India Ready for War 1971 – RAW Part11

India Ready for War 1971 - RAW Part11:

How can we do things?

What will be the pros and cons?

Pick a way and leading a lot of people into success is the ultimate role of the Leader. 

Was RN Kao the Only leader?

Was Rahman the leader of the East Pakistan operation?

What happened in East Pakistan?

How did RAW help East Pakistan people?

RN Kao without the knowledge of Indira Gandhi conducted some actions.

Does the world know the truth?

The Lie says India was the main reason for the split of East Pakistan. We discussed the Truth in Part9. We will discuss a Real Hero.

Who is this Hero?

Let's discuss this in detail. 

This is Raw Part10. 

On 21st Sep 1968 RAW was created. On 30th Jan 1971, Indira Gandhi ordered RAW to carry out Operation Ganga. The date is 25th March 1971, Operation Searchlight was conducted by the Pakistani army. Remember these three dates. 

On 30th Jan 1971 Two Terrorists hijacked an Indian Passenger flight. We discussed this in the previous Posts. So after the Hijack Incident, Indira Gandhi banned Pakistani Aircraft in the Indian Air Space. The International community cannot speak against India’s actions as the terrorists have burned down the Aircraft. 

But India knows that it has trapped Pakistan. RN Kao and Indira Gandhi were not celebrating this success. RN Kao has already sent many spies to West Pakistan and Srilanka. The Indian Spies have started sending information. An Indian Spy in Pakistan sends a report to RN Kao. The report said that Pakistani Aircraft have been flying to Sri Lanka frequently. RAW had spies in Srilanka. 

An Indian spy has made a call to RN Kao. He informs that Pakistan Flights have been arriving in Sri Lanka, from which Pakistani Flights equipment has been unloaded. Something was wrong. 

These events are happening before Operation SearchLight. India knew that Pakistan was planning something. Pakistan said that they were sending People to East Pakistan. But they were loading the flights with weapons. RAW has also identified that the weapons are from America. RN Kao immediately informs Rahman in East Pakistan. Banerjee went to Bangladesh and met with Rahman which happened on 23rd March 1971. Banerjee informs Rahman that there will be a Civil Crisis in East Pakistan. 

Rahman asked how Banerjee obtained the Information. Through TECHNIT(Technical Intelligence) RAW has listened to the RAdio Communication from Pakistan. Rahman was informed that the Pakistani Army will perform Operation Searchlight. Rahman knew earlier that there would be killing, but he refused to leave the country as his people believed in him. India recommends Rahman not travel in his car. 

India Ready for War 1971 - RAW Part11

What could be the reason?

India has received intelligence that Pakistan is planning to bomb Rahman’s Car. The Terrorists in East Pakistan will plan the Murder. Pakistan wanted to blame the terrorists and use this to unite the country. Rahman cancelled his meetings for the next day. On 25th March 1971, Operation Searchlight began at 11.00. At 10.30 Rahman announces on the Radio that a New Country of Bangladesh has been born. Now he asks his people to fight for their freedom. The Population of 7 Crores understood one thing, Something is going to happen. By 10.30 Rahman’s house was surrounded by the Pakistani Army. Rahman surrenders to the army and requests to leave his people unharmed. After the arrest of Rahman, the Pakistani army went on a rampage to kill nearly 10 Lakh people. Nearly 1 Crore refugees came into India. 

India was in a difficult situation to provide Food, Shelter and also they wanted to Keep the Pakistani Army out of India. 

RAW with Indira Gandhi must come up with a plan. 

Can they ask for help from the International community?

America will say a definite No. Russia and India had friendly agreements and Russia was ready to help India. The Indian army Generals advised Indira Gandhi that it is not suitable to declare war against Pakistan. They also informed that the Indian army will face many failures. 

RN Kao listening to the Army Generals thought about RAW’s involvement. Indira Gandhi didn't want a war, so She contacted many Leaders from other countries for peace. 

The Pakistani PM Yahya Khan. China’s leader Mao Zedong and America’s President Richard Nixon attended a meeting. Their aim was to support Pakistan. They wanted to stop the Rise of Bangladesh as a new nation. So China, Pakistan and America have turned against India and Bangladesh. 

What did RAW Do?

Indira Gandhi wanted a report from the Indian army. RN Kao has called his officers for a meeting. RN Kao says that at any time there may be a ban upon RAW. He wanted to act fast. He wanted RAW to prepare a report. The Indian army has sent its report to Indira Gandhi. In East Pakistan Rahman has announced the creation of Bangladesh. But he was in jail. 

Who was ruling Bangladesh?

Bangladesh was ruled by Tajuddin Ahmad and Syed Nazrul Islam. On 30th March 1971, both of them came to India. They were Political Refugees and wanted India to help Bangladesh. These two were the persons to lead Bangladesh into Freedom. The Indian Report was shared with these two Politicians. 

What information did the report contain?

Arms and Ammunition, Equipment, Training, Commerce and Industry, Road and Railway, Climate, Weather, Morale, International Opinion and Enemy Options. India analysed all this information. So India had the full report on Pakistan and the Indian army capabilities. 

RN Kao was acting in another way. When the Pakistani army went into Bangladesh Villages, the villagers started to fight back. The People were ready for a war with the Pakistani Army. The Pakistani army started its investigation on the actions of the villagers. 

India Ready for War 1971 - RAW Part11

RN Kao knew that many refugees were in India. He started more than 25 Youth Camps. Youngsters joined the Youth Camp. The Young people received Military Training from India. They were told to fight for their freedom. The training was given to the Refugees. RN Kao’s Guerilla warfare has just started as fighters were sent back into Bangladesh. 

The Trained Fighters were sent back to Bangladesh. The Pakistani army was facing a Guerilla Army. The trained fighters gave training to the Villagers. The Bangladesh people were changed into Militia. The people started to fight back for their Freedom after listening to the words of their real Hero Rahman. 

RN Kao has created a Young Guerilla Army in Bangladesh. This information was passed to Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi called RN Kao and discussed India’s Next move. 

Can India start a war against Pakistan?

RN Kao advises Indira Gandhi to not declare war at this time. He wanted to split the war into three categories which were Total Offensive in One Side, and three sides will have Total Offensive and Defensive. The Offensive stance was for Bangladesh. If something happens in Bangladesh the Indian army will act offensively. India’s South, North and West will be Offensive and Defensive. West Consists of Punjab and Rajasthan. The North is Jammu Kashmir. So offensive & Defensive in Punjab, Rajasthan and J&K. But in East Pakistan, it is a full-on frontal assault. 

Was the Indian army ready for the war?

On 25th March 1971, Operation Searchlight was happening in Bangladesh. At the same time, The Indian Generals have submitted a report on The Indian Armed Forces. The Report included a war plan and strategies. Russia supply of weapons. This report was a complete detail of the Indian army ready for war. 

Indians knew that it would start the war in Dec1971. From March they have to strengthen the Guerrilla Army and the Indian Army. 

With the Gap from March to Dec, India improved its communication, Roads were built and Radio communications devices were given to the Guerilla fighters. India has also spied on West Pakistan and Srilanka. The Information was sent to the Indian army.

Indira Gandhi knew that the Indian army was ready for war. On 3rd Dec 1971, Pakistan Declared war against India. When India said it was ready for war, The international community watched the events silently. 

The International Community thought that India is not ready for war. RN Kao, Rahman, Indian Army Generals and Indira Gandhi were the real heroes. 

The war has started. 

How will India win the war?

What weapons will India receive from Russia?

How many Bangladesh Villagers lost their lives?

They died for their motherland. Their aim was freedom and to save their language. India has to act. Every moment and action should be perfect as many countries were ready to pounce upon India. With a huge Risk and Pressure, the Indian soldiers were ready for war. 

What happened?

We will discuss this in Part11. 

The strategies used by the leaders and the Indian army will be revealed. 

How was this part?

This series is very In-depth because this is the real history. History should be taught to the next generation. This is the reason we have been discussing this series in detail. 

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