Iran and India – Iran and America Conflict benefits and losses

Iran and India - Iran and America Conflict benefits and losses:

Iran and America conflict tension have been reduced. We were talking a lot about this issue. 

So who benefits from this conflict?

What is Un doing?

Did India Redeem itself for betraying Iran in 2005?

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

Iran America conflict had every possibility to turn into a World war3. Iran says that by killing a General America cant test Iran’s resolve. If a Leader is killed he will be replaced. 

America says that it has reduced Iran’ss power, the ethnic Proxy froups which Iran supported now will fight against each other and cause issues to Iran. 

Who benefitted from this conflict?

Is it Iran, Iraq or Saudi Arabia. India was the country the world countries closely watched. Iran says that If India becomes a middleman then it will consider Peace talks. 

How Iran is believing India?

What is the reason behind this trust?

There is a reason. In 2005, Iran says to the UN of developing Nuclear Weapons for Peace. A Voting has been held, India voted against Iran. Iran was forced to not develop nuclear weapons. Iran didn’t bother with India. But after some years, India noticed that China is trying to occupy Iran. So India offers its help to Iran which Iran accepts. This is how Chabahar Port is now in control of India. This relationship between Iran and India has been going on for long now. The Persian empire and India had a good relationship in ancient times. 

Is Iran and America enemies now?

No. They have been enemies for 40 years now. Trump mentioned 1979 in the press conference. In 1979 Iran protestors invaded and destroyed the US embassy in Iran. They hold 52 Americans as Hostages. 

In 2005 India was against Iran. years went and India Became friend with Iran. Now their relationship is unbreakable. In the coming days, Iran and India will have a meeting. 

How did Iran benefit from this conflict?

Iran has benefitted from this conflict. Iran and Iraq both had Civil unrest in their countries. The possibility of growth was meek. This was the time America kills Soleimani. Iran’s internal feuds are now over and everyone joins forces against America. For the funeral, nearly 16 lakh people gathered. The International community cannot see a Civil Unrest in Iran. This is Iran’s Victory. 

Iran another Victory is attacks against America. A- Asad Airbase in Iraq has been attacked by Iran with 15 Missiles launched. Iran has attacked America after so long of being mistreated. 

Iraq and Iran Relations have improved with this attack. Iran has sent a message to Iraq saying America is the common enemy of them. Iraq people are now with Iran. 

Why didn’t the UN ask any questions?

UN did ask a question to America. America sends a letter to the UN. The Murder is for Self Defense. There is an Article 51 in UN, Stating that if there is a threat to a country, then that Country can kill any threat. America says that Soleimani was responsible and has planned future attacks against America. This was their explanation to the UN. 

UN very weel knows the issue here. But will it ask the Question to America? No. Because the UN and America are close. 

Did America benefit from this murder?

Yes. And they have lost some. Trump benefitted from this for his elections coming Nov. During his election campaign he will highlight the Killing of Soliemani. He will also say that he defused the critical situation. He has also said that during his Presidency Iran will not develop Nuclear Weapons. So these will become Trump cards for Trump. 

Iran and India - Iran and America Conflict benefits and losses
Iran and India - Iran and America Conflict benefits and losses

Next, if anybody acts against America they will be killed. This is a warning to all who oppose America. This is also a victory for America. 

What is Israel’s victory here?

This is not a complete victory for Israel. This is a jerky loss for them. Israel and Iran are enemies for 40 years now. Iran doesn’t want Israel to even exist. Israel’s dream is to destroy Iran. Israel is the reason why Iran is not Nuclear power now. They kill Iran Scientists and destroy bases. 

Israel’s plan was to force America to attack Iran and Destroy Iran. The peace talks are a defeat for Israel. America thought that many countries will support them. But nothing happened. Everybody said to get into Peace talks and No war.  Minimal countries supported America and Israel. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Britain. 

How did Britain benefit from this? 

Britain didn’t benefit at all. But minor losses for them. Britain people have said that this is an unwanted problem. Through Brexit, they may have Economic issues. 

Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar benefits?

Saudi Arabia had a huge loss. Aramco Stock plummeted. 200 Million dollars loss for them. This is the major loss for Aramco. So if America or Iran is attacked that will affect Saudi Arabia. So many hesitate to start a new business there. UAE was Neutral so they are safe. 

Iraq is the country where these two attacks took place. Iraq will face a change. Iraq voiced against America. Iraq govt has still power in the region. Iran has supported Iraq now. Iraq has many proxy groups. So this is a positive boost for them. The Proxy groups may stop attacking Iraq and instead attack the enemies of the two countries. This is a victory to Iraq.

Iran and India - Iran and America Conflict benefits and losses

Now NATO will poke into nose into the Middle east. 

Will there be another Conflict?

We should learn more about NATO.

Where are the NATO troops Stationed?

What are they doing?

Who are they working against?

America has said that it will sanction more economic bans on Iran. If Iran wishes it may enter Peace talks. There is another issue for America which is North Korea. This issue might turn into a major issue. 

We will discuss China and Indonesia issue in the upcoming posts. 

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