Ibrahim & Inshirah Couple Spies – Mossad Part21


Surrounded by Enemies. Anytime the enemies can attack but for one year there will be no attacks. This is the message Mossad gave the Israeli govt in 1972. In 1973 there were issues happening around the world. But The Israel govt believed that it had no issues. 


The World asked a question,

Has Israel lost the war?

They said that it was not a loss for Israel but it’s a loss to its Secret Agency Mossad. 

How did Mossad lose?

Who were the secret agents?

How did they react to this loss?

Mossad Part 21. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

We haven’t discussed the Mossad Series for 4 months. 

In this video, we will discuss,

How Israel selected its Spies?

What was the Work of these Spies?

These Spies will sometimes tend to speak higher about the enemy country when they have infiltrated the country. These Spies will be working for the Enemy country. 

We will discuss the spies called Ibrahim Shaheen and Inshirah Moussa. 

In 1937 Inshirah was born in Egypt. She was very beautiful. In her 13th age, she had the Physical attributes of a Woman. Her relatives and friends were amazed by her beauty. Her father takes her with him to attend a marriage. In the marriage, she met and had a conversation with Ibrahim. Ibrahim was a Palestine, but he was residing in Egypt. He was born in the year 1929. After the conversation both went to their houses. Inshirah felt that Ibrahim was the man for her marriage. 

When she was feeling this way. After one month Ibrahim and his parents come to Inshirah’s house. Ibrahim asked the Hand of Inshirah for marriage. But Inshirah’s mother was not keen on giving her daughter in marriage to Ibrahim, So she refused. She believed that her daughter would not lead a good life in Ibrahim’s house. But Inshirah’s father wanted to marry his daughter to Ibrahim. So Ibrahim and Inshirah were married. 

In the year 1950, The Couple had three children. Ibrahim was working as an accountant in a govt office. 

Inshirah Ibrahim in 1960, sent her children to Egypt’s Capital for their education. In 1966 Ibrahim was arrested. 

What was the reason behind his arrest?

He was arrested for Corruption Charges. He needed money for his Children’s studies and his family’s expenses. Ibrahim got caught and he was dismissed from his job.  For three months Ibrahim was depressed because he didn't have any job and his family was suffering without any finance. He was unable to meet his children. 

In 1967, a war between Egypt and Israel started. The Six days war happened which was fought by Israel against the Arab countries. In the Six Days war, Israel was victorious. When Israel was victorious it had occupied important regions like the Sinai Peninsula. Ibrahim and Inshirah were living in the Sinai Region. But their children were studying in Cairo, Egypt. So for the parents to meet their children, they must approach the Israel Embassy and give an application. Only after the application is accepted they can go to Israel and see their children. They had a few days to see their children and come back to the occupied region. 

Ibrahim applies for an application to see his children. The Israel officials reject his application. 

What is the reason for his application rejection?

Ibrahim didn't know the reason why his application was denied. Israel wanted to spy on Egypt. They took a list of People who were Egyptians to spy on their own country. These Israel Agents were going through the list as they looked at the Family’s Income, and how many of their relatives lived in Egypt. They had the Complete details. From that list, they had pinpointed the people who were giving applications to see their families in Egypt. 

The first name in that list was Ibrahim. The Office in which Ibrahim worked was under the control of the Israel govt. 

The Israel govt got a message that the Office will be changed to the Capital Office Of Egypt. The Israel officials were looking for a member who worked in that particular office. This search was thorough and Ibrahim's name was on the list. So they reject Ibrahim’s application. 

So the Israeli officers kept rejecting his application. One week Later Ibrahim wanted to know the truth for rejecting his application. When asked, an officer approached Ibrahim and gives him some money to take care of his family. Ibrahim was surprised that an Israeli officer was giving money.  The officer calls him to his office the next day. 

Ibrahim goes to the officer the next day, and he is given a job Opportunity. Ibrahim due to his circumstances says that he will do any kind of job. The Officer tells him to go to his house and he will be visited by two Israeli Officers. 

After Ibrahim reaches his house, a jeep arrives with three Spy Agents. Then they wanted to have a conversation with Ibrahim. The agents said that Ibrahim has to spy on his motherland Egypt. Though Ibrahim was from Palestine he believed that he was an Egyptian. The Secret agents say that Ibrahim will be awarded riches for spying on his own country. 

Ibrahim and Inshirah accept the offer. They didn't have any job so they accepted. But Ibrahim if he goes back to work in his previous office he has to have a Clean Sheet, this question was asked by Inshirah. But the Israeli agents said that they will go to Egypt through the Red Cross Society. 

The Members of the red Cross were going to Egypt to help the people. Ibrahim and Inshirah were part of the Red Cross group. They had a one week gap before they have to go to Egypt. Within One Week the Couple was trained by Israeli spy agents. 

They learned to use various weapons. They were given Invisible Ink. The way to write the letter with this ink. The Couple received One week of full training. 

The Couple then leaves for the Capital of Egypt. The Photos taken by the Couple in Cairo were received by the Spy agency Mossad. With the information available from the photos, Israel was able to attack Egypt from the 1974 to 1975 war. The Couple took photos of bridges, Airports, railway stations. Within 6 months the couple had taken nearly 40 rolls of photos and sent them to Israel. 

Ibrahim and Inshrah were in Egypt and through the Power of the Red Cross he received another job in Egypt. Their job was a government job. They were involved in many spy operations for Israel. Inshirah has to write down the Operation which the couple did. 

Ibrahim spies and Inshirah wrote about their Operations. But she tends to add some extra information in the records. When they do that, the couple can receive more money from Israel. After two months the couple was ordered to go to Rome. 

The Couple were wondering how to reach Rome. They were instructed to go to Lebanon and the Mossad Operatives will take them to Rome. The Couple goes to Lebanon and they are taken to Rome. When they reached Rome, they were given a fake passport for the couple. 

The Fake Passport contained Ibrahim's name as Moussa, and Inshirah's name was Dina Halim. 

The fake Passport is ready and they were issued Modern advanced Weapons. 

They were given training to take photos, and how to intercept the radio signals.  Egypt’s Secret plans through Radio Frequency will be sent to Israel. The Machines which had this technology have been given to couples. 

The Couple Leave for Lebanon and they to Egypt. The Couple started to use the Latest Technology Machines. From 1967 to 1970, the war of attrition happened. The Couple were the major spies who gave information to Israel during this time. The Couple were not enough for the spy operation, so they used their three children for Spying. 

So until 1970 everything was working out for them. Suddenly the machines which the couple brought with them didn't work properly. So to solve this issue they have to travel to Rome. But Ibrahim was sick at this time. So Inshirah has to leave to rome. Inshirah goes and tells the Israeli agents that their children are also working for them and they need a raise in their money. 

Inshirah goes to a party and she was drugged in the party. After she wakes up she notices that she was with another army officer. 

She was informed that Egypt and Syria in 1973 attacked Israel. This news was supposed to be delivered by the Couple to Israel. Due to this lack of Information the couple didn't receive an amount of 1 Million USD. Inshirah has obtained the Key for the machine and she returns to Egypt and the couple continue their spy work. 

The First message through the machine was sent by the Couple, but the Signal was intercepted by a Russian Machine called SIgnal Hunter. The message which was supposed to reach Israel reached Russia. Russia informed Egypt about the Signal. The Egyptians search for the signal. They find out the signal came from a house. Ibrahim and Inshirah's house was identified by the Egyptian Authorities. 

When Egypt found out the truth. Inshirah was in Rome, because she wanted the payment for sending the First Signal. After one month she returns to Egypt. Inshirah came to know that her family was arrested. Inshirah was also arrested. 

In 1977 Ibrahim was hanged. Inshirah and her three Children were also charged and sentenced to death. Israel and Egypt sign a Peace agreement. In this agreement both countries accepted the exchange of arrested People. The List from Israel contained Inshirah and the Three Children.

Israel got back Inshirah and the three Children to their country. So from this we can understand that Mossad changed their spies into the Citizens of Israel for doing their job. 

Why were Inshirah and the Three Children so valuable to Israel?

Mossad was the one who released the information that Ibrahim and Inshirah did spy work for Israel. 

What is the reason?

Inshirah and the Children were helped by another Mossad Spy. Israel had many spies in Egypt. 

Let's discuss this in the upcoming video. 

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