How can Srilanka Escape China’s Debt Trap?- Maldives Next target for China

How can Srilanka Escape China's Debt Trap?- Maldives Next target for China

Montenegro is a small Balkan country. It wanted to rebuild its Road and Infrastructure. The Country needed money. So they lent the money. 

Can Montenegro repay its debts?

No, it cant. Even a selling country cannot repay its debts. 

What are Montenegro options?

Ceylon Electricity Board has given an announcement. The announcement says that every day there will be a 4 to 7 hour Power cut period. Srilanka only has 35 Lakh litres of oil. The board has said that if it depletes the 35 Lakh litres of Oil there will be no power for the country. So the Powercut is a must for Srilanka. Srilanka is facing a Power crisis, Montenegro is seeking options for repaying its debts. Pakistan debts within three years have increased four times. Uganda’s International airport will belong to another country within months. The Country which has lent money and enslaved many countries is China. 

What crisis is Srilanka facing?

India will help and try to rescue Srilanka. 

Has the time come for the Rajapaksa family to answer their crimes against humanity?

Will the Tamils all over the world help Srilanka?

We will discuss this in detail. 

Please search more about Montenegro. They lent money from China. But today their debts are larger than their GDP. Srilanka situation is 40 to 60% of their Nominal GDP is for their debts. 

India’s Nominal GDP is below 20%. Below 20% is normal on the world stage. The 20% is considered to be Normal circumstances by Economists. India has Natural Resources and business infrastructure to deal with its debts. The Public debt of Srilanka is from 60 to 80%. Many analysts predict that Srilanka will soon become Bankrupt. 

Two weeks ago Mahinda Rajapaksa visited Tirupati, India. He was on a two-day Spiritual visit to India. But the main reason behind Rajapaksa was politics. He met with India’s Foreign Minister Jai Shankar. He also met with India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and the Minister of Petroleum. 

Then Rajapaksa indirectly said that Srilanka’s neighbours are their Freinds. Due to this visit, using the credit line method India gave away 500 Million USD to Srilanka. 

What good will 500 Million USD do to Srilanka’s economy?

India is the only country that can save Srilanka from China. India is preparing to give Srilanka 1.5 Billion USD as financial assistance. India’s money will be used for Food and Fuel. India is lending money through the Credit of Line system. But the interest rate of 75% Debt money is very low. India will never ask for natural resources or parts of the country for the Debts. China has done this to Srilanka. 

The best example is the Chinese Foreign Minister visit to Maldives and Srilanka. These two events were considered to be an action against India by China. After his visit, China exported Sugar to Srilanka. China sent a letter to Srilanka that if they needed more aid they have to sign the Free Trade Agreement. But the Srilankan govt refused this offer. 

If Srilanka signed the agreement. China will dump its waste in Srilanka. Srilanka biggest income is through Tourism. Srilanka refused and asked for a restructuring of debt payments. But China refused this request. Srilanka is in a debt trap as China tightened its grip. The Rajapaksa family is now ready to bow down to the Tamils. 

As a result, the Rajapaksa family called for a Press Meet. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that the country rejects racism. He has also said that Justice for the missing persons in the Civil war will be delivered. Srilankan army massacred many Tamil Civilians during the Civil war. Till now the Srilankan Tamils are considered as Second Class Citizens in Srilanka. Gotabaya says that an investigation regarding this crisis will be conducted. He also said that he will clear the misconceptions the International community has for the Srilankan govt. 

The reason for this Press meet and Rajapaksas bowing down is China would anytime turn against Srilanka. When Srilanka asks for International Support it must receive support from the Tamils across the world. This is the current situation of Srilanka. 

Srilanka can sustain its economy only for two or three weeks before they run out of Foreign Exchange. If Srilanka needs support from India it has to act against China. Srilankan govt has started its first stage on the path against China. 

How will China Control Srilanka with its debts?

There is a twist here. In South Asia, the Hambantota Port is one of the largest deep seaports. If China wants it can send its Submarines using the port into Srilanka. 

You may ask us a question,

Do China and Srilankan agreements restrict the use of the army in Srilanka?

The moment Srilanka Switches sides from China to India the agreements will be cancelled. When the Agreements become invalid, China will say that to protect its assets it is going to use Military Power. China will send Army and Navy to protect its assets. 

Are the Submarines enough to terrorize India?

We should know more about the Maldives. You may say that the Maldives in a close friend of India. But on the island, Anti-India protests have started. #GobackIndia is trending on the island. In 2023 the Maldives will face a new election. The Political parties want to go against India and need China’s support. Former President of Maldives Abdulla Yameen from 2013 to 2018. He is a Pro-China supporter. China has given two Submarines to the Maldives and has given various loans. The Two Submarines are diesel engine submarines. No Country in history has gifted a used Diesel engine submarine to another country. In the Maldives, a bridge named the China Maldives friendship bridge was built. These actions are against India. Abdulla Yameen empowered by Chinese Support abused his power. 

Crimes against humanity were conducted in the Maldives. People started to protest against Abdulla Yameen and China. In the 2018 elections, Abdulla Yameen has defeated the Presidential elections. His successor is a Pro India supporter. His name is Ibrahim Solih. He started an investigation against Abdulla Yameen Corruption cases. The investigation was conducted to whether there was a Debt trap by China. The trial for money laundering against Abdulla Yameen has been filed. He was sentenced to five years. Yameen was released early in Nov 2021. 

China has contacted Abdulla Yameen and has asked him to conduct Anti-India protests. For him to win he has to degrade Ibrahim influence and blame India. When the Anti-India protests gain traction automatically China will enter Politics. China will finance Abdulla Yameen in the next election. Now Abdulla Yameen has been conducting “India Out” Slogan and Protests. The Chinese foreign minister has gone to the Maldives and met with Abdulla Yammen and they had an extended Meeting. 

China wants Maldives and Srilanka as their slaves. China needs the two islands to support it to gain power in the Indian Ocean. 

Is it easy for China to enslave Srilanka and Maldives?

Both Countries must understand the threat posed by China. When this happens they will start supporting India. Srilanka has already started this process. 

Now you may have a doubt,

What is the debt amount of Maldives?

Maldives Nominal GDP is 3.9 Billion USD. Maldives have got loans from China which is 1.5 Billion USD. The Maldives has also got loans from Chinese Banks. China also lent loans and financed a Maldives Businessman named Ahmad Sham. Ahmad even started a political party. China is forcing the Maldives govt that Loans received by Ahmad Sham must be paid by them. 

Using Abdulla Yameen and Ahmad Sham to join forces they will fight against Ibrahim in the coming elections. This is China’s Plan. 

To enslave a country China uses loans. Then using the debt trap China will force the countries to do their bidding. This is China’s Foreign Policy. 

Srilanka has started to release itself from the Dragons grip. Two Countries can easily solve Srilanka’s Economic and Power crisis. The Two countries are India and America. 

America through India will support Srilanka. America wants to control the island nation using India. India knows America’s plans. 

India has to stay vigilant when it comes to Srilanka. There is a tower in Srilanka called the Lotus tower. 

Is China using the Lotus tower or the Deep Seaport to spy on India?

This question must be answered. India must be ready to protect Srilanka from the Chinese dragon. 

The Srilankan Govt must apologize and take action for the Crimes it has conducted upon the Srilankan Tamils. If Srilanka accepts the Punishments from the Tamils. India and its Tamil Population will surely support Srilanka. 

Is this possible?

Let's discuss this in the upcoming posts. 

Can the Tamils solve the Srilankan Debt Crisis?

Can Tamils ask for a separate state?

Can Tamil Eelam be created?

Let's discuss the answers in another post. 

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