Heba Salim – The Rich Mossad Girl History

Heba Salim - The Rich Mossad Girl History:

In 1967, Egypt was divided into two. Israel occupies some regions from Egypt. 

How Mossad Changed the people in the region to be spies?

We discussed it in the previous video. 

We discussed Inshirah and Ibrahim Couple spies in Part21.

This is Mossad Part22. 

Can Mossad change Rich Women into their Spies?

How was it possible that Mossad brainwashed an army Soldier to become a spy?

How did Egypt find the spy?

How did they execute him?

What happened to the American President who interfered into this issue?

We will answer these questions in this video.

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This video is about the Spy Heba Salim. 

Who was this Heba Salim?

Heba Salim is a girl who is from a rich family. Until 1960 she enjoyed a Rich Life by going to Pubs, parties and Clubs. She didn't care about the country or its people. She didn't care about the war which was raging. From 1960 to 1967 she was residing in Egypt. In 1967 her Studies are over. She was thinking of higher studies. Ain Shams University which is in Egypt, she receives a chance to go and study in Paris. She went to France in 1967. She was a rich kid so she was able to get the best Studies and she has learned French. 

Heba Salim started to live and study in France. She lived with an Egyptian family as a paying guest. This family had strong Govt ties with Egypt. So there was no doubt against Heba Salim. But Mossad was able to track her. After the war, there was a list taken which included people who went abroad. Heba Salim was on the list. 

Mossad investigates the Biodata of Heba Salim. Mossad figured out that Heba Salim is a frequent visitor of Aljazeera Club. An Army soldier was also a frequent visitor to this club. This Army soldier was in Love with Heba Salim and came to the club to see her. 

So to retrieve any details from the Army Soldier, Heba Salim must be recruited by Mossad. Heba Salim was selected by Mossad, and they brought her to Paris. In Paris, a woman approached Heba and introduced herself. She gives an Invite to Heba Salim for a Jewish party. Heba Salim was from a rich family. She hated War. She had a good Opinion on Israel. She hated that Egypt went to war with Israel. Heba Salim didn't know the details. She blindly believed that Israel was the good Side. When the Jew Lady invited her to a party. She accepts it immediately. 

When she attended the party everyone congratulated her. But she didn't know that the party was a drama. Everyone was praising Heba Salim of the purity of her heart and her beauty. The members of the party were Mossad Members so were brainwashing Heba Salim. She was informed that another party will take place after one week. After one week Heba Salim attended another party, and a documentary about Israel was telecasted. After seeing the documentary she believed that Israel was a good country. Mossad made Heba Salim ask for a contact with Israel. The Party friends advise Heba Salim to meet a member of the Mossad. Heba Salim accepts the offer and the Mossad Agent meets her directly. 

Heba Salim - The Rich Mossad Girl History

The Mossad agent says that Mossad will help Heba Salim. If Peace has to return between Two countries Heba Salim has to help Israel. 

What was the training given to Heba Salim?

The training which was given to Inshirah and Ibrahim was given to Heba Salim. The training to create Invisible ink and how to use it. Heba Samil receives all training from Mossad. 

Now Heba travels from Paris to Egypt. She meets with the Military Officer who had loved her. She meets him in the Aljazeera Club. Heba Salim accepts Military Officer love. She asks him for marriage. The Army Soldier was so happy to hear this news and he accepted a marriage. 

But Heba Salim says that if they are going to get married she has to believe him. She asks for Army Intelligence which must be shared with her. The Army officer was madly in love with her so he accepted the offer. He gave the Confidential information to Heba Salim. The information consisted of the location of Secret airbases of Egypt, The information about the Missiles from USSR where the missiles have been placed. He gives all the information available to him to Heba Salim. Heba Salim takes the information and sends them to Mossad agents who are stationed in Paris. The Mossad Agents send the Information to the Mossad HQ. HQ tells that information was accurate and Heba Salim was ordered to marry the Army Officer. 

Heba Salim marries the Army Officer. She requests for higher education in Paris for two months. Heba Salim arrives in Paris. She refers that the information given by her was accurate. The Mossad Agents confirm that her Information was accurate. They give money to her. Heba Salim rejects the answer and she says that she needs Peace in her country. 

But Mossad tells Heba Salim that all her expenses will be covered by Mossad. She also receives training on Photography and Radio Signals. After two months Heba Salim returns to Egypt. She goes on vacations, visits Military Bases. She takes photos and sends them to Mossad. The Information reaches Mossad HQ and Heba Salim has been ordered to come to Paris. But this time her invitation was from Israeli Prime Minister. The Prime Minister congratulated her for her contributions. Heba Salim believes that Peace is near and she believed that she was the reason for Peace. 

In 1973-74, this year the Yom Kippur War took place. The Arab countries waged war against Israel. Countries like Israel and Syria attacked Israel. Israel knows the Missiles locations which were from Russia. Mossad tells that to shut down Egypt Israel has to destroy the Missile locations. With the Information given by Heba Salim, Israel destroyed the Locations in a Sequence. 

Egypt came to a confirmation that there is a spy in their Country. Egypt knew that Israel would not obtain this Confidential Information. They started to search for the Spy. When Egypt was looking for the Spy. Heba Salim was meeting with Israel Prime Minister. 

The Egyptians find out that a Radio Message was sent from Egypt to a Foreign country. They find out that there are antennas used to send this information. Inshirah and Ibrahim were caught with the use of the Radio Frequency. When Egypt was looking for this antenna which was sending information. They identify that the antenna is in the house of an Egyptian Army OFficer. They Confirm that the Egyptian Army Soldier is the accused. They confirm that Heba and Farooq were sending the information.

Did Farooq know about Heba’s actions?

When Heba returned from Pairs. She started to tell her husband what she was doing. She tells her husband that for Peace to return to Egypt they must be involved in Spy Activities. She asks if her husband truly loves her, he has to do this for her. Farooq accepts his wife’s request and the Couple takes Photos and sends it to Mossad. Farooq accepts his crimes. The Egypt Govt gave orders for the execution of Farooq. Before the execution, Heba Salim was to be given information that her husband wanted to meet her. When this information reached Heba Salim Mossad agents were near Heba Salim. The Mossad Agents find out that the Information was Fake. Heba Salim rejects her return to Egypt. The Egypt govt executes Farooq for Treason. 

Now the Egypt Govt wanted to go after Heba Salim. They devise a plan with Libya Intelligence to bring Heba to Libya. Heba Salim’s father was working for a govt in Libya. 

Heba Salim - The Rich Mossad Girl History

Two Egyptian agents go to Libya. They meet her father and give false information. The father was informed that his daughter with the help of the Palestine group has hijacked a plane. So to arrest her France authorities are searching for Heba Salim. They promise that if he is able to bring back his daughter to Libya the Egypt govt will save her. Heba’s father believes this story. 

Her father contacts Heba and tells that his health is not good. He is going to undergo an Operation and asks Heba to be on his side. Heba didn't have any doubts. But Mossad had a doubt. 

Mossad started to gather information about Heba's Father and Communication. Before Mossad started their intelligence gathering, The Egyptian govt had already prepared a hospital. Heba’s father was admitted into the hospital. So Mossad believed that her father was telling the truth. Heba went to Libya. 

When she arrived in the Libyan Airport, Heba was approached by two Egyptian agents. They arrest her and move her to another flight. They knew Mossad would be monitoring. Leba was arrested and the Egypt army kept changing the Prisons where Leba was held. 

Heba’s mental condition started to deteriorate. She had confidence that Mossad would save her. She would say that she will be released soon. So after the Yom Kippur War, in 1979 Israel and Egypt were going to sign a peace agreement. America was the middle man which initiated the Peace agreement. 

The American president comes to Egypt and asks the Egypt Prime Minister to release Heba Salim. The Egyptian army was in that room. The Egyptian Chancellor said that Heba has already been executed. After he informs the American President, The Egyptian chancellor looks at an Army Officer. The officer gives the command to immediately hang Heba Salim. Egypt knew that after the Peace agreement they had to release Heba to Israel. Egypt wanted to execute Heba Salim for Treason. Heba Salim was executed by hanging. 

This is the story of a Mossad Agent. There were some interesting facts in this story. 

How Could have pulled this Operation?

They had to brainwash a RIch Egyptian Girl. They added Love, Patriotism, and finally her fathers’ love. Mossad did it brilliantly and Egypt Intelligence was also up for the task. 

1979 The Yom Kippur War happened. 

How did Mossad operate in the war?

So the next part of the series will contain.

How Israel won the war?

What was the peace agreement signed?

Let's also discuss Mossad’s Operations. 

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