India needs Pok – Gilgit Baltistan Part2

India needs Pok - Gilgit Baltistan Part2:

America is trying so long to occupy a region. Britain asks to build an army base in the area. Russia is claiming that the region belongs to them. China says that the region is near their country and it belongs to them. Pakistan says that the region belongs to it, and it is ready to give it away. 

But India says the region belongs to them and it will not allow other countries to claim the region.

Baljit-Baltistan Part 2:

If you have seen Part 1 and watching this video. After watching the series if you are an Indian, you will think India should reclaim its lost territory. 

If you have this thought please comment.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

America, Russia, Britain and other countries want to occupy the region called Gilgit Baltistan.

But the truth is China is trying hard to occupy and dominate the region. 

Will India giveaway or let China occupy the region?

The Indian youngsters are aware of the situation in the J&K. When we tell you J&K its the entire 2 Lakh Sq Kilometres which half of the region is occupied by Pakistan and a small part by China. We know that India has nearly 1 Lakh Sq Kilometres. India has to re-occupy the remaining 1 Lakh Sq Kilometres from Pakistan and China. 

The Betrayers and backstabbers of India are now claiming the region belongs to them. 

Why is Gilgit Baltistan important to India?

Let’s look at a Re-cap.

On 1935, The British requested the Maharaja of J&K for 60 yrs lease of the Region. 

India needs Pok - Gilgit Baltistan Part2

After the deal has been done. World war2 happened and a Cry for Independence happened in India. On 1st August 1947, all deals with the Maharaja was cancelled by the British. The Two regions called Gilgit agency and Gilgit Wazarat were given back to Maharaja Hari Singh. The region was protected by Gilgit Scouts. They had a separate army for the region.

 The Gilgit Scouts were commanded by two British officers called Brown and Mathieson. The British officers declared that Pakistan has illegally occupied the two regions and Gilgit Scouts were not able to stop the Pakistani Army. For this cowardice act, Major Brown received a distinguished medal from the British govt. Britain played its game perfectly. 

Now you may ask us a question.

Why didnt India try and re-capture the Illegally occupied Region from the Pakistani army?

Pakistan army reached Leh, Kargil, Dras and Skardu. The Indian army defeated the Pakistani army and its soldiers retreated from Kargil, Leh and Dras. When the Indian army was advancing towards Skardu there was a ceasefire. This was the reason India was unable to recapture Gilgit Baltistan. 

The govt which ruled India after this war was unable to re-capture the lost territory due to politics. The Political parties played many games with this region. 

But now the cry to re-capture the Lost territory has begun to arise among the people and the Indian govt has listened to this cry. This is greatly affecting Pakistan. This was the reason behind Pakistan’s announcement of declaring Gilgit Baltistan as a state of Pakistan. This announcement is greatly supported by China. If Pakistan announces Gilgit Baltistan as a state. India will have no power over the region. This is the plan by China and Pakistan. 

What is the reason behind China and Pakistan’s plan?

On 2020, Gilgit Baltistan is not a part of Pakistan says the Pakistani Constitution. So we can clearly understand that the region belongs to India. 

In the 1990s the people in the region started their protest against the Pakistani govt.  The protests reason point to one person named Muhammad Zia-Ul-Haq. This Zia-Ul-Haq who was a General staged a Military Coup and declared martial law and became the Sixth President of Pakistan. 

This Zia-Ul-Haq removes the Shia majority from Gilgit Baltistan and brings in Sunni Population. He also allows the Terrorist camps to be set up against India in Gilgit Baltistan area. He allows terrorists to settle as families in the region. He allowed the terrorists because he thought anytime India will try to re-capture the region. During the war, the Pakistani Army cannot stand against the Indian army and will need the terrorists to support. So he encourages terrorism in the region. 

India needs Pok - Gilgit Baltistan Part2

In 2005, another issue started. Ziauddin a Shia Imam was killed by the Sunni People. A Big Riot breaks out. Nearly 20 people lost their lives. There was a pending case from 1999, the Verdict was announced in 2006. The verdict says Gilgit Baltistan must be given Autonomy. Thus bringing in Autonomy to the Region. But still, the region is under the control of the Pakistani Parliament. 

We have discussed how Pakistan managed to take control of the Gilgit Baltistan and issues happening in the region. 

Now we will discuss 

Why is the region important to India?

Why didnt the govt’s which ruled India didnt try to re-capture the lost territory?

The Indian govts neglected the region due to terrorism. But if India doesnt take control of the region. We will be a slave to the country which occupies the region. 

History tells the truth. The Mughal Empire, the Han Dynasty and the Greeks all came into India through Gilgit Baltistan. Gilgit Baltistan is the entrance into India. Gilgit Baltistan is the only region in the world which connects five countries. So the country which occupies the region can survey the borders of the five countries. The Countries include Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan India and China(Including Tibet). So Gilgit Baltistan is a very important strategic region. We shouldn't forget that 85% of India’s trade in the past has been done through this region. There was a plan to construct India Iran Pakistan gas line Project. IF Gilgit Baltistan is under the control of India we would have completed this project without the help of Pakistan. Still, now the project is in pending because India doesnt have control of the region. 

If we re-capture the Gilgit Baltistan region, then through the land we can reach Dubai, Russia. From India to Dubai through land its 5000 Kilometres. Gilgit Baltistan to Delhi 1400 Kilometres.  Gilgit Baltistan to Mumbai 2000 Kilometres. Gilgit Baltistan to Russia 3500 Kilometres. Gilgit Baltistan to Chennai 3500 Kilometres. Gilgit Baltistan to London 8000 Kilometres. So the road will cross Central Asia, Eurasia, Europe and Africa. Gilgit Baltistan can connect these Continents. 

In the Himalayas there are 10 Important Mountain Peaks, nearly eight are present in Gilgit Baltistan. 

We have discussed on many occasions regarding Gwadar Port. Whether its CPEC ( China Pakistan Economic Corridor) or Belt and Road Initiative. The Gwadar port is very important for these projects. The money spends in this port is 248 Million USD. 200 Million USD in China’s Contribution. Pakistan has given nearly 2600 acres to China. Nearly 150 Projects have been given to Chinese Companies. The main reason Pakistan has become a poor country is this CPEC. For this Gwadar Port, the Pakistani govt has laid a path through Gilgit Baltistan. 

India needs Pok - Gilgit Baltistan Part2

If India re-captures Gilgit Baltistan, China will be unable to reach Gwadar Port via land. If China doesnt have a path to Pakistan. China’s Domination over Pakistan will decrease. India will be able to control both countries. 

SO Gilgit Baltistan is a very important strategic region for India. 

Gilgit Baltistan belongs to India. India has to re-capture the lost territory. Azad Kashmir also belongs to India. 

TO Re-Capture these Regions every Indian citizen should raise their Voices. We have discussed only 30% of the Full details of Gilgit Baltistan. 

We will discuss the 70%. There will be a part3. 

We will discuss Gwadar Port and the truth.

We will also discuss the loss for Pakistan. 

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