Iran’s Surgical Strike in Pakistan – Real Reasons | Israel’s Master Plan

Iran's Surgical Strike in Pakistan - Real Reasons | Israel's Master Plan:

In 2015, there was a crisis between Saudi Arabia and Yemen’s Houthi Rebels. Saudi Arabia tells Pakistan to help in this issue. Pakistan’s Legislative assembly was called to take a decision. There was a decision taken, Pakistan will remain Neutral in the issue. Pakistan didn't want to oppose either Iran or Saudi Arabia. 

Why is Pakistan taking a Neutral Stance in this issue?

What is the truth behind the Surgical Strike conducted by Iran in Pakistan on 5th Feb 2021?

America says that it will no longer be a part of the crisis between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. 

What could be the reason behind America’s withdrawal?

Will Israel declare war against Iran?

We will answer these questions in this Post. After you complete watching the video, you will know the answers. These answers are hidden in the upcoming news. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

India had a dream, A pipeline which connects India, Pakistan and Iran. The objective was to build a Gas Pipeline from Iran through Pakistan to India. But India had to face many issues in the project. India decided that it would be impossible to build a pipeline because of  Pakistan’s actions against India. So India changed the Name into India Iran Pipeline. To Complete the project, India has to improve the Infrastructure of Chabahar Port. So India supported Iran in a large Scale improving Iran’s Infrastructure. 

There is an Iran-Pakistan Pipeline which is called the Peace Pipeline. Through this Iran is Directly delivering Natural Gas to Pakistan. Iran is the country which is providing the Energy Source to Pakistan. But According to Pakistan, Iran has been a nuisance. 

At one point there was a question raised whether Pakistan will support Iran or Saudi Arabia.

Nearly 900 Kilometres Pakistan shares its border with Iran. In this region Iran's Surgical Strike took Place. The Answer for the Surgical strike. In 2018 Oct, 12 Iranian Border Guards were kidnapped by a Pakistani terrorist organization. Pakistan and Iran together tried negotiation with the Terrorists to release some Captives. The Negotiation succeeded and 5 Hostages were released. After Pakistan’s efforts, 4 Hostages were released. So 9 Of the Border Guards were released. There were 3 remaining Soldiers as Hostages. 

Iran's Surgical Strike in Pakistan - Real Reasons | Israel's Master Plan

Intelligence was given to Iran that the Hostages were moved to another location. Iran sends in its Special force to rescue the Hostages. The Special Force enters Pakistan territory and rescues two of its Border Guards. Iran has just rescued its Border Guards from the terrorists. 

Many Media wrongly have relayed the news that it was a Surgical Strike but didn't mention the reasons. 

Now you may have a question,

Could Iran conduct an Operation without the Knowledge of Pakistan?

If Pakistan did not know about this Operation,

What are the benefits and drawbacks for Pakistan?

The Pakistan Defence Forum and the Army news says that there are chances that Pakistan has already been informed about the Surgical Strike. 

Did Pakistan govt know about Iran army movements into Pakistan?

It seems that Pakistan knew about the Rescue Operation. In Feb Pakistan will have to face a huge issue with FATF. With this Surgical Strike, Pakistan can tell that it has helped Iran against Terrorist Forces to the FATF. 

The Next reason is Pakistan will not Directly oppose Iran. If Pakistan decides to oppose Iran Directly, it will lose access to Iran’s Natural gas and Crude Oil. 

Iran's Surgical Strike in Pakistan - Real Reasons | Israel's Master Plan

This issue doesn't end here whereas it joins Israel, America and Russia. 

Israel wants to attack Iran. Let's discuss the details.

In Jan 2021 Israel conducted three attacks in Syria. The attack on the Iraq Border, Israel is targeting the Iranian Soldiers or High-Level Army officers involved in Iran’s Proxy war. 

Next is the Jan21st Attack by Israel on Syria. Israel reason was it had to take a Preventive Stance, as they predict that an Attack on Israel may happen. So Israel is using Syria and targeting Iraq and Iranian Proxy groups. These groups and Army Soldiers have been hunted by Israel. 

On Jan 31th Israel’s Defence Minister Benny Gantz had a meeting with Israel’s Depth Crops. Please Search More in Depth Crops. Israel needed a Special Force in the Israel Defence Forces. When Gantz was a Major General in the IDF, he wanted to create a new Special Force for the army. The Depth Force will assess the targets beyond Israel’s borders. After they have identified the targets the Depth Force will swing into action and Destroy the targets. The Depth Crops take Months and Years to plan a mission. 

The first question is,

Why did the Israel Defence Minister meet the Depth Corps on Jan31st?

Mossad’s Chief will meet Joe Biden. He will request America not to sign the Nuclear agreement with Iran. This is the news which we heard. Through this news, we can say that Israel doesn't want America to sign the Nuclear agreement with Iran. Israel has been acting against Iran in each and every chance they get. 

Iran's Surgical Strike in Pakistan - Real Reasons | Israel's Master Plan

Last Month, A bomb blast happened outside Israel’s Embassy in New Delhi. No One was killed, but Israel says that Iran could be the reason behind the Bomb blast. Israel requested the Indian government to search for Iranians and conduct an investigation in India. 

The Indian Police force and Intelligence believes that Iran could not be involved. But they start an Investigation with two to three Iranians. But The Indian Local Terrorist Group took responsibility for the bomb Blast. Israel now says that the Local Terrorist Group would have ties with Iran. Israel says that it is an action taken by Iran in response to the assassination of its Nuclear Scientist. Israel has been using this propaganda in the International Stage. 

Why is Israel conducting this Propaganda?

In 25th March Israel will face its Elections. The Politicians need a Major reason to win the election. This Major reason could be a direct attack against Iran. Israel Propaganda was to create a tense situation with Iran. Then using the tense Situation they could pick a target to directly attack Iran. This may be a possibility. 

America now is saying that it will not supply weapons to the Saudi Arabia and Yemen Crisis. They will not stop supporting Saudi Arabia. America without any strong reasons will not sell weapons to Saudi Arabia. America will appoint an Embassy Officer to Yemen. Through Diplomacy, they will try to Solve the Crisis between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. 

The World Believes that Iran is supplying weapons to the Houthi Rebels In Yemen against Saudi Arabia. 

Iran's Surgical Strike in Pakistan - Real Reasons | Israel's Master Plan

The International community asked a question,

How will America find a peaceful resolution when Iran is supplying weapons to the Houthi Rebels?

Israel thinks that to find a peaceful solution, America may help Iran in some ways. Israel doesn't want this to happen. This is the reason behind Israel's attacks on Syria. 

In 1981 a Similar Situation happened for Israel with Iraq. Israel said that Iraq was involved in Developing Nuclear Weapons. In 2007, Israel said that Syria has been developing Nuclear Weapons. A Similar Situation may happen When Israel fully engages with Iran. 

If Israel engages Iran,

Can Israel Deploy its troops to Saudi Arabia or Iraq?

Does Israel have a plan?

Israel has been engaged with many Peace agreements with many Arab Countries. According to the Abraham Agreement, Israel can deploy or Station troops in Certain Locations in the Arab Countries. In the agreement, if needed Israel can station its troops in Saudi Arabia. So Israel has the capability of Deploying its Troops in Saudi Arabia. Israel can also deploy troops in Iraq as America’s Ally. America has an Airbase in Iraq called Erbil Airbase. So as an Ally To America, Israel can station its Airforce in the Erbil Airbase. Erbil Airbase is very close to the Iran border. So locations from which Iran can be surrounded are now in the hands of Israel. 

Israel only needs a Reason to directly attack Iran. Iran is ready to face this attack. But if there is a war between Israel and Iran. Pakistan will not support Iran. Pakistan will take a Neutral Stance. Pakistan is an enemy of Israel. Many Countries of the Arab world will choose to remain Neutral if there is a war between Israel and Iran. 

This is the reason Pakistan has accepted for the Iran Surgical Strike to Rescue its Soldiers. Pakistan and Iran now have a new understanding between Them.

What will be Israel’s Next Move?

IF America decides to sign an agreement and wants Peace with Iran. 

Will Israel Turn against America?

America, Iran and Israel. 

What is Russia Involvement and Calculations in this issue?

Within Two or Three weeks we will find out the next move. Then we will start Connecting the Dots. 

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