India’s Farm Bill 2021 & Farmers Protests – Explained

India's Farm Bill 2021 & Farmers Protests - Explained:

The Whole World watched closely a protest called Jallikattu Protest. After this protest, India is keenly watching the Protest which is happening now. If this protest continues then the world will start to see the protest. 

India’s Farmers Protest. 

Many Media categorize it as Punjab Farmers Protest.

How true is this statement?

Why are the farmers numbering in lakhs Protesting?

What is the reason for the govt to deny the request from the farmers?

We will answer these questions in this video. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Farm Bill 2021 Part2. 

In the farm Bill 2021, there have been three changes which may be made Law. 

The first one is FPTC( Farmer Produced Trade & Commerce). The Second Law is Farmer’s agreement of Prices Assurance and Farm Services Bill( FAPAF). The third is the Essential Commodities Bill(EC). 

What does FPTC say?

It tells how farmers have to trade their goods. Steps for farmers can sell their profits.

 Do they need Middle Men or not?

FPTC determines all aspects related to the Farmers trade. The Second Bill FAPAF talks about Contract Farming. Giving Advance money to farmers and asking them to work for the payer. The buyer can also buy the goods produced by the farmer in this contract Farming. The third one Essential Commodity. The first in EC is there will be no Middlemen so the farmers can sell wherever they want. This is the information from the govt.

But the farmers say that they are already selling their goods without any Middlemen. 

Do they need a change in the bill to do so?

They don’t want to be a law. This is the first request from the farmers to the govt. 

Before we discuss more, let’s discuss the Current Protest which is happening.

How many farmers are involved in the protest?

How is the protest going on?

Many media have not started to speak about this protest. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, the only sector which grew was the Agricultural Sector. In the last Quarterly, it has grown at 3.4%. Total of India’s Growth is -7%. But the agricultural sector has grown, so this tells us that India’s future growth is definitely based on the Agricultural Sector. 

India's Farm Bill 2021 & Farmers Protests - Explained

Some People say that the Farmers protesting are doing this for politically. People who say that this protest in done by Punjab Farmers are the other states farmers have no connection to this protest. For all these people our answer is simple. 

The Farmers who give food to all of us are now protesting in the roads against the Indian govt. The Police are barricading the roads. But the farmers are still there protesting. Some say that the Punjab Farmers are large in numbers. 

Delhi is surrounded by the farmers. The Protestors numbers are going up. The protestors numbers are in Lakhs in numbers. This protest has become a big one which now has reached Five days. 

Delhi’s Prime Minister urged Amit Shah to meet with the farmers. Amit Shah says that he will meet the farmers on 3rd Dec 2020. He also says that he will choose the place for the farmers to protest. 

Farmers replied that the Place for Protested is considered to be an Open Jail and there is no impact caused by the protests in that place. So the farmers say that their voice should be heard across India. 

What are the places the farmers have chosen?

Delhi is surrounded by States. The Entries from other states into Delhi has been picked by the farmers are their Protesting Areas. The farmers say that they will shut down these Entries into Delhi. This is their Protest strategy. 

Amit Shah also said that Coronavirus will spread Rapidly among the Farmers if they continue the protests. 

When Elections happened in Hyderabad. Amit Shah visits Hyderabad people gathered in huge numbers. BJP even accepted this statement. 

India's Farm Bill 2021 & Farmers Protests - Explained

Don’t you think the Coronavirus will spread among the crowd?

When it comes to elections or Chariot Pilgrimage there is huge crowd gathering in one place. This is the statement from people who oppose the govt. 

Why are the farmers protesting amidst the Pandemic?

Punjab and Haryana farmers are large in numbers in this protest. This is the undeniable truth. But we should not forget that every farmer from India is also a part of this protest. 

Amit Shah released a letter that the govt is getting ready to speak with the farmers. But in the letter, it was clearly stated that farmers are Punjab Farmers. They are saying it is a Punjab Farmers Protest. 

If This Farm Bill becomes Law, it will affect all farmers in India. So there are many issues for the farmers and they have also placed many questions. 

A Farm Bill should answer these questions. If the govt clearly answers the Farmers questions there will be no Protest. 

The Indian People have a Prime Minister who comes and straightly informs the People that India has Mission Shakthi and India can destroy any satellite in space. He has on many occasions spoken to the Indian people through TV. 

Why is the PM not speaking to the farmers through TV?

The first and Most Important requests from the farmers are

Why The Indian govt has to take action in MSP?

MSP is called minimum support Price. There are 22 MSP Crops. In these 22 only 2 are undertaken by the govt and guides these two crops. 

So the Indian govt will determine a minimum price for these 22 Products. This Determines the Price happens two times yearly. So the buyers cannot lower the price the govt has decided. This is called Minimum Support Price. 

India's Farm Bill 2021 & Farmers Protests - Explained

Now there is a law called APMC(Agricultural Produced Marketing act). Thorough the APMC Act, the MSP Price are determined. 

In the market, there will be 3rd part buyers. They may be called Brokers as well. They will buy the goods from the farmers, and they will sell the products to many people. The Auction should be very transparent. APMC becomes a Monopoly and it helps the MiddleMen or Brokers gain more Profits than the farmers. There is an issue which can be resolved. 

Through APMC the products produced in the area should be sold in the area. But now this Farm Bill says that they can sell their products wherever in India. 

The farmers who are protesting have also requested another thing, in 1977, The Punjab Farmers protested against the Zonal Restriction. This became a huge issue. For 40 days the protest became into a Riot. More than 1540 Farmers were arrested and sent to jail for 40 days. The case came to Court and the judge gave a verdict, He said that the Zonal Restrictions will not be allowed, a farmer is able to sell his products anywhere in India. 

So this law has been passed in 1977.

Why do we need another law in 2021?

Is the govt going to shut down the APMC Law?

Will the farmers be able to have MSP Price? 

These are the questions by the farmers. Modi and Amit Shah have said in one or two locations that they will not shutdown APMC law and MSP price. But the farmer’s protest is spreading like WildFire. Modi can make an appearance in TV and this issue can be resolved easily. 

The opposing party will not ask any questions. The Unions will not have to protest. If the govt takes more time the whole of India will start to protest against this bill. 

Why is Punjab and Haryana Farmers large in numbers in this protest?

Punjab and Haryana are the states which produce Rice and Wheat. 23 Of the Products must be given MSP Price.  The Indian govt has reduced this number into two products which are Rice and Wheat. So these two states farmers think that the MSP prices will be affected and they protest against the govt. This is the cause of the Protest and the Undeniable truth. 

The other 21 products such as Cotton or Edible Oil, if these farmers start their Protest. India will face a huge crisis. So many products must be given MSP. The Corporate sector will come into the agricultural sector. The farmers also say that the Corporate Sector will take over the farmer’s Sector. This is caused by the EC(Essential Commodities).

The govt can anytime change the price of these Products. Potatoes and Onions were removed from EC three months ago. 

Now keep a close eye on the price of the Large Onion. In every family we use Onions. Last week the price of the Onions were rs70 or 80. A month ago it was rs110. Onion is an essential product, but the govt has removed Onions from the EC list. A person can directly purchase from farmers using his pan card. So that person can buy these products which are not in the EC list and stock them in their godown. EC stops these people from stocking these products. When two products are removed then these people will stock these two products which greatly affects the normal people. 

When it affects the Normal people, huge products will be earned by the Corporates. These Corporates or Buyers will artificially create a necessity and will increase the prices of these two products. Due to this the farmers and the buyers will be affected. SO Corporate has free reign over the prices which has been given way by the Indian govt. This is the main reason behind the farmers protest against The Farm Bill 2021. 

But the Indian govt has said that it doesnt have any more godown to stock the products.

How is this acceptable?

Our Country is dependent on farming. If the govt which rules our country doesnt know it. There is no use in leading the country. The govt also knows that it cannot stock the products for long time. 

What did the Ruling or Opposing parties have been doing all these years?

An Indian govt which cannot protect its resources. 

How can we accept the statement that Agriculture is the backbone of India’s Economy?

If the Indian govt finds a way. There will be no need for Corporate. The Indian govt and the State Govt can easily stock these products. The farmers protest in rightful and true. They are the ones who work hard to produce these products. They are asking for the price from their hard work. 

The Corporate agenda is we Will Determine the PRice. 

But can a farmer determine his own price for his products?

They cannot determine the price, this is the situation. So the govt has to answer the questions of the farmers. This protest should be done throughout India. Tamilnadu farmers have started their Protests joining the Punjab and Haryana Farmers. 

If the Indian govt accepts the requests and answers the questions of the farmers. This Farm Bill 2021 will become useful to the farmers. 

Which organization is leading the Protests?

All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee(AIKSCC). Under this Committee comes more than 300 farmer’s union. AIKSCC is leading the protests. On 2018 the AIKSCC two bills were given to the parliament. The First bill was all debts for farmers in India should be cancelled. The Second Request was to increase MSP prices. This was said by an MP but he was not a minister, so they declined these two bills. 

If they pass the first law, In Maharastra alone, more than 2000 Crore Rs were lent to Farmers. In every state, this is happening. The Money which is for the farmers has been given to Corporate and Persons who are not farmers. If a person who is not a farmer has got a Farmer loan to identify him and Punish him. When this happens the money will automatically reach the farmers. 

This has to be done by the Indian govt and the State Govts. If they do this the farmer’s lives and their poverty will be gone. 

But if any politician says that he is with the farmers for votes. The farmers are not ready to accept this false statement. 

Our Request is the WHole of India should join hands and support this protest of the farmers. We don’t need to fully cancel the Farm Bill 2021 but make the changes and accept the requests by the farmers. 

Politicians can try to meet these farmers directly and explain the situation. They must come Directly and inform the farmers. This protest will end if the Indian govt and Politicians do this. 

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