India 4 Sale | JIO + Mark Zuckerberg = JIOMart

India 4 Sale | JIO + Mark Zuckerberg = JIOMart:

What did Corona teach Us?

Work from Home. The people who had worked had to work from home. It also taught us an order from home. Nobody should come out, Keep Social Distancing. If you come out you may be contacted by the disease or you have to face the police.  So Order from home and they will bring the essential products. For the past two months, this is in peak. 

So this peak and how Rich people become richer?. We will discuss both. 

Rich people invest and earn a profit.

Can you profit only if you invest?

JIO and Facebook have joined hands.

Who will face an issue by this event?

What is their next move?

We will discuss this question in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

Due to lockdown, everything is shut. So unemployment has increased. But Amazon has said that it is going to employ 75000 people additionally. People are needed to deliver the products and also to maintain a stock of the products. 

We know Walmart. Walmart when announced they are going to open their shops across India. The traders association announced that they will face huge losses if Walmart opens its doors in India. SO they protested against Walmart. 

India 4 Sale | JIO + Mark Zuckerberg = JIOMart

Did the Protest Succeed?

We know Flipkart. Many say that the Owner of Flipkart is an Indian. An Indian owner is only in paper. Nearly 77% of the Shares belong to Walmart. Nearly 1 Lakh Crore rupees was the cost for 77% of the shares. Now Walmart is earning daily profits from the shares. 

Is that it for Walmart?

People who use Phonepe the Owner of Phonepe is Walmart. Phonepe, Google Pay and Paytm these three companies have 90% transactions which happen in India. So only 10% for the remaining companies. This 10 % include Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Reliance. 

Are people doing transactions using Google pay and Phonepe?

Through UPI in Feb the amount transactions by Indians is 2 Lakh Crore Rupees. The total transactions are 132 Crore. So Indians are used to Digital Transactions. So if there are so many transactions then someone has to come into the business apart from these three companies. 

Whatsapp tried for so long. They introduced the Whatsapp payment. Facebook bought Whatsapp. Facebook’s biggest investment is buying Whatsapp. The Second biggest investment by Facebook is the tie-up with JIO. Nearly 10% of the shares were bought by Facebook. 

India 4 Sale | JIO + Mark Zuckerberg = JIOMart

Let’s discuss this one by one. First is Digital Transactions, then Ecommerce people will be recruited for jobs by Amazon and Walmart. 

What is the connection between Amazon, Walmart Recruiting and Facebook and JIO tie-up?

Many places, JIO mart has been started. You may see JIO stores. But in three major cities, JIO mart has started its operations. 

Why did we need JIO?

We needed data for Browsing or to view a video or for chatting. SO JIO said that it will give free data. After they started nearly 38 Crore have become JIO Customers. Facebook has 26 to 35 Indian accounts. In WhatsApp, there are 45 Crore Indians. Indians are the most users of Whatsapp throughout the world. So these three companies come under one roof and start a new business like food stores. 

IF you need data come to us JIO said. Now we are in lockdown and we need food products. We will give you the groceries don’t go out. Now they are calling us to JIO mart. Now they are in the testing phase in three cities. Facebook and JIOP have a tie-up, nearly 10% of JIO was bought by Facebook. 

Facebook already has bought Whatsapp so it belongs to Facebook. 

So in WhatsApp with JIO Network, they will give you a number. So if you send a reply to the number. The number will ask you what do you need?. So we should order the items online. The application will search for the shop nearest to you. After you have chosen the products there will be a bill. The bill will say the products price and the location of the shop. So you have to go to the shops where the products are already readily packed for you just pay and get the products. 

This idea is really good, right?

We go into WhatsApp. Nearly 40 Crore users in WhatsApp. So if these people send msgs. The stores which are near to you. So the store which you buy these products now will receive a msg. The store near you will not send msgs. This is the destruction of stores where you buy products now. 

India 4 Sale | JIO + Mark Zuckerberg = JIOMart

So Now in these stores, they can only give you 1 Kilo Dal for rs80. They will only have a stock of 10 to 100 Kilos as stock. If there is a reliance store. They will have stock for nearly 6 months. They can give you the same 1 Kilo of Dal for rs50 to rs70. If they give it to rs70 they will earn profits because of the stock they have with them. So the retail shops can only give them our rs80 when these Reliance stores will give you for rs70. So we will move from our retail stores and start buying in big stores. 

Some may scold us that these retail stores cannot be shut. You should understand how these big stores operate. 

Facebook has a big issue for so long now. So in Amazon and Flipkart you can have an account and buy things but you will not have any friends. But Facebook has each and every detail about you. When Facebook and JIO have a tie-up they can easily isolate what a person needs. So if you want a product and post it in Facebook then when you visit a website the AI will take note and show you an advt which is similar to the product which you wish to buy. There will be a 70% offer also. So we will buy these products. So they change an unwanted product into a wanted product.

What we need now are Rice and groceries. They will enter the market that they will deliver the products. After they enter the market. For ex: Take JIO, They said for three months you don’t need to recharge and will get 1.5 Gb free. Next, they said 1 GB will be available. After some days they said three months means 73 days. They will keep changing their plans. When it becomes a Monopoly we will have no other way. When Airtel charged rs300 for 1GB. JIO came in and said that it will provide 1 GB data for rs50 to rs100. So the people moved to JIO because we were paying less money for the same services. 

India 4 Sale | JIO + Mark Zuckerberg = JIOMart

Will this profit for us available for the Next Generation also?

Will there be Retail trade?

WIll One guy be able to determine the price for the whole world?

This will not happen within one day. It will take time for this process. But we are slowly moving towards it. 

SO Facebook and JIO have a tie-up. We know that Facebook and the Indian govt have issues. Three years ago WhatsApp was introduced. Indian govt asked that the data which is collected in stored in Other countries servers. So the govt didnt like the data going out of the country. Facebook was unable to it. Facebook in not permitted into UPI transaction process. Indian govt didnt give permission to Facebook. 

Who is a very important person to the Indian govt?

Mukesh Ambani. So facebook contacts JIO for a tie-up. They both will profit from this. JIO mart will be under the control of JIO, but both will get profits. Facebook will use WhatsApp as a payment method. This method is still in the testing phase. 

If the lockdown is not sifted for three months. New methods in the economy are followed. Every people should move to UPI payment. Our Indian govt sanction Mukesh Ambani’s method. 

Are they allowing Mukesh Ambani?

No, they are allowing Facebook. For three years Facebook has been trying. Not the gateway for Digital Transactions will be open to Facebook in India. When this happens Facebook will become the authoritative power in India. Facebook has a huge fan base than Amazon and Walmart. So Facebook can turn unwanted products into wanted products for you. 

Think Deeply. 5.2 Billion USD comes to 42000 Crore rupees. They invested 42000 Crore rupees to earn at least 4 Lakh Crore Rupees. 

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