India China Troops Disengage – Full Information on Phase1 of the Disengagement

India China Troops Disengage - Full Information on Phase1 of the Disengagement:

India China Border Dispute has started to end. The Two armies of the countries have agreed to retreat their forces. But they are retreating from one part of the border.

What about retreating from all regions?

By retreating,

Which Country has the Advantage?

Which country will face a loss?

How can we confirm that the two armies have retreated?

Let's discuss the answers to these questions.

On 9th Feb there was a message. India and China have decided to reduce the Border Tensions. Both Countries will retreat to their borders. So the decision is that the Armies must go back to the Borders where they have been stationed in April 2020. There were nine stages of Military Discussions. 

Our Foreign Minister and National Security Advisor worked hard to end this dispute. War can be started easily. But the damage it brings in and the Lives which are lost will be huge. War should never happen. 

We had seen the Eelam war, the losses of the Tamils were terrible. That kind of suffering should not come to any country. 

But the Next question is,

Can India Handle China without a war?

China has been occupying regions near the Indian border. China has also laid claims to Indian states. The India China Border Dispute continued for more than 8 to 9 months which was started in June 2020. Twenty of our Indian soldiers were martyred. The Indian army in return has killed Chinese Soldiers, but the exact numbers of deaths are not provided by the Chinese Army. But China did not accept the Indian Army Statement. On 11th Feb 2021, the Russian News agency released news that more than 45 Chinese Soldiers were killed in the Galwan Valley Clash. The Russian news agency says that the news is true. So China doesn't want the world to know about its losses on the border. 

India China Troops Disengage - Full Information on Phase1 of the Disengagement

In August and September, the Indian Army re-captured important Mountain tops. These Strategic Locations were the reason China accepted to step down. A Royal Salute to the Indian Army for making this possible. Our army under extreme weather conditions has stood their ground and retaken the Strategic Locations. 

Which regions or locations the two armies are going to retreat?

There are three important strategic locations. Pangong Tso Lake, The North bank of Pangong Tso lake, Galwan valley and Hot Springs. Then comes Patrolling Point PP15 which is also called Gogra Post and PP17 is called Hot Springs. There are no agreements signed regarding these two regions PP15 and PP17. 

So the first stage of agreements was to retreat the armies from Pangong Tso lake and at what date. According to the agreements, both Armies have started retreating from the Pangong Tso on 10th Feb 2021. Both armies should have retreated within 13th Feb 2021. So both armies must retreat to the original borders where they were stationed in April 2020. They should not be an army presence in the border up to 2 Kilometres. 

India China Troops Disengage - Full Information on Phase1 of the Disengagement

Can the Indian Border Patrol keep a close watch on the Chinese Army?

Our Defence Minister has called the disengagement as “Phased, Coordinated and Verifiable” manner. 

In Phase 1 both Armies are retreating from the Pangong Tso lake. India cannot believe in China. There are many chances that China will not honour the agreement and re-deploy its troops on the border. So the Indian Army has said after verifying the Chinese Retreat they will retreat from the Locations. 

How will the Indian Army verify the Chinese Retreat?

The Commanders who are in the Ground who belong to both armies. They will have discussions two times a day. This discussion is to verify the armies which have retreated. The Next stage is Satellite Images and Drone Images. Both Armies will Officially verify the Retreat of Troops from the Region. After the Verification is complete the next group of the army will retreat. 

In the first stage, the Tanks will retreat. The Type 99 Chinese Tanks and the Indian P90, T72 Type Tanks will retreat from the locations. 

What are the issues for the Indian Army when retreating?

The Indian army will have their strategy, but we the people should know about it. China can easily re-deploy its troops from the Locations which they Are Retreating. The Surface is plain for the Chinese troops to easily deploy. But the Indian army has occupied important Mountain and Hill Tops which are not easy to traverse. So if the Indian army retreats from these Strategically important locations which are hard-won locations. Chinese army may not honour the agreement and re-deploy the troops. The Indian troops must again re-capture and time is of the essence here. For the Indian army to retreat from the locations it will take time. So our Indian army must have a perfect plan for retreating from these Locations. If it goes according to the plan, this border dispute will end on 13th Feb 2021. Indian Army Sources say that it will take two weeks to retreat to the border. 

When both armies have retreated and both armies have verified the retreat, the next stage of Military Meetings will happen. This will be Phase2. In Phase 2, Both armies will discuss the retreat of troops from Gogra and Galwan Valley. 

The next question we have is,

How will both armies retreat from the Demchok Region?

The Dechok regions and the Kailash Hilltops are under the direct control of the Indian army. If the Indian army has occupied these regions. The Chinese troops may have entered into Indian Territories. 

Many Have asked this question,

Why are we not talking about the Chinese Incursion into the Indian Territories?

Many commented that the Chinese Troops have built two villages in Arunachal Pradesh. But we have given a clear explanation in Tamil Seed Channel and in Twitter. 

The truth is from 1949 those regions were under the control of China. So China has built these two villages in regions which are under the direct control of China. 

The News which says that the Chinese army has occupied the Indian territories and built two villages is Fake News. 

People who negatively commented about the Indian Army. Our answer is the Freedom which you and we have is given by our Indian Army. If the Indian army doesn't protect our Borders there is no freedom for the Indian People. India has many enemies and Betrayers. There are many countries which are ready to bring down India to its Knee. 

India China Troops Disengage - Full Information on Phase1 of the Disengagement

In these hard times, if Some of the Indian People are not supporting the Indian Army, please don't call yourselves Indians.

So for the Armies to retreat from the LAC(Line Of Actual Control). There should be a perfect plan in place. At no stage, it should become an issue for India. The Indian army has to see that China doesn't come near the Indian territories. 

In 1959, China declared the LAC. There is a rumour that the Indian army is now retreating to the LAC Declared by the Chinese army. We cannot confirm this news or information. But according to Military Sources, both armies will retreat to the Locations stationed in April 2020. 

The Chinese army which occupies Finger Point 8 will retreat to the SIRIJAP Sector. The Indian army which occupies Finger Point3 will retreat to Lieutenant Colonel Dhan Singh Thapa Post. 

The next stage will be the Chinese Troops stationed in the Southbank will retreat to their Army Base in Moldo. The Indian army will retreat to the permanent Chushul base. All this comes under the Phase1 plan. 

What will be the next move of both armies?

This is the expectation of the Indian people. But now we should also understand,

How did China accept this Disengagement?

From Dec 2020 we were saying that after Joe Biden Becomes the President, China may agree to Disengagement. If Joe Biden has acted in favour of China, the Chinese army could have not agreed to this disengagement. China will be involved in provoking India. 

Donald Trump was very strong against China. Joe Biden has shown the same level of commitment towards China. This became an added advantage to India. This is the reason China has accepted the disengagement. 

The State Secretary of America has said that America is Closely watching the Border Dispute between India and China. 

India’s aggressive stance and DRDO’s successful military tests and New technology for the Indian army. These all combined together had caused a Slight fear and Strong warning to China. 

India also has a fear, as China was able to easily Deploy its massive Troops on the border. This is China’s Military Strategy. So if China can easily deploy a Large force on the Border.

How much time would it take to deploy China’s next wave of Troops?

This question cannot be answered now. The India China border Dispute is a strong lesson to the Indian Army. 

China has a perfect infrastructure and Roads to reach the border quickly.  The Indian army has to have the Perfect Infrastructure and roads, So India can deploy the army easily on the border. The Indian govt must complete all the road projects for the Indian army.

These are many truths and many Disclosed Information are in the hands of the Indian Army. This disengagement is a small solution for the India China border Dispute. This Dispute is not over. Army Sources say that there would be another two-stage Military Discussions.  

The next stage of Disengagement will be discussed in those meetings. We will provide a clear explanation of the Disengagement when it happens. 

The maps shown in the video will be helpful for you to understand the disengagement. 

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