Heo Hwang-ok Korean Queen and a Tamil Princess? – Ayuta Kingdom

Heo Hwang-ok Korean Queen and a Tamil Princess? - Ayuta Kingdom:

In Ayodhi a ManiMantatapam has been built for q woman.

Who is She?

They say it was for the Korean Queen. In Korea, people are worshipping as a goddess. For the queen, a museum has been built, but in Korea, they say the Queen was from India and she was an Indian Princess who became the Korean Queen.

Is this Korean Queen from India?

Was she from Tamilnadu?

What is history?

What is the relationship between Tamils and Koreas?

This was a question for so long from a friend. So we will answer that question in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

Korea was ruled by a Tamil Princess. We have seen or heard this info in many Youtube Channels, Websites and Newspapers.

Why are we discussing this topic now?

There are two reasons. The request from the friends, nearly for one year he has been commenting in every video we posted. The next reason is in Ayodhya they have built a ManiMantapam and they are going to open it. In South Korea, they are going to open the Museum. But there are so many errors in the History books. 

Heo Hwang-ok Korean Queen and a Tamil Princess? - Ayuta Kingdom

A woman from Ayodhya ruled Korea. A Korean goddess came from Ayodhya says, Korean people. Our history has been changed in the English Newspapers. If we need to understand the truth. We have to identify where this started, the root of this history. 

When we start to search for the truth by reading books and when it actually happened. When we study and research this topic. 

We Will know

Why they changed it to Ayodhya?

It should be a Kanyakumari or Podigai region. But why has it been mentioned Ayodhya?

So the first question is 

How did this History come to the knowledge of the world?

This started with a Buddhist Monk called Yeon from Korea. This monk writes the Story of Korea in the 13th and 14th Century. 

Was the South Korean History written from 12th Century?


What were the languages used to write the History of Korea before the 13th Century?

It was written in Chinese and Japanese. China and Japan enslaved Korean Population. Countries kept Korean History as a secret and protected it. They changed the Korean History into Chinese and Japanese Languages. 

Heo Hwang-ok Korean Queen and a Tamil Princess? - Ayuta Kingdom

To overcome this issue, the Korean Monk Yeon the books from Chinese and Japanese were transcribed to the Korean language. When he started to transcribe the Queen’s History come out. But this History was released on the 13th and 14th Century. It was released in the 18th Century.

The Korean People were curious that their History started in India. 

What did the Monk Yeon write in his books?

The Books name is Samguk Yusa. Yeon also writes another book before Samguk Yusa. It is called Korea’s Old Testament. For the Koreans, this book is a Holy Book. 

What was there in Yeon’s Old Testament?

It is not the Bible, its Korean Holy book. So the book compared with India’s History, History books and Myths have a lot of Connections. The First book name is Dan-Gun First king of Korea his name was Hwan-in a heavenly King. We should notice the other names which are given to this first king called Sakrodevenndra. In India Lord Vishnu has a Chakra in his hand, this history is similar to the Korean book. 

A Bear and a Lion are stuck in a cave. There is a story in Korea which says that both animals to survive have to eat fruit and live for 20 days. The Bear comes out of the cave and becomes a woman. That Woman was married by a god and they had a child. This is a story in Korea. 

In India, we have the Krisha story. Many stories in both countries have a lot of connections between India and Korea. So we can understand that there is a connection between both countries. 

When did a connection between Tamilnadu and Korea happen?

Heo Hwang-ok Korean Queen and a Tamil Princess? - Ayuta Kingdom

There are no confirmed records available. There is one report that we had trade between both countries. So The Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas traded with China, Pajan and Korea. During the Sangham Period, Pandhyan Kingdon was at its peak in Tamilnadu. During that time we traded with other countries. There are many records which are available from Keezhadi, Kodumanal. So we have the proof. 

During ancient times,

Where there Tamilians in Korea?

What is the connection between Tamilians and Koreans now?

Many Koreans visit India to see the birthplace of their Goddess or Queen. South Korea gave nearly 200 Crores to build the Manimantapam. The estimation was 25 crores. So giving money to build, and visiting the place to worship now we can clearly understand the Connection. 

Yeon in the book also mentions a Mountain called Kuji. We Tamilians call it as Kurinji Mountain. They have changed the name from Kurinji to Kuji but the history is the same. 

TO see the god the Korean People should go to KujiMountain and sing songs. Our History says we have to sing songs in the Kurinji Mountain. Many songs do exist today in Tamilnadu. So we can clearly see that History is moving towards Tamilnadu. 

When did the history of the Queen go-to Ayodhya?

When Yeon transcribed the Chinese books to Korean, he has mentioned Ayuta. The Princess was born in Ayuta. 

Where is this Ayuta?

The Koreans began to search for it. In Thailand, there was a place called Ayuthaya. But they didnt accept it could be the place. Then they have a doubt that there is a place called Ayodhya in India. So they come to Ayodhya and start research. They come to the conclusion that their queen came from Ayodhya. This was confirmed from a Research conducted from 1992 -1998. 

But after that, they confirmed that Ayodhya and the Queen didnt have any Connection. But they now say that it may be Kanyakumari or the Coastal states which existed in the Tamilnadu Region. Now Tamils say that the princess was a Tamilian Princess. 

Heo Hwang-ok Korean Queen and a Tamil Princess? - Ayuta Kingdom

When Tamils say that many will disagree with the fact. Many will disagree that this is not history but a myth. But now we should search for history. 

Where was this Ayuta Kingdom?

Why did Kumari Karai come in this topic?

We know that Yeaon wrote the book in the 13th Century. The year is 45 Century Bc. This was the time when the Pandhyas were ruling Tamilnadu. We should notice the Flag or Symbol of the Pandhyas. There will be two fishes. In South Korea, you see this Symbol in many places. The Koreans call it Ssangeomun. The ancient officials used this symbol in their coins. 

So through this symbol, we cannot say that Princess could have gone to Korea from Tamilnadu. This is just a trump card for us. The queen’s name was Senbavala rani. Koreans call the queen Heo Hwang-ok. She has been called as Suriratna. These names are based on the Gems which we call in Tamil. 

We should know What the Pandhyas traded?

Tamil people went to dig up Pearl from the Sea. Our people lived in the Coastal Regions. So Pearl Resources were abundant during that time. So we exported the Pearls. Ayodhya is not a Coastal region. So there is no chance that pearls are found in Ayodhya. So the Princess would have not been from Ayodhya. The Book says that the princess was accompanied by 22 People in a boat. So the region which had this logistics to transport the princess was Kumari Region. 

Is there a Connection between Ayodhya and Kumari Region?

There is a Connection. Till 10th Century BC, the Southern Coastal Regions of Tamilnadu was Called Karaiaiyunadu.  So we now know the AY region which was ruled by the Pandhyas. So people called the AYnadu as Ayuta Nadu. We should also know about a port called AYThurai.  Thurai in English means Port. AY means a Region which became Aythurai. So from the Ayuthurai, the Princess may have left for Korea. But they changed the Name From Aythuria to Ayodhya. 

The truth is on 45th Century BC, there was no place called Ayodhya. Ayodhya was called Saketa at those Ancient times. So there is no chance that Saketa was changed to Ayodhya in those times. But Aythurai or Karaiaynadu. There is a possibility that these names can be changed to Ayodhya. Surely the Princess was from Tamilnadu. 

Is this the only Similarity Koreans have with the Tamils?

Nearly 6000 Words from Tamil are used in the Korean language now. Amma, Appa, Nee, Naan all these words are an exact match to the Korean Language. The games played in Ancient times in Tamilnadu are well versed by the Koreans. 

When it was ruled by the Chinese and the Japanese. The Korean people gave preference to Rice. They call the Rice as Sorru. So culturally they celebrate Pongal. We Tamils also celebrate Pongal. There are no possibilities that two Ethnic People have the same words as Amma and Appa. There are high Possibilities that Tamils went to Korea. 

So the Princess must be a Tamil Princess. 

In the next post, we will discuss

How was the travel possible?

What did the princess take with her in the boat?

What are the reasons the Indian govt says?

We will discuss this in another post. 

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