India’s Strong Border – China Pakistan

India's Strong Border - China Pakistan:

In 5 Months this year, the Border dispute between China and India is ongoing. Nearly 3 times we have had skirmishes. Today China is moving its army and weapons to our border. The Indian govt has replied with the mobilization of Indian army and weapons. This is happening in LAC(Line of Actual control). 

Why are these skirmishes in the LAC?

What is Pakistan’s part in it?

What will be India’s reply?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

India and Pakistan share a border called LOC(Line of Control). India and China share a border called LAC. Simply put they have declared the border and will protect their border. 

LAC can be divided into three parts. Western Sector, Middle Sector and Eastern Sector. In the Western part comes Ladakh and Kashmir. In the Middle Sector, Himachal and Uttarakhand are present. Eastern Sector consists of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. 

So the last skirmish took place in Sikkim Border. The region consists of 23 flashpoints. Flash Points are locations where there may be Skirmishes at any time. The focus is on 23 points.

India's Strong Border - China Pakistan

China says that Himachal belongs to them. India says that the state belongs to it, the failures of previous govt’s have resulted in the current issue. Now India clearly says Arunachal belongs to them.

China govt says that the state belongs to Tibet. China says that Arunachal and Tibet which is a separate country belongs to them. China is very keen on occupying these regions. Pakistan in favour of China has supported them in this issue. 

How many Kilometres is this LAC?

Approximately 4000 Kilometres long border. In our J&K nearly 38000 Sq Kilometres of the landscape has been occupied by China. 

Pakistan occupied Kashmir, nearly 5180 Kilometres of Landscape has been occupied by China through a small agreement between China and Pakistan. This agreement is called the Sino-Pakistan agreement which happened in 1963. 

From 1963 Pakistan has given Indian regions to China. China is now trying to occupy Indian regions. China has been supported by Pakistan. From Jan to May 2020, Pakistan army has carried out 1,144 Ceasefire Violations. They have attacked Indian army bases and the army. Gunfights and attack on Indian Troops. The main objective is to infiltrate India with Terrorists. 

In Social media, Pakistan has announced a struggle against India. They have requested the Taliban’s to ally with Pakistan and Pakistan based Terrorist organizations. 

Taliban replies that they will not interfere with India’s internal matter. Taliban’s have clearly said that Kashmir is an Indian Internal matter. Pakistan wants to create an issue between India and Afghanistan and through that get the support of the Taliban’s. This is the Pakistani govt’s aim. 

India's Strong Border - China Pakistan

So Pakistan is supporting China. China wants an answer to know its enemy and Allies throughout the world and they are using India to get the answers. 

India clearly says that it will defend its border. In 2016 they formed a committee. This committee is called the Committee of Experts(COE). 

Under the Leadership of Lieutenant Colonel DB Shekatkar. Shekatkar announces important instructions. He warns that India should protect its boundaries. He was the one who requested the Position Cheif of Staff(Leader for 3 armies). 57000 Army soldiers should be shuffled to various regions. There are internal politics and Leadership to be changed. COE warns India. India listened to the warnings are made many changes. We have already appointed a leader of the three armies. India wanted a strong border force.

 We opened a new bridge and Nepal govt opposed it. The Indian govt has been building roads in Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. So if we have proper roads we can easily move our army and Military equipment if there is war. 

If we have the proper infrastructure then countries will fear us. India is now completing these projects and becoming strong in the border. The enemy countries are now trying to show to the world that some regions of the border are contested regions. 

In Tibet, China has set up many missiles against India. They have launched many satellites into space to watch over the border. India in reply has also set up missiles against China. 

Suppose if India blinks an eye in the border. China will try to occupy our states whether its Arunachal Pradesh or J&K. 

So to protect our border India is using its power. Whether its China, Nepal or Pakistan the Indian forces are strong to counter any enemy threats. Magazines Likes Global Times are publishing news that due to Corona Virus India is not able to handle the situation so they are trying to blame other countries. Many media is now saying that India is trying to increase the border tension between countries. 

So when India is accused of this, the country has decided to move its pieces against China. For sample, India voted against China as the 62nd Country to vote against China. To find the origins of the Corona Virus and for an Independent Investigation 120 countries voted and India was one among them. 

India has started to release articles against Pakistan. China and Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC).CPEC is a part of the Silk route. In this CPEC Pakistan, nearly 243% increased profit to China and have brought Technologies. India released an article on this subject.

India's Strong Border - China Pakistan

After the pandemic is over, Pakistan will no longer be an Independent country but a Slave to China. 

When this happens if India is not strong in its border then China will try to wage a war against India with the help of Pakistan. 

Is Pakistan really deceived through this CPEC?

100% of Pakistan is deceived. 

What is the proof?

Will China make Pakistan its Slave?

What dangers does India face?

Is Pakistan being deceived?

We will discuss this in the next post. 

Will China and India issues reach a compromise through diplomacy or war?

For now, it will be through Diplomacy. The Geo-Politics which will be played in the future will determine whether there will be a war between India and China. 

Russia has started to become an ally of India. India’s Ally Israel has started to support China. The whole world is ready to unite against China. When the Geo-Politics is moving in different dots. There will be a time to connect the dots between India, China and Pakistan. Only when the time comes we will understand this issue. Until then it’s our duty to protect our borders. 

You may ask the Indian govt has a lot of issues?

Many people are unable to live a normal life?

Workers from other states are facing issues. 

Why didn’t we speak about that issue but speaking about the Border issue now?

We don’t deny that people in our country face a lot of issues. We are against Privatization. But if there is an issue in our country. We will stand for our country. 

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