India’s Biggest Treasure Hunt – Indira Gandhi VS Gayatri Devi

India's Biggest Treasure Hunt - Indira Gandhi VS Gayatri Devi

From 1975 to 1077 Indira Gandhi announced an emergency period in India. Many Politicians and People were asking whether India needs an Emergency or not. Indira Gandhi was waiting for a map. She was waiting for a map of a Fortress. The Fortress is in Jaipur, Rajasthan.  The Fortress name is Jaigarh Fort. The Fort was built in the 15th and 18 Centuries. This Fort was built to protect the Fort or Palace called Amer. 

Why is Indira Gandhi waiting for a Fort map?

The Army officials were called. It was an important meeting. 

What happened in the meeting?

Did any treasure hunt was carried out in India?

Was Indira Gandhi cursed for this treasure hunt?

What does the story say?

This is an Unsolved Mystery. 

Every state in India is Unique and has a great history. Rajasthan is a desert state. But Rajasthan has seen a lot of wars. The Mughal Empire and the Empires that came after them built many strategic Forts in Rajasthan. The State has many forts and it has a big history. 

One among them is the Jaigarh Fort. This fort was built to protect the Amer Fort. The Jaigarh Fort is 3 Kilometres long. This fort is built above Sea Level. 

In ancient times they used to make a lot of Cannons in Rajasthan. This fort acted as a manufacturing plant to build cannons. 

How did the fort manage to produce the Cannons?

The Sands from the region had a huge content of Iron. The Iron was used to build the cannons. Within One Night they had manufactured a cannon. After producing the cannons they have been sold to many regions in India. In History, no enemy dared to capture the fort.  The Fort had high numbers of cannons as a defence. The Jaigarh fort is said to be the strongest fort in Rajasthan. 

In Jaipur from 1310-11 Battle of Jalore happened. In this battle, Alauddin Khilji defeated Kanhad Deo. From 1562- 1583 Akbar invaded the region. Next comes Aurangzeb from 1679-1707. Many battles have been fought near the Fort. The Battle Commanders knew that the regions were easy to defend. They wanted to build a fort to protect their valuables. Thus Jaigarh Fort was built. The Underground tunnels were built to connect the Jaigarh and Amer Forts. Only a few knew about these tunnels. A Water tank was also built. This water tank was huge which can hold 2 ¼ Crore Litres of water. This Water Tank which dates back to the 15th Century was built to store rainwater. 

Why was this massive Water tank built?

Many say that there are treasures buried beneath the Water Tank. This history became a spotlight in 1977. The reasons were Rajamatha Gayatri Devi and Indira Gandhi. 

India's Biggest Treasure Hunt - Indira Gandhi VS Gayatri Devi

Who was this gayatri Devi?

Gayatri Devi was born as a princess. Gayatri Devi fell in love and married Maharaja Sawai man Singh. She was the third Maharani Consort of Jaipur. She was called the World's Most beautiful Maharani. Gayatri Devi's true beauty lies in her heart. She wanted her wealth to be given to the Poor People. She was very interested in politics because she wanted to help the poor people. She became a candidate in three elections. She stood against the Congress party and won three times. She had won the Elections with a majority that has not been seen in India. 

Gayathri Devi didn't have any enemies. But Indira Gandhi considered Gayathri Devi as an Enemy. 

For Indira Gandhi to shut down Gayatri Devi, she needed to freeze Gayatri’s assets. Indira Gandhi receives information that Treasures were buried beneath the Jaigarh Fort. If Gayatri Devi was present it would be impossible to search the fort. 

In 1975 Indira Gandhi announced an Emergency. This is the perfect time for Indira Gandhi to act against Gayatri Devi. Indira Gandhi ordered a Tax evasive search on the Moti Doongri Palace. They found that taxes were not paid for some money and Jewels. Gayatri Devi was arrested for False Violating tax. She was arrested and put in Tihar Jail for 5 months. She was in a cell where local Pickpockets and Murderers were held. 

Gayatri Devi was arrested and put in Jail. Indira Gandhi's next move was to search Jaigarh Fort.  Indira Gandhi needed maps and history about the Fort. A Full blueprint of the Fort was presented. Indira Gandhi sent the map to the Indian army. 

The search was organized by the Income Tax Officers and the Indian Army. During the Search, the Highways were blocked. Many Army trucks travelled through these highways. It is said that more than 200 vehicles travelled to the fort. This search extended for three months. One Month for preparation, and five months of search. The Search ended in Five Months. For two days the highway was closed. 

Military Helicopters landed in Jaipur carrying top Indian army Officials. There was information that the wealth was huge and they needed the army. This news spread like Wildfire. After the arrest of Gayatri Devi, many countries pressured Indira Gandhi to release her. 

Now information has come out that the Indian army is taking out the treasure which was beneath the fort. There was a letter from Pakistan’s PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He says that the treasure discovered in the fort also belongs to Pakistan. This letter said that Pakistan is entitled to half of the treasure. 

Just Imagine the value of that treasure. Indira Gandhi replied that India did not find any treasure. The World was stunned.

Did the Indian army find the treasure or not?

What did the Indian army retrieve from the Huge Water tank?

Many of the Underground tunnels were re-built and many were shut down. After five months of searching the fort. 

Did the Indian army leave empty-handed?

Indira Gandhi said that there was no treasure. So behind this incident, many theories were told. 

Who buried the treasure?

Akbar’s Rajput ally was Man Singh I. Man Singh invaded Afghanistan under the orders of Akbar. He wins the war and brings back many treasures. He didn't take the treasure to Akbar instead he brought and buried the treasure in Jaigarh Fort. 

India's Biggest Treasure Hunt - Indira Gandhi VS Gayatri Devi

A Location that held the Loot and the treasures of the many kings. This treasure was unearthed by the Indian army. Using Army helicopters, The treasure was taken from Jaipur to Delhi. Then it has been taken to many countries. This is one theory. 

Is there any proof for this theory?

There is no proof. There is no information that is found anywhere. 

After her release, Gayatri Devi didn't give any information about this treasure. If she says that there was a treasure that will become a crime. 

There is another theory that says that the Royal Family has buried the Treasure that nobody can easily find. Even with the blueprints, they cannot find the treasure. Many believe that there are secret rooms that hold the treasure until this day. 

There is another theory that says that the retrieved Gold might be between 300 to 400 Kilos. 

Till now this is an unsolved Mystery. 

Rajamatha Gayatri Devi’s life is another Mystery. She was beautiful. She has started a school to educate the Poor. 

What is her history?

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