Ice Silk Road – Target Arctic

Ice Silk Road - Target Arctic:

Ambhan Cyclone is one side, the other side is Coronavirus. In many places, the sun is very hot. The situation is not good for us. We can’t live under these conditions. 

If we ask questions they say that the Ice is melting in many places. 

Is there a Connection between Ice melting and Geo-Politics?

Many of us could ask this question. This is because the 21st Century will see a revolution or a fight for Drinkable Water. Water drinkable by humans. 

Where is it abundant?

In the arctic regions. But humans have not ventured enough into the arctic?

Wherever humans cannot go, we have this interest to visit that particular place. Ex: Space. We have used enough of earth. There is nothing left in the earth now.  So now humans are showing interest in unvisited places. There is a continent in Earth which is the Arctic. 

Now let’s discuss the Geo Politics which is happening in the Arctic for the first time in our Website and Youtube Channel.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

There is an Arctic Circle. We can easily see that on the map of the earth. To the north 1.1 Million Sq Miles is Arctic Continent. The Ice rocks are melting now, we could have heard this news. 

So if you go and ask America that the Ice is melting. America will say it as a myth. Russia will say that there are no problems and they will stay away from the issue. Canada, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Greenland for these countries if the Ice melts there is a lot to gain. 

Ice Silk Road - Target Arctic

This issue has been the center of the Geo-Politics. This may when Coronavirus is at its peak. In the Arctic Ice regions, countries like Russia, America and Allied Forces are gathering their Military strength. The Arctic has become an important place. 

How important is the Arctic?

There is water. So when the ice starts to melt more. The regions are now occupied by the Nordic Countries. Nordic countries like Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia, China, America, Canada surround the Regions. So these countries Sea level is increasing. 

The Arctic has many natural resources. 1 Billion = 100 Crores. The regions which are discovered by humans in the arctic has 44 Billion Barrel Gas was discovered. Nearly 90 Billion barrel of Crude oil can be retrieved. More than 10 types of Rare-earth Elements are in these regions. Seafood which we haven’t tasted yet are there. Tourism will be big in the arctic says a report. There is a strait to connect North America and Europe. If this Strait comes into a country’s authority. The Geo-Politics which happened with the Suez Canal will happen if this Strait is controlled. There are many miracles waiting in the Arctic region. 

Nearly 53% of the region in the Arctic belongs to Russia. But America is opposing Russia in many ways. Approx -40 Degree Celcius cold. In 0 Degree Celcius we find it hard to live. Canada and Norway may have -12 to -15 Degree Celcius. 

In this Cold region, Russia army personals from the 1980s are there in these regions. America is now sending NATO Forces to conduct Training in the region. 

US Navy 6th Fleet Ships and UK Navy had combined army training in the Barents Sea. Using Submarines to stop missiles. From May 1 they have been training. Russia on May 7th sends a submarine and Navy ship. Putin gave direct order to launch a torpedo in the region where US and UK ships were training. 

Ice Silk Road - Target Arctic

Where is America and Russia Border?

It is in Alaska. When Russia included Crimea into its borders, America made many Economic Sanctions on Russia. Russians now say that Crimea is theirs and one day Alaska will be also. When this happened many Media reported that the Cold war has again started. These two countries now have a target called NSR region ( Northern Sea Route). 

This NSR is the place where it connects Europe and North America. So the country which controls the Strait will be king of trade through the region. The same region is contested by China. 

We know about the Silk Road. 

Did you know about the Ice Silk Route?

China signs an agreement with Iceland. 

What is this agreement?

The agreement says that the region near Iceland which is in the Arctic will be occupied by China. In return, China will give ships which break the Ice. Till now Russia only had these ships. But now China has produced these ships. 

Did China only sign an agreement with Iceland?

No. There is an agreement with Norway also. 

What is this agreement?

To Set up a research Station. Norway controlled Spitsbergen Island is the destination. This research station is conducting research to discover Rare-Earth Elements. 

So we have discussed NSR. China’s Role in the Arctic. Russia and America competition. 

Ice Silk Road - Target Arctic

Who else need these regions in the Arctic?

Sweden, Canada, Norway, and many countries are now saying that some regions belong to them. Many analysts in the African Continent say that the countries will need water. The ICe rocks in the Arctic will be used as water. They have placed a request. 

Are there Ice rocks that huge?

Many have melted and changed into water. These Ice rocks are being melted intensionally. 

Why are they melting it?

Why should it melt?

TO increase their borders and take natural and Mineral resources.

If there are so many resources in the area.

Why didn’t America act?

In 2018 America and Norway conduct Joint Military Training in the Arctic region. During that time a small signal from a satellite hits them. The Signal messed up the GPS system. Due to this, the training was cancelled. 

Who did this?

Artic’s King Russia. IN 2020 America says that it will launch a satellite into space, the purpose is to give GPS Signal in the arctic region. They have launched the satellite. So surrounding the arctic there has been Geo Politics happening. This post is just a sample. The Main Picture will be in the upcoming posts. 

Ice Silk Road - Target Arctic

How was this post?

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What do You know about the Arctic region?

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Before that a Small info.

We should know how a country draws its border and Economic Zone

So if a country’s border ends and the Sea starts, from that location 200 or 370 Nautical Miles will be called Economic Zones. Nearly 12 Nautical miles belong to the country. So within these 12 nautical Miles of water, no ship can enter the country’s territory without permission. In the Economic zone, ships can come, but the natural resources found there belongs to the country. 

For Ex: Ice Rocks are melting. Whether its China, Russia, or America they are building Islands and from that Border, they say that the 200 Nautical Miles of Sea is their economic zones. They are trying to occupy these Arctic regions. 

There is more to come. Please wait for the next post.

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