India’s Spy agency RAW – 1971 Hijacking GANGA – RAW PART 2

India's Spy agency RAW - 1971 Hijacking GANGA - RAW PART 2:

Intelligence and Spies are very important for a government. 

What were RAW’s actions?

These are real-life events and operations conducted by RAW. We guarantee the thrill ride in this post. 

This is RAW Part2. 

It has been 3 or 4 years since the Creation of RAW. The Day was 30th Jan 1971. The Location is the Srinagar Airport. The time was 1.05. Captain M.K.Kachru is walking towards his Aircraft called Fokker F27(GANGA). He is the Pilot. The Flight had 26 Passengers and 4 Crew Members. The Airplane starts its flight from Srinagar to Jammu. But the Airplane lands in Lahore, Pakistan. 

What happened?

The passengers didn't have any clue. But this news greatly affected the World. This became a huge issue for Indira Gandhi. Two Terrorists from Pakistan have hijacked the Indian Passenger Flight. The terrorists have hijacked the Passenger flight and have landed in Lahore. India must rescue the passengers. The Two terrorists' names were Hashim and Ashraf Qureshi. The terrorists have been held hostages. They had a Pistol and some Grenades. Using their weapons they took the flight hostage. 

A total of 30 Hostages. The Terrorists demanded that India should release 32 Terrorists who were in Indian jails. These Terrorists are group members of the Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front. These terrorists wanted J&K to join with Pakistan. 

India's Spy agency RAW - 1971 Hijacking GANGA - RAW PART 2

This Terrorist organization was fully funded and weaponized by the Pakistan Govt. When the Indian Passenger flight landed in Pakistan. It was received by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The Indian Flight was hijacked and 30 Hostages were held, hostage. But the Pakistan Foreign minister claps and welcomes them. The terrorists were considered Heroes. Pakistan said that it could be a devastating blow to India. 

How will India reply?

Is this a failure for RAW?

There were questions asked in India. Thus Far we have discussed the Victory of the Terrorists and Pakistan. 

Now let's discuss the Heroic act by India’s RAW. When hearing the news, Indira Gandhi smiled. 

Why did Indira Gandhi Smile when an Indian flight was hijacked?

Indira Gandhi orders that no Pakistan Aircraft should fly in the Indian Airspace. She warns that India will shoot down any flight which enters the Indian Airspace. The 30 Hostages from the F27 Ganga have been released. They were sent to India in trucks. They used two different routes to reach India. No casualties were reported. But the Aircraft was burned down. 

The Indian media were debating Indira Gandhi’s orders. Pakistan knew that India had a plan. The Pakistan government needed answers. Now Pakistan govt arrests the Two terrorists and nearly 150 Pakistanis. 

What is happening?

Why were the Pakistan heroes Arrested?

Why did Indira Gandhi smile?

Is RAW responsible?

There is a twist in the story. 

Three to Four Years ago from the Hijacking. The Two terrorists were met by an Indian soldier from the Border Security Force. This meeting was arranged by RAW. India knew that capturing Hasim would reveal the terrorist connection to Pakistan. Hasim was in a Barbershop. The Indian soldier says that he wants to go to Pakistan. The Indian soldier says that he knows a Shortcut and he will go into Pakistan. Hasim, intrigued by the conversation, speaks to the Indian Soldier. He wants to know the Shot cut into Pakistan. 

India's Spy agency RAW - 1971 Hijacking GANGA - RAW PART 2

The Indian soldier says that he can guide Hasim. But he needed information about his friend in Pakistan. 

Was this a Raw agent of an Indian Soldier?

This is suspense. 

Hasim was very happy that he could safely go to Pakistan. Using the Sialkot Border the Indian Soldier shows the way for Hasim. Hasim enters Pakistan using the border.

Why Did Hasim want to go to Pakistan?
Hasim wanted to Join the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front. Maqbool Bhat was the leader who created the JKLF. Maqbool Bhat was an Inspiration to Hasim. The leader of JKLF was in Pakistan. Hasim’s aim was to meet his leader. When Hasim entered Pakistan. Pakistan welcomed him and he was given Training. 

Now the terrorist organization created a plan to release their 32 comrades who were in Jail in India. So they planned the hijacking of the plane. Their plan was to hijack the plane using Hasim. Hasim was given training in hijacking the Plane. 

Now Hasim needs to come back to India to hijack the Plane. When he crossed the border he was arrested by the Indian Border Security force. Pakistan wanted Hasim to be caught. 

Hasim doesn't know that the BSF knows about him. But India knew that he had a lot of information. Hasim was investigated. Through the Investigation India knew that the Airplane was going to be hijacked. 

This started the RAW actions. RAW says that let the Terrorists hijack the Passenger flight. India was going to scrap the F27 Ganga Airplane. The Airplane is outdated and the Service has been stopped. Three weeks before the Hijack, the Airplane was fixed. This is a Temporary fix which the Pakistani don't know. 

India's Spy agency RAW - 1971 Hijacking GANGA - RAW PART 2

The 26 Passengers were RAW agents. This is a perfect plane by RAW. Hasim was instructed to hijack the Plane filled with RAW agents. RAW says that Hasim and the other terrorists' families were residing in J&K. They were informed that the Indian government will take care of them. Hasim was instructed to play his part in the hijack. 

RAW also instructed Hasim that he had to land the Plane in Lahore only if the Foreign Minister of Pakistan was present at the airport. RN Kao who was the Head of RAW says to Hasim to burn down the aeroplane. 

This plan was executed by Hasim. Pakistani came to know about this entire plan after the hijack had ended. Hasim had a fake Pistol and Grenades which was provided by RAW. The Plane was hijacked. The RAW agents safely returned home. The 32 Pakistani terrorists were not released. 

What did India achieve?

India blamed Pakistan for Hijacking and Burning down the Indian Plane. Now Indira Gandhi restricted the Indian Airspace for all Pakistani aircraft. 

Pakistan investigated and learned a hard truth. There was a revolution happening in East Pakistan. India was helping the Rebels. India wanted to use the Airforce. 

But in 1944, There was an Aviation law that said that Planes can use other countries' airspace. Totally 52 Countries signed this agreement, India was one among them. India needed a reason to restrict Pakistan aircraft from entering the Indian Airspace. To Restrict Pakistan access, Indira Gandhi and RAW planned an operation which is this Hijacking. This mission was a success. Pakistan aircraft were restricted from entering the Indian Airspace. 

India's Spy agency RAW - 1971 Hijacking GANGA - RAW PART 2

India also asked Srilanka not to re-fuel any Pakistani Aircraft. A warning to Srilanka was given. Pakistan Airforce was unable to send their air force to east Pakistan. Thus the fight for Independence from Pakistan Became a reality and a New Country was created in Bangladesh. 

This operation's planning and execution were done By RAW. RN Kao was the mastermind behind this Operation. The Operation was given a go by Indira Gandhi. 

The Broad Thinking of Indira Gandhi created RAW. 

Did Nehru know about RN Kao?

How RN Kao became the Head of RAW?

What was the reason behind the hijacking of a Chinese Passenger flight?

These questions will be answered in the upcoming posts. We will discuss this in the next post. 

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