India Pakistan 1965 War – Operation Tupac Explained – Part1

India Pakistan 1965 War - Operation Tupac Explained - Part1:

He was an IPS Officer in 1968. In 1999, more than 15 Passenger flights Hijacking were stopped by this man. For Seven Years he stayed with the Pakistani People and the Terrorists. In 2009, he retired from his job. The Indian government was waiting for this man to join its ranks in 2014. The Indian government wanted to send this man to Iraq. In Iraq, 43 Nurses were held Captives. So the Indian govt in June 2014, sent this man to Iraq to rescue the hostages. 

He returned to India in July 2014, with him he brought all the Hostages. He is the JamesBond of India. His name is Ajit Doval. He is currently serving as the National Security Advisor to India. 

Whether it's a J&K issue or a Surgical Strike, his part in these operations are very Critical. 

Ajit Doval asked a question,

Is the Hostility between India and Pakistan, Rivalry or Betrayal?

Many Terrorist Organizations are currently engaged in trying to split India. For all those people this is the post. 

In 1990, Ajit Doval visited J&K. He visited the people and wanted to solve their issues. His visit to J&K in 1999 led to the Elections conducted. 

He has been involved in many Military Operations. We will discuss Military Operations in detail. 

Ajit Doval mentioned that India and Pakistan will never be Friendly Countries. Pakistan did not want India to be a friendly country. Pakistan’s aim is to defeat India. For this Pakistan has named its Operation as Operation Tupac. 

When did this news come out?

Why did they reveal this to the Indian public?

When India removed the 370 Articles in J7K this news came out. 

Why did India remove Article 370?

Why Should J & K be a Union Territory of India?

The reason which Ajit Doval gave was Operation Tupac. He says that through Operation Tupac Pakistan wanted to destroy India. Indians must be made aware of this Operation. 

What is this Operation Tupac?

Operation Tupac is currently happening. In 1980, Pakistan Intelligence agency ISI started Operation Tupac. This is the history that is unknown to many Indians. Politicians who want to use the situation to their own benefit still exist in India. 

For all the people and Politicians, this history should be taught. 

This history starts from 1947. India got its Independence in 1947. After the Brutal British Rule, They split India into two called India and Pakistan. Among many riots for a separate country for the Muslims, India became an Independent Country. 

But in 1947-48, Pakistan started a war with India. In that war, Pakistan was heavily defeated. This is history. 

Did Pakistan stop after its defeat?

They didn't stop. It was due to World Politics which happened at that time. 

What was the World Politics between India & Pakistan?

In 2021, If the Taliban's take control of Afghanistan. Pakistan and China will own the Country. This happened in 1947-48. 

India Pakistan 1965 War - Operation Tupac Explained - Part1

Russia invaded Afghanistan. To Defeat the Russians, Americans used a weapon which was Pakistan. America needed to support Pakistan. America wanted Pakistan to remain as an ally. So America supplied everything to Pakistan.

Pakistan, using this opportunity, Started asking for Tanks, Missiles And Jetfighters. America helped and gave all Military Equipment to Pakistan without any hesitation. So in 1948, Pakistan was already allied with America. 

Is There Proof?

Do you know about SEATO?

SEATO means Southeast Asia Treaty Organization. We now know NATO is similar to this SEATO. America said that Pakistan has become a member of SEATO and it will help Pakistan. America fueled the Terrorism in Pakistan. Then Pakistan sends its Terrorist groups into Afghanistan. 

After the Terrorists have entered Afghanistan. America decided that it has to help the Afghan Revolutionaries. Due to this move, The Russians were defeated by the Ragtag Afghan Rebels. The Weapons and Ammunition were supplied to these Rebel Groups through Pakistan by America. 

Did the Pakistani Govt send all the American Equipment into Afghanistan?

No. Pakistan wanted this equipment and trained Terrorists to infiltrate India.

In 1954, America gave advanced weapons and equipment to the Pakistani Fifth Division Army. This list contained 100 F86 Sabre Jets, One Squadron of F104 Starfighters and 30 B57 Bombers and 4 C-130 Transport Aircraft. 

Now you may ask us a question,

India Pakistan 1965 War - Operation Tupac Explained - Part1

What did the Indian Army Arsenal have in 1954?

The Indian army was not as advanced as the Pakistan Army. This is history. This information was from the International Institute for Strategic Studies( IISS) which is based in London. 

The Revealed some Information in 1956, saying that the Pakistani Army had 760 Tanks compared to India’s 200 Tanks. The Pakistani PAF had Advanced Jet Fighters. India did not have any advanced Jets or Aircrafts.

In 1962, there was a big issue between India and China. Jawahar Lal Nehru thought that China will not declare war against India. China Declares War against India. This was a Critical Defeat for India. As a reason for the war, America wanted to help India. 

Pakistan immediately asked America’s intentions of helping India who is their enemy. America clearly said that it wanted to Stop the Spread of Communism. Russia had invaded Afghanistan and America had to help Pakistan. But now China, which is a Communist Country, is waging war against India. So America decided to help India. 

From 1962 to 1965, America and the UK said that they were ready to help India with a fund of 120 Million USD. But in the end, they only spent 45 Million USD. So the Betrayal of India must be equally shared between America, UK, China and Pakistan. 

India was facing an issue from China in 1962. The Pakistani army started its plans to infiltrate India. But America was not willing to help Pakistan. So Pakistan decided to start a conversation with China. 

In order to manage a conversation with China, Pakistan has to giveaway some regions in POK to China. Nearly 5200 Sq Kilometers of Indian land, gifted the region to China. After that China’s President and Pakistan PM in a combined press meet said “Their Friendly relations are deeper than the Indian Ocean” and “Higher than the Himalayas”. Both Countries aim and their Common enemy is India. They needed to destroy India. 

In 1965, India Pakistan War happened. The war lasted for 22 days. This is the history we know. But this war started in 1964. 

What was the starting point of the war?

It started from the region called Rann of Kutch. Jan 1965, within 6 days 42 times Pakistani Soldiers have come into the Indian Border. The Shocking Information said that more than 20000 may have come into the Indian Border. The Rann of the Kutch region is 40 Kilometres from Pakistan and 120 Kilometres from India. So this location was selected by the Pakistani Intelligence agency. 

Pakistan started sending its troops into the region. If there were 10 Soldiers that group would contain 6 Civilians who were forced to take up arms. The training was given to the Civilians by the Pakistani Army. This has been said by the BBC. 

Does the BBC support India?

Absolutely no. But the BBC has released information about these events. So, 30000 Pakistani Troops, could have travelled for so many months. This army was ordered to destroy the Service Roads and Networks of the Indian army. This was their plan. This plan was named Operation Gibraltor. So through this Incursion, the Pakistani Army wanted to conduct a Guerilla war. They reach many regions, Bombs explode in many regions. Firing upon the Indian army started. The Indian army started to send its troops. The Indian army was able to end Operation Gibraltor. 

India Pakistan 1965 War - Operation Tupac Explained - Part1

Pakistan starts another Operation. In August 1965, Operation Gibraltor was a defeat for the Pakistani Army. Pakistan didn't want another Operation but a war. 

So the Pakistani Army started a war with India. This war started in 1965 and was named the 22 days war. Indian army gave a strong and fitting reply to the Pakistani Army. The Pakistan army knew that a direct conflict with India would result in a defeat. They need to change their strategy. Thus Operation Tupac was created. 

Operation Tupac aims to conduct incursions into the Indian Territory. This Incursion consists of the Pakistani Army, Intelligence and terrorist troops. They need to infiltrate India and cause havoc in J&K. 

The Pakistani army wanted to follow the British rule “Divide and Rule”. There are still in India, Muslims who say that their nation is India. Pakistan’s aim was to brainwash these people with a weapon called Religion. Pakistan wanted People in J&K to think that India is against their religion. This was the first Step in Operation Tupac. 

How can the Pakistani army achieve its goals?

Their aim was to send the Terrorists into India. Then talk with the Youths in J&K and brainwash them with their religion. Create a fear against India, The J&K People will automatically ask for help from Pakistan. In any way possible this message must be delivered to each and every Citizen living in J&K. The training for the Brainwashed Youths should be given in Pakistan and if needed in J&K. This is Operation Tupac. 

When India Tries to initiate a Peace Talk with Pakistan. An Indian Soldier will be killed by the Pakistani Terrorists. Thus resulting in a cancellation of the Peace Talks. This is how Operation Tupac Operates. 

Ajit Doval informs that through Operation Tupac Pakistan wants to conduct an incursion into India. The terrorists will infiltrate India. Their Primary Location for these incursions will be J&K. Ajit Doval Says that J&K must be closely watched.
Recently Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah and Ajit Doval attended a meeting conducted by 13 Very Important Political Parties of J&K. 

What did they discuss?

Before Operation Tupac, There were two operations conducted by Pakistan. 

How did India overcome these Operations?

How did India win?

What was India’s reply directly and Indirectly?

Let's discuss this in the next post. 

In Operation Tupac, There are traitors from India. 

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