India’s DSA(Defence Space Agency) Hunters for New Technology

India's DSA(Defence Space Agency) Hunters for New Technology:

There was a time when Starlink was available only to the US and Canada. Starlink has come to India. The pre-booking is going on now. 

When Starlink comes to India, they say that Indian Govt Offices will not use the Internet but it will be called Quantum Internet. 

What is this Quantum Internet?

We discussed in Previous videos about Darpa’s Advanced Weapons Projects. 

What is India’s position in this Technology?

Is India already in the Tech Race?


Are other countries afraid of Rapid Advancement in Technology by India?

The questions will be answered in this video. 

Elon musk has already got permission to launch 42000 Satellites for Project Starlink. Elon Musk has entered the market, saying that the Devices for Starlink are ready and they are testing it now. This testing Mode will be Pre Booked in India. 

India's DSA(Defence Space Agency) Hunters for New Technology

The Price is 99USD. The Ultrafast Internet Starlink has started its Pre-booking. We still don't know when the technology will be fully available to the Indian Public. People who pre-book will receive the Starlink Kit. 

The Projects Starlink and Darpa’s Project Bluejack, these Projects are for the people who want an Ultra Speed Internet. Everyone wants everything immediately and it has to be fast. 

When the world is fastly moving, the World needs Ultra Speed Internet. Whether it's Artificial Intelligence or advanced Technologies, it needs an Ultra Speed Internet. 

Are Project Starlink and Bluejack developed only for Ultra Speed Internet?

There is also a Mysterious Side to these Projects.

The World Knows that AI will be the future. Many countries are trying to implement Artificial Intelligence into their Military. Through R&D all technologies using AI will be implemented into the Military. 

There is Confusion here. 

How will they implement all technologies with AI?

For Ex: Take Radio Frequency. There are many Frequencies. If you use a radio, you will change the Frequency to listen to a Radio Channel. So using a particular Frequency the Radio Channels are functioning. 

Similar to this, The Countries of the world use different frequencies for their Military. 

In 2019, America held a Contest. The contest name was Blind Signal Classification Challenge. SO through this contest, the Contestants will classify the Blind Signals and categorize them. 

Normal people use the frequency to listen to the radio. But in the Military, there will be heavy equipment and missiles. For each and every Weapons and Missile they might have different Frequencies. 

If A country invades another country. The enemy will try to collect the Military Frequencies. They will then categorize them as Frequency used for tanks, Missiles and Satellite Communication. The enemy will easily invade and defeat the other country if it has this data. This was the purpose behind the Blind Signal Classification Challenge. 

Nearly 46 Big Corporates radio Frequencies were given as Testing data to Contesters. This data had many thousands of GBs. The other companies must detect and classify the given data. They processed the signals and did find out the Signals Distances and Directions. To do this Darpa expected the use of AI. 

Darpa’s Expectations were achieved when AeroSpace Corporation. America’s Defence Department awarded  $100,000 to Aerospace Corporation. This team will be hired by the American Defence Dept or Darpa. This team will develop the technology needed by Darpa. 

There was another contest that was held in May 2020. Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic, the World has continued to advance in technology. 

So in May 2020, they ran a program called Hack A-Sat. This program was conducted virtually. The Challenge was to hack a Satellite. This challenge was conducted by Darpa and the Pentagon. 

India's DSA(Defence Space Agency) Hunters for New Technology

If a country can hack enemy Satellites Communications. Easily they can beat the enemy. 

Imagine a single Night without a Satellite. GPS, Streaming Services, and Mobile Phones will not work. There is a huge chance the Power Grid results in Failure. So a Country will face many issues if there is no Satellite Connection. 

This is the reason Indian has developed the Anti-Satellite System through Mission Shakthi. India can destroy a satellite using a weapon. The World was stunned to hear India’s announcement. The reason is that only three countries in the world have done a test run in Technology. The three countries are China, America and Russia. India is the fourth country to successfully test this technology. 

China, America and Russia are currently developing Laser weapons. India is also currently developing Laser Weapon Technology.

India's DSA(Defence Space Agency) Hunters for New Technology  

The three countries are advancing in Direct Weapon technology.  India will start the development of Direct Energy Weapons. 

India’s Techrace with other countries has started. 

But due to the lack of information made available to the younger generation. The younger generation finds it difficult to walk the path which will lead them to Future Technology.  

This was the reason the Darpa series was started. We are discussing Laser technology. The next topics will contain Quantum Computing and Quantum Internet. 

Coming back to the Hack A-Sat Challenge. The contestants successfully hack a satellite. They said that they did it through Ethical hacking. 

When the other countries are trying to improve their technology.

What was India doing in advancements in technology?

The answer to this question will be available by March 2021. A Tri-Service agency was started in India called DSA( Defence Space Agency) of the Indian Armed Forces. Just like Darpa and ARIA, India’s DSA work will be Space-Warfare and Satellite Intelligence. DSA will develop Technology, Weapons and AI to defend India. 

DSA has been conducting many test runs. In Jan 2021, calls forth some Corporates. DSA tasks them to find out information about the enemy satellites and their activities. After the Detection process is completed, they will identify the satellite. After Identifying they will track the satellites.  So the process involves Detection, Identification and Tracking. 

DSA will also conduct an investigation that will identify the threats to India. To successfully accomplish their tasks they will need the help of the AI. DSA through COP(Common Operating Picture) will collect Surveillance data and transform the data into a Simple Operation Picture for the Indian army. 

India's DSA(Defence Space Agency) Hunters for New Technology

In Many Hollywood Movies, you would see this technology. Many Countries could have launched Satellites into space. DSA through COP will identify the Radio Frequencies and Direct Energy Weapons data. The COP with the data available will send a clear picture to the Indian Armed Forces which are moving against us. 

This process is difficult. In order to complete this full operation, India needs many advanced technologies. India has started to select the companies which will develop these technologies. After the Selection process is done, India will know how to process the signals in Space. We will use this technology to protect and go on the offensive against the enemy if needed. Within two years, the Indian people will be talking about this technology. 

Please search for India’s DSA Projects. Similar to Darpa, DRDO is important to India. Many countries are taking steps to build a Space Army. If India has to compete with the leading Countries in this technology. DSA’s Projects are very important to India. 

We discussed the Darpa and Pentagon Contests and recruitment. 

In the next part, we will discuss the Helios and SHIELD. 

Drones carrying Lasers. India’s Kali Laser technology and Direct Energy Weapons. 

How will India Proceed?

What are the projects done by other countries?

Let's discuss this in the next video. 

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