India’s Spy Agency RAW – Creation of RAW | Part1

India's Spy Agency RAW - Creation of RAW | Part1:

The year was 1972. In a forest, five terrorists were hiding. If the Terrorists are caught, it will be easy for India to support the creation of a New Country which is Bangladesh. This report was sent to the Indian Intelligence stating these Terrorists were planning something big. The Indian Intelligence RAW(Research and Analysis Wing). 

Raw selected 4 Indian Soldiers for the Mission. 

Who were the four Soldiers?

Why is India sending only 4 Soldiers?

This message was received by RAW.

What was the reason behind the creation of RAW?

How many operations has RAW Conducted?

How does RAW recruit?

These questions will be answered. This is RAW Series Part1. 

Many Requested this series. They wanted to know the Operations of Raw. They wanted details about the Indian Intelligence Agency. They also wanted to know about Ajit Doval. 

Raw as an Intelligence agency faced several issues. 

India's Spy Agency RAW - Creation of RAW | Part1

After 1947 Indian got its Independence. The British Empire has already plundered the Natural Resources from India. We have already explained how the British Robbed India of its resources. 

Nehru wanted to develop India. Nehru believed that the Neighbouring countries would be friendly. But in 1947-48 Pakistan started its hate towards India. In 1961 China showed its Real ugly face. Again in 1965 Pakistan was fighting India. Nehru now understood that the Neighbouring countries were Enemies. He takes a very important decision to create the Indian Intelligence agency. He was facing many issues and internal politics to appoint the Head of this Intelligence agency. 

The best candidate was Rameshwar Nath Kao. 

How did RN Kao become the first head of the Indian intelligence agency?

We will discuss this in the upcoming posts. 

In this post, we will discuss the Important Operations which was conducted under the Authority of RN Kao. 

India's Spy Agency RAW - Creation of RAW | Part1

After 4 to 5 years of the Creation of RAW.  A secret message was received by RAW. The Intelligence says that Pakistan is surrounding India on Two fronts. It is of Utmost priority for India to split Pakistan and create a new country. A Revolution was already happening in East Pakistan. The message said that India should support the Rebels. In the 1971 War for the Freedom of Bangladesh, India played a very important role. RAW played its role perfectly in this battle. 

There were terrorists hiding in East Pakistan. India cannot conduct a huge Military Operation. India also did not want Pakistan to know about its operation. This was the Intelligence received by the Indian army. 

This Intelligence was given by a Source. RAW consists of members working as Source, Field Officer, Assistant Field Officer and Analyst Officer. So there are many positions within RAW.

The information given by a person is called Source. Many have worked as spies in the field. Ajit Doval was a spy who resided in Pakistan for 7 years. The Field Officers manage the Agents. They are assisted by Assistant Field Officers. When information is received from a source and transmitted through the Field Officers. The Analyst Officers will confirm the Information to be Authentic or not. 

The Analyst Officers have three categories which are Junior Intelligence Officer, Assistant Central Intelligence Officer and Central Intelligence Officer. So RAW has a perfect structure that functions perfectly. 

When this message about the Terrorist was received by RAW. Its Leader RN Kao verifies the data. The RAW head sends a message to the Indian army to select four Marksmen. The order also included New recruits with Excellent skills. He also advised that information should not leak that they are the Indian army. 

Four Marksmen Were selected and boarded an Indian Military Plane that flew over Bangladesh. The order was given to the Indian soldiers to jump out of the plane. The Four Indian soldiers landed in the Forests using parachutes. 

In 1965 India was facing many issues on the International stage. America has refused Weapons export to India. India was buying weapons from Russia. But the Indian army was well trained. The Four Indian Soldiers were equipped with Night Vision and advanced weapons. 

India's Spy Agency RAW - Creation of RAW | Part1

The Soldier's target was a Single Terrorist Leader. The Indian army has already shared the Photo with the Four Soldiers. This terrorist is the Main Leader. The Indian soldiers spot the Tent. They can also see various tents from that Location. The four Soldiers were in Position and were waiting for Confirmation of their target. 

For nearly 1 to 2 hours nobody exited the tents. One of the terrorists came out and the Indian soldiers identified him as the Leader of the Group. One of the Indian soldiers sniped the terrorist. After they had eliminated the target, the Indian soldiers approached the Tents. They entered the tent and shot the remaining terrorists. One Indian soldier steps on a mine and loses his life. The Three remaining Soldiers were discussing whether to carry the body or not. The Soldiers knew that if they left behind a body it would be evidence for the enemy. So one soldier Carried the body and the other two covered him. 

They had to travel ten Kilometers to reach the Indian border and the Indian army. After the mine explosion, The Terrorist knew that an attack had happened. They started to follow the trails left by the Indian Soldiers.

The Indian soldier carrying the body trips and falls down. The Terrorists have spotted the Soldier. The Three Indian soldiers were now engaged in gunfire with ten Terrorists. Three Indian soldiers shoot and kill 12 Terrorists. The Indian soldiers carry the body to the Indian Border. The Mission was a success. The Indian soldiers didn't want to leave their dead comrade. They wanted to pay their Final Respects to their dead Comrade. 

India's Spy Agency RAW - Creation of RAW | Part1

If our Indian soldiers are completing a mission there is always RAW in the shadows. There are many Officers who are working in RAW. We have discussed RN Kao. 

How did RN Kao become the head of RAW?

Why did India need an Intelligence Agency?

In this Part1, we will discuss 4 Important Key Points. 

India not only needed its development but it had to know the Developments of other Countries. The Countries that show themselves as Allies don't want us to become a Developed Nation. India has spied on these countries to get Information. India knew that IB ( Intelligence Bureau) is not enough but they had to create another organization. The third reason is to find people who live In India who want to create Chaos, India needs a Secret Agency to identify these people. The last reason is war. India needed an agency to gather information to stop a war from happening. So War and Covert Operations must be done by this agency. These were the four reasons behind the creation of RAW. RAW was created when Indira Gandhi was PM. 

Let's discuss more in the next post. 

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We have discussed the Positions in RAW. We will also discuss in upcoming posts about the Recruitment of RAW agents. 

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