Indian Students being ill-treated by the Ukraine army – How dare you?

Indian Students being ill-treated by the Ukraine army - How dare you?

What is happening to Indian students in Ukraine?

Many students have claimed that they were ill-treated and man-handled by the Ukrainian Security personnel. 

The Indian govt through Operation Ganga has been working to bring back the Students home. Some students who have got back home have claimed that they were mistreated by the Ukrainian Army. 

This is unacceptable. 

This bad behaviour of the Uranine army is done because India didnt support Ukraine on the International Stage. 

Is the Ukraine army treating other Foreign Nationals the same way?

For Ex: 

Is the Ukrainian army mistreating Chinese Students?

They will not because they will know the wrath of the Chinese Dragon. They will know that even thinking of Touching Chinese Students, Ukraine has to face Severe actions from China. 

When the media all over the World including Indian Based WION is reporting in on the War. They should also condemn the actions of the Ukrainian army. 

Yes. The Ukrainian people are suffering. There is a war raging on. But this is not an excuse or time to mistreat Students who have come to their country. 

What is the Indian govt doing?

Has it taken any steps for this unacceptable behaviour of the Ukraine Army?

Some Indian students say that Indian students were blocked from entering Poland by the Ukraine Army. The Students say that were left out in the Freezing Cold for nearly 72 hours. The Ukraine army has also beaten, dragged and kicked male and Female Students. 

A Student has said that the Ukraine army is beating the Indian Students with Rods. They are punched in the face.  The Ukraine Police has used Chilli and Pepper Sprays on the Indian Students. 

The World is praising Ukraine President Zelenssky for his actions. Many Indian people are supporting Ukraine and want the war to end. Although India has a close relationship with Russia. India is doing what it can on the International Stage. India has taken a neutral stance. This is our decision if you don't like it fight the Russians. 

This is a war that is conducted by America’s cunningness and Russia’s aggressiveness. 

What can India do?

Will Ukraine listen to India?
Pleading help from India and then mistreating Indian students shows the True Nature of the Ukraine army. 

Russia has invaded fight them. Ukrainians are fighting against Russia. 

Why the hell did the Ukraine Army touch our Indian Students?
What is the Purpose?

What do you achieve by committing such unwanted crimes?

No Media in India or the World is discussing this issue. Indian students are still stranded in Ukraine. 

What is happening to them?
What is the Indian govt doing to stop this ill-treatment?

As Indians, we warn Ukraine of the Consequences if you touch our Students. 

It is very sad to see that Indian Students are treated in this way In Ukraine. This will create a negative side in Indians' minds if the Ukraine army continues to do these Crimes. 

As Indians, we should raise our voices against this issue. Our students must be protected and bought back home safely. The Indian media is very busy covering the War in Ukraine. They forgot to speak about our Students.

We request the Indian PM to take appropriate steps to stop these crimes.


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