India’s Horrific Murderous Duo – Shabnam Case Full details

India's Horrific Murderous Duo - Shabnam Case Full details:

For 150 Years the Indian people were unaware of a Closed single built Room. This unknown room has been re-opened recently. 

15th April 2008, time was 2.48 Am. A Loud Scream was heard from a house. People who were neighbours rushed to the house. In the house, 7 people were found Murdered. 

What is the connection between the 7 Murders and the Secret Room which was closed for 150Years?

This horrific incident was the first time it has happened in Independent India. 

Let's discuss this in detail. Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

The year was 2008 and everybody was sleeping. The time was 2.48 AM. The Loud noise heard by the people was a female’s voice. 

This incident happened in the Amroha Village, Uttar Pradesh. When the neighbours heard the Scream. The Neighbour named Lateef Ullah Khan rushes to the house. He knocks on the door and no one answers the door. He understands that the house was locked from the Inside. Another Neighbour Called Hashmat Hussain has also reached the house. Lateef and Hussain break open the doors of the house. When they entered the house, they witnessed a Horrific and Brutal Crime Scene. 

In One Room two people were murdered. In the other room, another three people were murdered. Two People were found murdered in a third room. Seven people were murdered in the house. The Murdered victims were a family residing in the house. Among the dead Bodies, A Woman was found unconscious hugging her dead father. Her name was Shabnam. Shabnam has survived the Murderous Ordeal. People started to ask questions to Shabnam about the Murders. 

Shabnam tells that she doesn't know how the murders happened as she was sleeping upstairs in the house. When she came downstairs she found her family murdered. She also said that she heard a loud noise, and somebody jumped down from the roof. She continued that the person who jumped into the house through the roof killed her family. Information started to spread like wildfire in the village. The Hasan Pur Police arrive at the Crime Scene at 3.05 AM. The Police start the Crime Scene Processing protocol. Shabnam receives First Aid. 

India's Horrific Murderous Duo - Shabnam Case Full details

News about this horrific family murder spreads rapidly in Uttar Pradesh. 

What was the reason the news spread like Wildfire?

The reason was the horrific and Brutal act that was committed and the method used to conduct such a Crime. Among the Seven family members murdered there was a 10-Month-Old Child. The other victim was a 15-year-old female. The victims were father and mother and two sons and a Daughter-in-law of the son. Shabnam’s Father, Mother, Two Brothers, Sister-in-law, Sister-in-law’s Sister and her ten-Year-Old Nephew. 

So the Police started their investigation based on Shabnam and the Two neighbours. The time was 4.00 AM. Everybody has been called to the Police Station. The Police double Seal the bodies of the family. 

What is the double Seal?

Each and Every victim was in various positions in various rooms. To Closely monitor the Positions one seal was placed. The Whole Crime Scene has been shut by another Seal. The bodies were taken to the Mortuary with Double Seals. The victim's necks were slashed open. The Six Victims necks were slashed and opened. The Child was killed by suffocation. The post mortem of the Victims started. 

The Post Mortem was conducted by Two Doctors. Their names are Dr Deewan Ram and Dr RP Sharma. After the Post Mortem, a Report was given to the Police. 

When the Police read the Report they were shocked. The crime was horrific and Brutal. Before they were murdered the family had sustained injuries. Doctors identify Swelling in the Stomachs of the Victims. The question was raised regarding Swelling. The family would have used Drugs or Tablets. It may be a drug or Sleeping pills. This was clearly mentioned in the Post Mortem Report.

With the Post Mortem Report as a Clue, the Police start their search in the Surroundings of the house. The Police find a sheet of used Sleeping Pills. Ten of the Sleeping Pills were used. 

The next clue for the Police was the Blood found in the bed, Bed Sheets and small ropes. The Police dogs were brought to the Crime Scene. The Police dogs take the place to a location where they found a Shirt in blood. This Bloodstained Shirt was found near a lake. The Police began searching for murder weapons in the lake. They find an axe. 

India's Horrific Murderous Duo - Shabnam Case Full details

In the Post Mortem report, a Sharp Object was used to cut open the Front Necks of the Victims. So the Police identified this Axe as the Murder Weapon. The Shirt was used by the Murderer. 

Who is this Murderer?

The Police were confused as their investigation continued. 

Shabnam A Teacher who holds two MA Degrees in Geography and English. Her family was a wealthy family. Her father was a teacher and he had helped a lot of people. Her family was well known in the village. Shabnam’s Family has many assets. 

The Motive for these murders could be the wealth of the family. The Investigation turns towards Shabnam. 

The Police asked a question, 

Why did Shabnam decide to sleep Upstairs?

Shabnam replied due to the Humidity she went to sleep upstairs. When she was sleeping upstairs, Rain fell and she decided to come Downstairs. When she came down she saw that her entire family was murdered and she screamed. 

The Police Officials did not believe in Shabnam’s Statement. The Investigation now is directly aimed towards Shabnam. The Police said that Shabnam was the one who killed her entire family. They also asked for the Motive behind the murders. 

Shabnam says that she didn't murder her family. But she said that a Man called Saleem entered her house and killed her family. This happened on the Second Day of the Police Investigation.

The Police immediately arrest Saleem. Saleem is an uneducated Person and has no job. 

The Police asked Saleem a question,

Why did Saleem go to Shabnam’s house?

Saleem says that it was Shabnam who called him to the house. He also accepts that Shabnam and himself were the Murderers. 

The Love story of Shabnam and Saleem starts here. Both of them lived in the same village. Shabnam was a teacher and Saleem was an uneducated man with no Job. They fall in Love. 

To the family they were friends. Family ties made their relationship as Brother and Sister. So due to the nature of the Relationship. Shabnam’s family was against their Love. 

Shabnam decided that there was no way but to kill her family and marry Saleem. Shabnam and Saleem chose the date for their Horrific murders. The date was 18th April 2008. 

Ten Sleeping pills were purchased. Their Plan was Shabnam has to put the tablets in Milk and give them to the entire family. When their plan was in place. Shabnam’s brother was married. His wife’s sister has visited the family. 

India's Horrific Murderous Duo - Shabnam Case Full details

Shabnam immediately informs Saleem and thinks of Cancelling the plan. But Saleem wanted to go ahead with the Plan. 

So the family was given Tea which contained the Sleeping Pills. The Whole family was sedated. Shabnam’s mother was waiting for her Daughter. But she falls asleep due to the Sedation. Shabnam confirms that her family was sedated and is sleeping. After the Confirmation Saleem enters the house. 

Shabnam held each and every family member’s heads upwards, So Saleem could cut the necks of her family. The Ten-year-old Child of her brother was not sedated and the child was suffocated to death. 

Shabnam after killing her entire family tells Saleem to leave the house. She instructs Saleem to dispose of his shirt and the Murder Weapon in the Lake. For hours Shabnam was alone with her dead family in the house. 

When she felt the time was right, She screamed. After the Confession from Saleem, Shabnam was arrested. When she was arrested, Shabnam was 7 months pregnant. Her Child was born in Dec2008 in Jail. 

Saleem and Shabnam were found Guilty. The Evidence contained the Axe, The Blood Stained Shirt, a Mobile Sim found in the house which was registered to Saleem. The house was closed from inside so no forced entry. The Sleeping Pills were purchased from a Medical shop which was near the house. Police have collected all evidence which confirms that Shabnam and Saleem were Guilty.

With the Evidence found, The Police charge Shabnam and Saleem with Multiple Murders. The trial lasted 100 days which had 629 Questions asked to 29 people. With the Witnesses and the Evidence, Shabnam and Saleem were found Guilty in Court. They were sentenced to Short Capital Punishment(Death Sentence) which had to be Conducted within 29 Seconds. 

The Duo Murderers re-appeal in the high Court. The High Court and Supreme Court confirms Capital Punishment. 

The Death Sentence was confirmed in 2021. The Law now says that the Punishment should be carried out on the Murderous Duo. Shabnam and Saleem wrote a Mercy Petition to the President of India. The letter was sent by the Son of Shabnam and Saleem pleading the President to release his Parents. Their Son admits that his parents have committed a Horrific Crime. Based on the Welfare of the Child, the Plea to free the Murderous Couple was sent to the President. The President rejects the Mercy Petition. Thus Shabnam and Saleem’s death Sentence has been confirmed. 

India's Horrific Murderous Duo - Shabnam Case Full details

In the history of Independent India, The first woman who is going to be hanged will be Shabnam. 

A Room is a single female hanging house that was built in 1870 to hang Female Convicts. The Indian people haven't heard about this Room after Independence. This hanging house is in the Madura Jail. Shabnam will be hanged to death in this room. 

The Court hasn't confirmed the date of the Death Sentence as no death warrant has been issued so far. But all plans leading to the hanging are taking place now.

The Rope to hang Shabnam has been prepared. The rope’s length according to the weight of Shabnam has been calculated. The Death Sentence has to be completed within 29 Seconds. 

The First Woman in Independent India is going to be hanged. 

Is hanging Enough for this brutal and Wicked Woman?

The Indian people say that this woman should be punished more severely for her horrific crimes. But that decision should be left to God. 

Shabnam is going to pay with her life for the Crimes committed against Her own family. 

For their love, Shabnam and Saleem became the Murderous Due. Shabnam killed her father, mother, Brothers, Sister-in-law and her Nephew. She may be the Demon in a Woman’s body. 

People living in many villages in Uttar Pradesh don't want their Child named Shabnam. They hate the name.

We do not hate the name Shabnam but the Woman who killed her family. 

What are your comments in this Brutal Case?

This horrendous crime happened in 2008. The Court has confirmed Capital punishment in 2021. Still now, the date of the Death Sentence is unknown, Sources say that the Date will be announced soon. Shabnam and Saleem have appealed to the Court many times. 

Indian law is the reason the Death Sentence is still not carried out. 

Will the memory or the Spirits of her family leave Shabnam?

Due to False Love, Many people have decided to take their family members Lives. This has become constant news that happens in India. This has to be stopped from happening. 

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