History of Yazidi People – Murugan, Adam and Islam

History of Yazidi People - Murugan, Adam and Islam:

In Iraq, there is a Yazidi Village called Kocho. ISIS fighters come into the Village. They kill all the older people, Women and Men. They kill all the men whether they are kids or adults. When it comes to Women they kill the elderly and keep the children and adults alive. They take these Women Prisoners to Mossel. They will hold these women in a small room. The women will be wondering the horrors which await them in that dark room. Suddenly the door of the room opens and there stood Men. These men can choose any women they want and take the Women with them as Slaves. This happened to a woman called Nadia Murad. Nadia received a Nobel prize for peace last year. 

What ethnicity did Madia Murad belong to?

Why ISIS targeted this ethnic group?

What did happen to Nadia Murad?

We will discuss this in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil people. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 


Many should have known about the life of Nadia Murad. She gave a speech in Un and she also told about her sufferings endured in the hands of ISIS. nadia Murad was a 21 year old woman when ISIS came into her Village.  So ISIS kidnap her and sell her to a Judge. The judge asks her to wear tight clothes. She refuses and has been beaten many times. She wears the Tigh dresses, she is asked to shave all the hair in her body. She does that, then the Judge rapes her. During that rape, if she makes a sound or closes her eyes then she will have to endure hell itself. She has been raped nearly 15 times in one day, not only by One person. Nearly 5 times she has been raped by the same person. But if she tries to run away or commit suicide then the guards nearly 5 to 6 of them will group rape her. Not only Nadia but this was the fate for all Yazidi women who were captured.

History of Yazidi People - Murugan, Adam and Islam

Every minute was like hell for Nadia.

Who did rescue Nadia?

An Islam family saved her. When I speak about Yazidi’s this true story says to us that “Islam has been portrayed by wrongful teaching by wrongful people in a wrongful way”. ISIS Terrorists being to Islam and People who saved Nadia Murad belong to Islam also”. You can now understand the contrast.

You are going to learn about Yazidi’s. We have already talked about the Kurds. So before Kurds, they belonged to a religion called Yazidism. 

What is Yazidism?

What is Yazidi?

The people who speak Kurdish are called The Kurds. So The Kurds have so many branches such as Yazidi Kurds, Islam Kurds, and Arab Kurds even Jewish Kurds are there. So one Ethnic group has been divided into many groups which are in various countries. They begin to accept the religions of those countries. This is why they have so many groups in Kurds. 

When it comes to Islam Kurds, there are Sunni Kurds and Shia Kurds. The majority are Sunni Kurds. So according to the Sunni Kurds, the others are considered as Satan Worshippers. Notably, the Yazidi Kurds are considered as Satan Worshippers. So the origins of the Yazidi’s resided in the center of Iraq. When it comes to Iraq we have talked about Mesopotamia and Sumerian civilization. In the upcoming posts, we will discuss Anunnaki, in those posts we will also talk about Iraq, Sumerian and Yazidi’s. 

So now you know about Yazidi’s and Kurds. Many of you asked this question

Which Religion do the Kurds follow?

They had their own religion. But they were divided into so many groups so their religion mixed with other religions. Just like Islam People, they pray 5 times per day and they also receive Holy Communion like Christians. But they still follow a religion and safeguard their identity. This is how the Kurds live.

But Yazidi’s were the opposite of the Kurds. They worship nature. When it comes to nature, the Yazidi’s were called Children of Light. A morning when they get up they bow to the sun. They also worshipped Peacock and Snake. The Yazidi have a connection to the Tamil god Murugan. The history of the Yazidi’s is unknown until now because everything is destroyed. When the Ottoman empire was in power, The Yazidi’s faced 72 times of Ethnical cleansing. Many wars were started by The great kings of the Ottoman Empire to destroy the Yazidi’s. The people who survived remain now as Yazidi. 

History of Yazidi People - Murugan, Adam and Islam

 So according to the Yazidi’s, There is a God who lives in the sky, the god sheds seven light upon the world. The first light is the Peacock Angel. So the peacock is their angel. So they have been worshipping Peacock and they also have a story to tell. In the past, God sends angels to earth. The first human’s name is Adam.  So the people of Yazidi were told to worship Adam. But the Yazidis tell that The Firstlight Peacock is enough for us so we will not worship Adam. So till now, they are worshipping the Peacock. 

So when we talk about Adam and the Seven lights we told about Murugan. Murugan also has the same stories as this. Karthigai meaning Arumugan, Kathir, Kaman are seen in all religions. Kathir can be found in Islam and Christianity. 

The greeks have their won version of this story. The seven angels. So there were seven stars which are the brightest and can be seen with a naked eye. Many believed that they were the ones who created the earth. There are so many temples built by the Yazidis. In these temples, there are statues and paintings. It is believed that these paintings were drawn in recent times.  A woman, when you look at the image it is similar to a Tamil woman and has a Flower in her hair which is similar to Lily. Till now The Yazidi have a habit of Litiing up lamps to worship their gods. They also use Agarpathi and Samarani in their worship. This is very similar to the Hindu religion. 

But when times go by, many religions start to appear and the Kurds and Yazidis started to convert or forced to convert to various religions. Many asked us in the comment.

Has Islam Forcefully converted people?

Do you have proof?

Just google the Ottoman empire and see how Islam was spread. It is not only Islam but many new religions were forcing people to convert. When it comes to Christianity, we have already spoke about Christopher Columbus. When he went to the Americas the indigenous people were told to convert to Christianity. The people who refused were murdered. This is called as forceful Conversion. This is present in history and nobody can refuse it. So people who ask questions please find that history. 

So next, the Yazidis were worshipping light and nature. The remaining people told that they are Devil Worshippers. Yazidis also had their own caste system just like us. They only marry people belonging to the same caste. So children born of Yazidi parents will only be called into the Yazidi religion. This is still being followed. Yazidis have temples and the priests who conduct ceremonies are also there. They don’t have any restrictions like the Brahmins in our temples. But they are the ones who can conduct ceremonies. They also have a sacred song called Kaval. The people who sing that song are called Kavaali. Now when we connect these words with tamil there is a word called kaavali. 

History of Yazidi People - Murugan, Adam and Islam

These words are said to be bad words by some people.  This is just politics to change our root words and destroying our identity. Specifically,madayar. They have a brave history behind them but we are scolding people calling them madayar. So the word Kavaali and Yazidi word Kavaali are similar. 

Still now the Yazidi’s worship nature and for this, they have been hunted and murdered. ISIS believes that the Yazidi’s conduct various rituals against Islam. When ISIS wants to destroy the Yazidi People, the real Muslin people protect them. Nadia Murad is the Prime Example here. 

The Families who rescued Nadia Murad are two to three families of Islam. Then only she escapes and gives speeches in the UN and she is able to receive the Nobel Prize. Nadia Murad says that: Not all Islam people are bad ones, but ISIS is evil”. Please destroy ISIS or Yazidi’s will be no more. Yazidis still live in various countries but still now they don thave any Religious books or texts. In this time where Religion is not that important factor, only time will tell that the Religion of the Yazidi’s will survive or be completely destroyed. 

Still, now the Yazidi people are facing persecution. After 72 massacres they have still survived. The Yazidis still reside in Armenia, Germany, and Russia. Let’s wait and watch these unique People. Please comment about the Next Topic

How America became Super Power or about Anunnaki.

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