India’s Heavy beatings to China – The Dragon is injured

India's Heavy beatings to China - The Dragon is injured:

Sad Day for China we would say. China is now on the Indian border. You Would have seen this news. China is gathering its Airforce in the India China Border. 

What did India do to return?

We had discussions with South Korea. India also will conduct a Joint Military Exercise with France. 

Why is India doing this?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

This video can be divided into three Sections. 

The first is India’s Future agreements with France. The friendship which India and South Korea have now is big. How big will it grow?

China is still provoking India. Will Hostility increase between India and China?

Let’s discuss South Korea First. 

India’s Army General has visited four countries and this is his Fifth visit to South Korea. He went to Myanmar, Nepal, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. 

There are three to five reasons for our Army General to visit South Korea. 

The First reason is the Czech Republic. Czech’s BIS( Security Information Council). The BIS released an annual report. Pakistan and North Korea are exchanging Nuclear Knowledge, Rare products within themselves say the Czech Intel. 

India’s enemy is Pakistan. Pakistan is being helped by North Korea. North Korea’s enemy is SOuth Korea. So Now India and South Korea have very Friendly relations. Due to this report, friendly relations have increased. 

Germany also released a report stating that Pakistan and North Korea have become allies. These two countries are helped by China. China dominates the two countries. 

India’s friendly relations with South Korea have other reasons apart from North Korea. India and South Korea have one in common, a Single Country divided into two or three Countries. Pakistan was once India, Similarly, South Korea and North Korea were under one name Korea. 

The next similarity is India and South Korea are Democratic Countries. But in Pakistan and North Korea, the Military rules the people.
The Opposing parties of Pakistan are blaming Imran Khan govt as a Military Controlled Govt. 

The Next similarity is India and South Korea are known to be Nuclear Countries. South Korea has announced that it has the technology to build a Nuclear Weapon. 

In 1991, America announced that they have retrieved the Nuclear Weapons in South Korea. America said there is no chance that South Korea has Nuclear Weapons. But South Korea has announced that it knows Nuclear Technology. 

India's Heavy beatings to China - The Dragon is injured

North Korea has been accused many times of Developing a Nuclear Weapon whereas Pakistan is a Nuclear Country. 

These are the three reasons behind India and South Korea’s friendly relations. 

India from 2008 to 2016 was giving training to North Korean Armed Forces Officers. But India stopped training North Korean Armed Forces. India turns its eyes on South Korea. India signs a Mutual Logistics agreement with South Korea. 

India has only two Mutual Logistics agreements with Countries in the world. One is America and the other is France. The third agreement is with South Korea. So South Korea has become any ally to India. South Korea’s Corporates come to India. They started to sign agreements with India’s L&T. Through this agreement India received many products. A New Technology was shared with India in the Made In India Plan. Now India is in discussions with South Korea. So South Korea has become a trusted Ally. 

If South Korea wants to engage in war. They can attack North Korea and China. When it comes to South Korean Products or Technology they are more advanced than China. This advanced South Korea has become an ally to India. 

On Many Occasions, our Defense Ministers have visited South Korea. In 2010 AK Antony visited South Korea. In 2015 Manohar Parrikar. Arun Jaitley in 2017 and now Rajnath Singh in 2019. Thus the friendship between India and South Korea grew. Through South Korea, India can try to control the domination of China. 

America’s Army Soldiers nearly 28000 are stationed in South Korea. China cannot easily attack South Korea. This is an added Advantage to India. 

Now the Second Section of the video belongs to France. India has been conducting Joint Military exercises with France. These Exercises are called Garuda, Garuda 1,2. 

India's Heavy beatings to China - The Dragon is injured

India will not continue the Garuda Exercises but has started a new Project called Skyros. 

What types of Aircraft will be used in the training?

This is Purely a war game for Rafale. In August 2020 rafale Jet Fighters were included into the Indian Air Force. Many countries are terrified of these Rafale Jet fighters. 

If India conducts a Wargame using the Rafale Jetfighters in Ladakh Region. 

What will be the result?

India is going to conduct a wargame. This is a very important agreement India made with France. France has become the Most Trusted Ally for India. France has announced that it will send troops to support India if there is a war. 

Israel has said that it will give the latest Military Technology to India. No Country should stand against India. The Support of France and Israel is another added Advantage. 

Now the Third and Final Section of the Video,

Why is China involved in provoking India?

China has to keep provoking India until 2021. China is going to host a very important conference in 2021. This Conference main topic is the growth rate of China within 2030. When Xi Jinping Speaks in the conference. If China leaves the Indian Border now, Xi Jinping will have to answer for the retreat of the Chinese army. This will create a Negative Black Mark for the President of China. 

The Second reason is Pakistan is in crisis now. The Crisis is people are against the Pakistan govt and supporting Balochistan. The Opposing parties have allied to bring down Imran Khan govt. If Imran Khan has to resign, or if News about China’s Domination over Pakistan is decreasing. If any of the news gets out this will affect China greatly. 

Nepal communist ruling party has been overthrown. China first sends three Delegates to Nepal. Then it sent 5 very important Delegates to Nepal. The Nepal Politicians have announced China to stop sending delegates and dominate the Nepal govt. Nepal doesnt want China involved in its Politics. 

India's Heavy beatings to China - The Dragon is injured

Immediately China’s Global times announced that we send the delegates to overlook Internal Politics, but it sends the delegates to know the Severity of the Coronavirus in Nepal. China said it sends the delegates for Epidemic control. China got kicked out by the Politicians of Nepal. If the Chinese Community still stay in Nepal, The people of Nepal will start saying “Get out China”.

Next is America. In 20th Jan 2021, The Presidency of America will be changed. So until Jan20th China has to station its troops near India’s Border. If China leaves the Indian border or Provokes India again. America’s actions against China will become Severe. So China doesnt want this border dispute to be over, at the same time they will not move on to the next stage. This will be the status of China from the coming two or three months. 

China has changed its Army Officer. China said due to some Chinese army Officers there was the Border Dispute with India. They also said that they have changed those Army Officers. But still, they haven't appointed New Officers. 

Now the 9th Stage of Discussions between the Indian army and Chinese army must take place. Then these discussions should be made a record. China has to write down the time and Place of De-Escalation says the Agreement. 

To Conduct the 9th Stage of Discussions. There must be Chinese Officers Present in the meetings. This is the reason China hasn’t appointed any New Army Officers. China wants to delay the 9th Stage of Discussions of the Border Dispute. 

India's Heavy beatings to China - The Dragon is injured

China’s aim is very straight, They cannot engage India in a war. They cannot Retreat from the Indian Borders. They will keep threatening India but will never ever declare war. The International Community is closely watching. 

But India on the other hand is not concentrating On the Border Dispute. Whereas India is hitting the dragon where it really hurts. India completed a two-day naval Passage called PASSEX. This was held in the South China Sea. India had a new agreement with Japan. Germany said that it will come to the Indian Ocean to Control China. India is going to conduct a Rafale Wargame with France. India has completed the Malabar Exercise with the Quad Countries. 

China only can station their troops in the border. This is the error committed by China. Now China has no way to retreat the troops. Wherever there is a chance to hit China, India is doing it perfectly. 

If this becomes a war there will be losses. 

Will this border dispute lead to full-scale war?

China has no courage to fight against India. China doesn't have any allied countries which will help them in this war. 

In This Critical Situation,

What will be China’s Next Move?

You may ask us a question. 

If India has this power and Powerful allies. 

Why is India not being aggressive and take the war to the enemy?

If India starts a War, this might backfire. India can stand strong against China. But cannot take an aggressive stance. These Reasons are acceptable by the Indian People. 

Please Search,

Where our Army General is going to visit next?

What kind of discussions are they involved?

You will find many answers. 

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