries will try to make it a big issue. The Taliban have to face all difficulties to rule the country on a daily basis. Every day the Taliban authority will be questioned by many Countries. 

Many other ethnic groups are forming against the Taliban. 

How will the Taliban rule the Country?

We will have to wait and see. Overall we have covered the Full Issue of Afghanistan. Very Important updates will be posted.

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