Indian army Hardships and Next Plan Explained

Indian army Hardships and Next Plan Explained:

India was defensive but China has made us take the Offensive stand. Now China is mourning. China is responsible for Indian actions. 

When The Indian army paid its respect to its SFF soldier killed by a MIne. The Tibetans living around the world are now supporting India. The Tibetan freedom seekers and soldiers will fight along with India against China. They have declared their support for India. 

Taiwan has been saying that it will form an aggressive Coalition against China. 

In this video, we will see points or regions where the Chinese army has retreated or abandon their posts. 

What are the reasons?

Was there firing in the border?

Did 40 Chinese soldiers provoke 2 Indian Soldiers?

We will answer these questions in this video.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

NEarly 3488 Kilometres of border India shares with China. Our Soldiers are protecting us day and Night by standing watch. 

Is protecting 3488 Kilometres border as an easy task?

No, it is not an easy task. Our Salute to our Brave Indian soldiers who are protecting us. 

The soldiers who guard the roads or Mountain peaks. Indian army has re-captured 30 to 39 of these Mountain peaks. Every peak may have 2 to 10 Indian soldiers scouting for the enemy. So distributing the Food, Shelter, ammunition and weapons to these Soldiers is a very hard task. 

We know that the Indian army has mobilized nearly 10000 to 20000 Indian soldiers in the Ladakh Region. 

We need to understand the three reasons which are given by China for the Incursions. The first reason is China wants to destroy the economy of India. Our GDP has gone down -23.9 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The reason for the GDP drop in China. The Virus spread from Wuhan province. This Pandemic is the main reason behind the GDP drop of India. 

The second reason is the pressure applied upon India to take Military decisions. Whether its the army, Navy or the Airforce. We are losing money when we mobilize our army. When our GDP is down we are spending more money on the army in this pandemic. China is deliberately doing this to India. 

The third reason is China is turning Pakistan into an enemy of India for its own Selfishness. 

Pakistan Chief of Army has sent out an open warning to India stating it will win the next Hybrid war against India. He also said that it doesnt matter which country they oppose they will win the war. 

India has said that Pakistan plans to infiltrate 400 Terrorists in J&K. So when India is concentrating on dealing with China. Pakistan is planning to infiltrate 400 Terrorists from the other side. 

So these are the three reasons how CHina is acting against India.

How are we as a Country going to deal with this Crisis?

We are right now engaged in defeating the Chinese in the economy as well. Companies like Samsung are closing their doors in China. 

PUBG Corporation has made the decision to break off from Tencent games and the game will now on belong to the South Korean Company. This happened after the Indian govt banned the game because the game had links with Tencent games. PUBG Corporation has also announced that if they need a digital partner they will include an Indian company to operate in India. These are Strong Economic losses for the Chinese. 

Next comes the Border Dispute. In Ladakh alone, there are 65 Patrolling points. On 2013 the Chairman of National Security Advisory board Shyam Sharan sends a letter to the Indian govt. In the 65 Patrolling points, nearly 10 to 15 Points cannot be contested by the Indian army. The Chinese dominated the area. In order to re-capture these patrolling points, the Indian army and its infrastructure should be Improved. 

What happens after the letter?

Carelessness. When we saw the news about the 2019 Border Dispute only we knew that the Indian govt is improving the army. 

We discussed that 30 to 35 Mountain peaks are under the control of the Indian army. So to supply the Stationed army we need to take the goods via roads from J&K. In order to supply the army, we should send convoys from Srinagar(Kashmir) to Leh(Ladakh). The path is Jammu Srinagar through Zojila pass Kargil, Leh or we can use Pathankot via Manali Road, Rohtang pass to reach Leh. The time takes for the Convoy to return 10 days is needed. There may be many issues during this Convoy run. So if a Vehicle has to be repaired they must stop the whole convoy. 

So how many vehicles are needed for the army?

When the convoy should start?

Which route they have to take?

Keep in mind the Security of the convoy. So these have to be determined by the Indian army. If there is a slight mistake in the plan the enemy may take advantage of it. This information should not be leaked. So this is the army’s first step.

If there is an issue with roads. They should do it with the help of the IAF(Indian Airforce).

Indian army Hardships and Next Plan Explained

They should categorize the goods which should be delivered to the troops. So they have to calculate the amount of food and munitions given to the soldiers. 

If the Indian army has occupied a particular position. They should build tents. Building a tent in -40 Degree Celsius is very difficult. If a soldier stays in the cold for 4 hours he might freeze to death. So the soldiers have to build tents and toilets. They will have to warm themselves by building fire. He has to prepare his food. Then within the tent, he has to place the wireless communication device. These tasks are very difficult for a soldier to do it under extreme conditions. 

Whether it’s spending on Time and Money India is doing it now. 

We don’t want a war with China. These videos and posts are shared for the Indian soldiers who are suffering to protect the entire country. If we are not going to talk about our Indian soldiers now. 

When are we ever going to speak about them?

So if we post a video regarding our army. Many will come forward to speak about the army. Thus the Indian People will know the hardships of the Indian army. 

So normal people like you and me cannot live one day as a soldier. 

There are issues like Fuel, or the weapons getting rusty. The soldiers will be trained to take care of their weapons. But sometimes they would need a specialist to do the job. So there are engineers working and mechanical engineers in the army. So these are some of the issues which the Indian army faces on a daily basis. This is how they protect our country in the border. 

Among these hardships comes the news of firing warning shots in the border. After 40 years this event has happened which escalated the already tense situation. Many were asking for retaliation from the Indian army. 

If China gets an image of an Indian soldier shooting at the PLA troops. Then India’s dream of uniting the world against China will a waste. This is the time where we are supposed to Unite the world against China. India, Taiwan, Hongkong, Tibet are now trying to unite the world. India is dealing with China perfectly. 

Rajnath Singh who visited Russia then goes to Iran. Jai Shankar who was supposed to visit Russia changed his plans and went to Iran. He meets with Iran’s Defense minister. He speaks about the 25 Year deal Iran has with China. He has informed that India is ready to begin Phase two of the work for Chabahar port in Iran. He asks Iran to reduce its relations with China. 

All this has been done to reduce the domination of China. There are so many issues for China to face now. China only needs one image to tell the world that the Indian army is one provoking the Chinese army. China is unable to do it. 

But Indian media have released a photo. More than 40 Chinese Soldiers who were provoking two Indian soldiers. Please take a look at the image in the video 11.02 look at the weapons the Chinese army soldiers are holding in their hands. These weapons look like ancient weapons. But the soldiers are all hiding their guns. 

China has lied to the world that Indian soldiers have first used firearms against them. So in that image, we can clearly see their guns.

Why do they need their guns in that location?

This image must become viral in the internet. World media should have questioned China. But sadly the image has not been viral in the Internet and the World continues to stay silent. If this happened then the world could have turned against China. 

These 40 Soldiers were standing in the border, the distance to the Indian army was 100 Metres. They were provoking the Indian army. 

When this was happening the Chinese army has retreated from the Moldo Mountain heights. This height is near the Spanggur gap. The Indian army has already occupied the Spanggur gap. The Indian army’s next target might be Moldo. So the Chinese were unable to hold their positions. This news is not confirmed yet. Once its Confirmed news this will be another victory for the Indian army. 

So this is our Indian army soldiers sacrifice for us. These are the hardships they face. These are the issues they face on a daily basis. 

What are the plans or moves of the Indian army?

We have been very detailed in this topic. 

How do you feel about this topic?

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