India Pakistan War 1971 – Freedom of Bangladesh | RAW PART11

India Pakistan War 1971 - Freedom of Bangladesh | RAW PART11:

Thiruvallur has said that the Natural Barriers are a country’s strongest defences. 

But for Bangladesh, the Indian army was the Defence. The Strategy was prepared by India’s Spy Agency RAW. 

Indira Gandhi was ready to issue orders to the Indian army. The International community was shocked to hear the readiness of the Indian army. 

How did India manage to prepare the Indian army?

RAW has said that Bangladesh should be split into 11 Sectors. 

Why 11 Sectors?

What happened after 3rd Dec 1971?

Let's discuss this in detail. 

RAW Part11. 

How did India manage to Prep for war?

They were silent the whole time. This was the question asked by the International Community. The Indian army was getting ready for a war with Pakistan. 

India Pakistan War 1971 - Freedom of Bangladesh | RAW PART11

On 25th March 1971, Rahman announced the Creation of Bangladesh on Radio. He called his people to defend their country. 26th March 1971 is the official Independence day for Bangladesh. But on 25th March Rahman was arrested by the Pakistani Army. 

The People of Bangladesh did not lose hope. The Bangladesh people started their fight with the hope that India will come to their rescue. 

On 3rd Dec 1971, Pakistan attacked India in three locations using the AirForce. Srinagar, Amritsar and J&K were attacked. Indira Gandhi ordered a Counterattack. She also ordered the Indian army on the Offensive in East Pakistan. The International community was stunned at India’s Military reply.
The West Pakistan Army was shocked as the Indian army started its attack. 

Now we must go back in time to 25th March 1971. After Pakistan’s Operation SearchLight, India has planned a Perfect Strategy. The Bangladesh Refugees who came to India were turned into Freedom Fighters. They were also called Mukti Bahini. The Mukti Bahini were freedom fighters. 

They were divided into Groups which were called Kader Bahini, Latif Mirza Bahini, Akbar Hossain Bahini, HemaYet Bahini, Quddus Molla Bahini, Afsar Bahini, Artab Bahini were created. 

We know that nearly 1 Crore people came into India as refugees. Many Tents were built for the refugees in West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura. Refugees were housed in tents and many received military training. RN Kao has ordered the training of Militia. 

India Pakistan War 1971 - Freedom of Bangladesh | RAW PART11

How Did India manage to send the Trained Fighters into East Pakistan?

This doubt was raised by P.N Banerjee and some Officers in RAW. 

How can RAW Send these fighters into Bangladesh?

RN Kao replied that they will return to their country as refugees. 

How did the Refugees reach India?

They used Swarms to get into India. The Pakistani soldiers didn't know about this route. The Trained Men were mostly farmers. They knew how to traverse the Landscape. After the training, they used boats to reach Bangladesh. RAW was the one that perfectly set this plan in motion. The Freedom fighters are now in Bangladesh. 

Now RAW needed to create an Airforce and Navy Forces for Bangladesh. RN Kao has already predicted that Pakistan will declare war. So he wanted to create the Airforce and Navy. From March to October 1971, the Air Force and Navy were created. 28th Sept 1971, The Bangladesh Airforce was created and in Nov 1971 the Navy was created. India was behind the creation of the Airforce and Navy of Bangladesh. Now the world knew that India was silently acting to prepare an army. 

India Pakistan War 1971 - Freedom of Bangladesh | RAW PART11

RN Kao has received much information through his spies. He has marked down the Strategic Locations. With this information, RN Kao divided the country into 11 Sectors. Some Sectors were near the sea and land. The Indian army should be ready to fight in any territory, and the army will be supported by Guerilla fighters. The Guerilla fighters will be led by the Indian officers. 

There were two groups. The regular Force and Irregular Force. Farmers and Fishermen were in the Guerilla army. But these troops will not be a match for the Pakistani army. So The irregular forces are asked to support the regular forces. 

The regular forces were well trained and equipped. The Irregular work was to support them. The Irregular forces were mixed with the Population. Troop movement and Information were gathered by Irregular forces. Using the information the Indian army was moving ahead in the war. 

The leaders always say that do not use the route used by many. They will look to create their own way. Indira Gandhi and RN Kao sent these Guerilla Forces into Bangladesh. They were given the advice to retreat if needed as their lives are more available to their country. They were asked to follow the rule “ Live to fight another day”. 

Many Fighters started to engage the Pakistani army. So Bangladesh has been divided into 11 Sectors. The Pakistani offensive has started. To control the Offensive RN Kao needed the Bangladesh Navy. RN Kao also had information about the ship movements of Pakistan. RN Kao called The Frog Man Army to be used against the Pakistan Navy. The Frogman is the Bangladesh Navy. Ships going to Pakistan must be destroyed by the FrogMan Army. 

The Ex-Soldiers of Bangladesh have been taken to destroy the Pakistani Navy. The FrogMan consisted of these Ex-Soldiers and they destroyed many Ships of Pakistan. Pakistan has faced many losses. Pakistan wanted to cut the supply lines of the Guerrilla Army. 

Pakistan understood that the Rebels are using the water to enter Bangladesh. The Pakistani Army started setting up Minefields. The Indian Air Force has scouted the Pakistan Army. They have passed the information on the Minefields to RAW. The IAF was handicapped as they did not have the Night Vision Capability. The IAF was inactive during the night but it was effective in Surveillance. 

After receiving the information about the Pakistani minefields, the Indian army changed its route. Pakistan thought that they could ambush the Indian army and ask for peace with the help of the USA and China. Pakistan thought that it could easily stop the Offensive of the Indian army. 

India Pakistan War 1971 - Freedom of Bangladesh | RAW PART11

When China and the USA were forcing India for a Ceasefire. Russia used its VETO power to deny Ceasefire. India’s aim was to obtain Freedom for the Bangladesh People, not a ceasefire. 

To contain the Pakistani army the Indian army needed the Indian Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant. Using INS Vikrant, India was able to contain the Pakistani army. We can discuss this operation in another post. 

Pakistan General Niazi’s Fortress concept was a complete failure for Pakistan. The Pakistan army was losing the war. America and China could not help Pakistan. 

Pakistan was wondering What can the Pakistani army do next?

The Indian army issued an attack on the Freedom fighters in Bangladesh. The Indian army Coordinated an attack against the Pakistan Army. The Indian army and freedom fighters attacked the Pakistan army. The Pakistan army was asking for help from America. America sent advanced weapons to Pakistan. Russia supplied the Indian army and some freedom fighters with its advanced weapons. But still, India needed more weapons. RAW sprung into action and asked for information about the villages and the people. The Militia was given Weapons. The Indian army and the Guerrilla army were fighting against the Pakistani army.

For India to conduct Coordinated attacks they needed Top Commanders. Their names were Brigadier Sant Singh and Brigadier Shabeg Singh. These two were the commanding officers. 

West Pakistan’s army and Trade ships were destroyed. Coordinated attacks happened in Bangladesh. The Indian army was in its Offensive mode. 

After this India started one Operation after another. In the Upcoming posts, we will discuss the Operation conducted by the Indian army. INS Vikrant was also a part of these operations. 

How many of you know these Operations?

Please comment. All the Operations will be discussed. 

What strategies did the Indian army use?

What was India’s reply to the Pakistan war?

Comments about this post are Most Welcome.

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