How BJP Won the Election

How BJP Won the Election

How BJP Won the Election:

The world mostly expected democratic festival in India is the parliament election. The result has reached its destiny.  People have supported the ruling bjp party again. Bjp is going to form the government. Congress party faced a dramatic failure. We are going to see how BJP had a solid faith in predicting its success. Let us see the ethics and plans that promoted BJP. People of Tamilnadu are familiar only with the two-party DMK and ADMK reluctant with the other party Finally DMK won the election; people of Tamilnadu are foreseeing good things to happen.

This document is about the two-party leader whether its, Modi or Rahul going to win the race. A similar discussion was raised by people all over India. our India is not only depended upon two parties there are similar parties when we consider  America there are only two major parties that always meet election, but in India, there are many parties in different states .this election is targeted towards Congress leader Rahul, not to other parties.  Primary discussion by the people was towards Rahul only no other parties where involved. This situation made all the other parties to failure. Even in Tamilnadu DMK leader Stalin spokes that Rahul is going to be the prime minister, not any other person or parties named.

In December BJP faces three state elections to failure. This made a positive impact on the opposite party that waves for Modi are not fair. Opposite party made a wrong analysis that Modi has lost its support.   When BJP loses in three state election, this made them to carefully choose the announcement the first one was towards the farmer that they will get a prompt price for their grown products these announcements are often said by leaders even though ,many people will only grasp with some new announcement old message will be forgotten by them .similarly this has happened in north state  ,people grasp towards the new announcement that there are going to get a prompt prices for their grown products .second announcement was  Farmer will get 6000 subsidy . The third announcement was to build free toilets in the house and many poor and middle class will also get a gas connection. Likewise, so many announcements were made to pull people towards BJP.

The third forecasting was towards the high-class people, bjp announces they are going to form a  mantel commission and allow job opportunities’  for the high class, who are economically weak, this phases announcement made people of Uttar Pradesh to vote BJP. Even though the joint party made by aklilash and mayavathi their opportunities weren’t good, their caste votes were shuttered.

Our next topic is about Indian military and its safeguards. Pulwama attack and surgical strike in balakot created a vision among the people, that ruling party BJP is more alert and effective to control terrorist attack. This impact made people support BJP. This doesn’t reflect between Tamilnadu and Kerala state people. BJP created an image that immediate action will be taken by the government against terrorist attack. Appropriate action will be taken against Pakistan.

BJP advertised that on behalf of the ruling party, Worldwide India has been spoken and the Indian government is implementing its plans to get crude oil from Iran. These moves and plans altogether made a positive impact on Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra, BJP was able to get good Support from them. Next ethics taken by BJP is politics towards religion and caste, their analysis and tactics where very clear, they created a message that Hinduism is neglected but BJP will ensure a secure state for Hindu religion and caste, this impact pulled people to support BJP.BJP utilized this situation and reached its targeted spot.

When we go through the periods, the communist party led the West Bengal for the past 30 to 35 years, the next party comes in the name of Thirunamal congress under the leader maimtha Banerji. In the period of maimtha Banerji, both the communist party and people who opposed were horrid. People lost their hope on the communist party, to bring changes and overcome mamtha baneerji party people decide to support BJP. Many steps were taken to hold the people from Bangladesh, this situation and forecasting made by BJP gave an impressive victory.

Finally, we are going to see about, how BJP executed its plans against kajerwal party in Delhi, BJP selected a celebrity and well know candidate, this methodology made additional support towards BJP.BJP party showed that it had an efficient and experienced leader Modi, Congress party failed in these aspects even Rahul and Priyanka were not able to stand hold in front of Modi.  Priyanka and Rahul speech was insignificant among the people. Even though Congress party initiated that Modi is involved in rafeel corruption, facts and figures about Rafael and other corruption were insufficient  .congress party failed to use social media and enlarge the corruption of BJP.  Social media were under the control of BJP, this was an added advantage for BJP to get exposure among the people. Modi gave a statement that I am a chowkidar, it means that I am a protector, but congress party revealed that Modi is a thief, Modi said that I will eradicate chowkidar from my name, again this conversation and politics made in name of chowkidar end up with the support to BJP.

There was a question, how BJP didn’t formulate contact in Tamilnadu and Kerala. When we go through Tamilnadu, people didn’t give more importance to parliament election they were more concern about only the state election. According to Tamilnadu there are only two major parties that are ADMK and DMK , In ADMK there  unity was broken  many problems and conflicts between them made people lose their hope against ADMK  ,the next option was towards DMK, To bring a change and to select the third party , youngsters and educated  people supported Nantamilar and Makkal  nethimayam ,these two parties got medium votes,Makkal nethimayam  got votes from city side when nantamilar party was supported by villages. Dinakaran party failed in this election and even lost its deposit in many places, another party too lost their deposit.

Nowadays People thought has been changed, people were ready to differentiate and compare the party, which is good or bad, at least people came to a conclusion that to support the partially good not too bad party, this was reflected in Tamilnadu election that DMK won. In India DMK  is a third leading party, major responsibility was given to Stalin to administrate the 37 many promises were given by Stalin one of his promises was to get back latcha thievu island .people of Tamilnadu are foreseeing that Stalin will raise their voices toward the ruling party BJP.  BJP leader Modi had a massive victory after 48 years, this is a second victory for Narendra Modi as a third prime minister without any support from another party, previously similar victory was showed by leaders Nehru and Indira Gandhi, modi is the third leader. Congress party failed to show efficient and experienced leader, exposure towards corruption were insufficient.  40 % of votes were to bjp this made BJP a growing party, caste, religion, ethics and various politics implemented by BJP leaded their party to success.


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