How Can India become Superpower within 10 Years? – Explained Part1

How Can India become Superpower within 10 Years? - Explained Part1:

You cant do anything?

You Will never reach newer heights?

Many are saying this to our students and Children. 

In what issue do they argue that India will not grow?

We don’t have an Indian app like Tiktok. We don’t have a separately modified google like China. India doesnt have App like Facebook. 

Until 1991 China and India were on the same path with economy GDP and Technology. But after 1991, China’s Growth is fast. But now India is allying with America. 

Will this friendship with America turn into a massive issue for India?

Who Should India believe America or China?


Should India follow its path and stop believing in these two countries?

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

If India wants to become a Superpower?

Students should watch this video and Youngsters. We are going to discuss the truth with you. Suppose this video and the fact reaches many people. Then the upcoming Generation will change into a Generation which focuses and wants to make India a Super Power their Primary Goal In life. 

So until 1991, China and India were on the same path. China changed its economy by concentrating on its infrastructure, its farmers, Industries, Manufacturers, traders. China’s attention was to help and improve their businesses. 

What did India do at the same time?

They asked foreign countries to come and invest in India. India also exported Skilled and Professional workers to other countries. Many Engineers and Doctors who are famous aboard come from India.  Whether its mathematicians or Rocket Science Engineers India Produces such talents and exports them to foreign countries. So we have proved that our Indian people are incredibly skilled in all departments. 

Where did we commit a mistake as a country?

Suppose India wants to become a Super Power. We should learn about our mistakes and Failures. In this video, we will discuss the Mistakes and failures. 

How Can India become Superpower within 10 Years? - Explained Part1

Before we start our Journey for the truth, we must identify whether America is our Ally. China has betrayed India on many occasions. We are beginning with the Border dispute and till their Technology. 

The truth is that China has betrayed us and America is helping us. India and Indians should never believe in America. We know how America became Superpower. In our channel, we have spoken about the betrayals of China. India should never believe America and the Chinese govts. 

Why Should India not believe in America?

The Countries which have believed America have resulted as Failed Countries in all Departments. 

From 1947 to 1992, America was an ally to Pakistan and Afghanistan. America’s plan was fulfilled by using Pakistan and Afghanistan. America created Osama Bin Laden, and lastly killed him. We know that America planted the seeds for many terrorist organisations. 

What happened after 1992?

America declared that it didn’t need the help of Pakistan and Afghanistan. America started to avoid both countries. 

From 1970 to 1980s Saddam Hussain was the closest ally to America. But America invaded Iraq and killed Saddam Hussain. Their reason was Saddam had Mass Destruction Weapons. But the truth is America had business plans. 

America was an ally to Syria. Now they want to eradicate the country. 

In World War 2, Russia was an ally to America. Their ultimate aim was to destroy the Nazi’s. After World War 2, America started the Cold War with Russia. 

So if America thinks that any other country is surpassing them or developing rapidly, they will find a reason to destroy the country’s reputation and their growth. 

The most exceptional example is Japan. In the 1980s if a product had Made in Japan. That Product was worthy, and it had prestige. Many countries were requesting Japan for its Made in Japan Products. The Automobile Industry of Japan was undefeatable. 

After World War2, Japan had to listen to America because America won the World War2. Through the hard work of the Japanese People, their automobile industry and Made in Japan was A Class products. 

America wanted to destroy the reputation of Japan. 

What did America do?

On 22nd Sep 1985, In Plaza Hotel, New York. The G5 Countries financial ministers attended a meeting. G5 Countries, France, Japan, America, Uk, and Germany. An order was given in the conference. They need to find a way to increase the US Dollars Value. Japan’s Currency value is increased. Due to this, many Automobile industries had to leave Japan and go to other countries. This continued for four years in Japan. 

In the 1990s, Japan’s Downfall started. 

Now let’s take a look at the Russian Stats. From 2000 to 2012, there was 100% growth in Grain Stocks. Russia’s GDP in 2012 has increased by 1000 times. America didnt want this growth to continue they tried to stop Russia from becoming a Super Power. 

How Can India become Superpower within 10 Years? - Explained Part1

SO America took the Ukraine issue into their hands. The Value of Russian money went down. Due to this, Russia faced a massive loss in its economy. America sanctioned Economic barriers on Russia. It was resulting in stopping Russia’s growth. This was America’s cunning way. 

Did America do the same in India?

No. America, in two ways, stole the Knowledge of India. The first illusion was America welcomed Indians into their country for Skilled jobs. The Visa process was made very easy. When Indians went to America, the Indian media portrayed that going to America for a job is some kind of Pride in the Indian Community. 

The result was the most skilled Indians go to America and become Citizens. This was not America’s cunning ways, but our internal politics was terrible. People believed that there was no job and high pay for their skilled work in India. Our Indian People who are geniuses in their departments left their motherland and went to America because of High Paying Jobs. 

When this migration started to happen, America wanted to dump their wastes in India. They asked to change India’s market to the Free market. America said that they had to sign an agreement with India. 

What is the current information available to us now?

Facebook has purchased GIO’s Shares. Walmart buys Flipkart. So think about it now. America is controlling the products which Indians buy.  

Today America may appear as an ally to India. But there are chances that anytime in future America can become an enemy to India. 

What is the growth of India now?

Global Fortune list was released in 2019. This list contained the world’s leading 500 companies.  

How many Indian companies were in the list?

Only 7 Indian Companies. But 120 companies from China were in that list. Now you can understand the difference. 

How Can India become Superpower within 10 Years? - Explained Part1

If we compare China with India GDP per Capita is a 5% increase in China than India. So the result is a Chinese Citizen is earning five times more than an Indian Citizen. Their economy is strong. 

Next Comes the Patent Rights. The Country, which is a candidate for becoming Super Power, will have growth in Science and Technology. They will have more patent and Copyrights. China has 28% more Patent rights than India. This is the truth and fact. 

Third comes the Foreign Exchange Reserve. China has four times more reserve than India. 

Fourth comes to the manufacturing output. The output of China is ten times larger than India’s production. 

Foreign Trade comes in Fifth. China makes 6% more trade than India. Electricity produced in China is three times larger than India’s production. Solar Capacity 5 times larger than India. 

Government spending china spends ten times more than the Indian government. 

The Main and Important aspect is R&D. China is 16 times more spending than India in R&D. 

In China, Research and Development are happening in a very high rate. In India, we haven’t even started. 

Look at transports like Bullet Train. Bullet Train in China travels 35000 Kilometres. India has 0 Kilometres. We should understand that our infrastructure is in a pathetic condition. 

Now tell us,

Where are our failures?

Our failures are in every department. Whether it’s Foreign Reserve, Trade, Business tactics, Patent rights, all these departments should be improved in India. 

So if a Government wants to become a superpower, it should have full authority over the depts shown in the image in the video. 10.12. 

Is media under our authority?

Our Govt has no control over any of the Social media. We still don’t have social media created by Indians for the Indians. Finance comes in second. We have Dollars as a reserve in our Reserve bank. We have never used our Currency Rupees for foreign exchange. 

Farming: All Seeds are imported from Foreign Countries. Even an injection for a cow is imported. 

Technology and Military equipment India is depended on other countries. Indian is going to ban 101 Defense items from Importing. These items will be Made In India.  The 101 Defence items will be prohibited within 2025. This is a commendable act. But India should have done it ten years ago. 

Past is Past. 

Can India become a Superpower within Ten years?

If we identify and rectify our errors then surely within Ten Years, we can become a Super Power. This video is the first step towards that success. 

The Upcoming videos will be a Continous series. 

We will discuss

What can India do to become Superpower?

How can India do it?

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