Is Laser Weapon Technology Future Warfare? – DARPA PART6

Is Laser Weapon Technology Future Warfare? - DARPA PART6:

In Hollywood movies like The Avengers and military-based Movies. The scenes which come in these movies makes un wonder,

What will happen if those scenes become a Reality?

We could have decided that the technology used in Hollywood Movies will never happen in real life. 

When a Squad of Jet Fighters, Bombers and Drones are flying towards their target. An Enemy Aircraft will carry a laser weapon that fires a Laser that destroys multiple Aircraft. This is called Direct Energy Weapon. 

Can they place a Direct Energy Weapon In a Military Plane?

Is Laser Weapon Technology Future Warfare? - DARPA PART6

In 2010, they test-fired the Laser weapon from a truck. 

How was that possible?

Now they say that they are going to install these weapons in Ships. 

How will this be possible?

You may say that there is a Coronavirus pandemic happening in the World. No Country will test these weapons now. 

We will answer this question. The Program called SHIELD for Direct energy Weapons. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Darpa Part6.

When people don’t know about some technology, they will say that such Technology doesnt exist in the real world. 

This Video is not a Conspiracy or a World Unknown. 

The Proof is given in the description of the Video. Please search on this topic and learn about them. 

Is Laser Weapon Technology Future Warfare? - DARPA PART6

When we talk about DARPA. It is an organization that was set up to build new technology which the World has not seen. We have discussed in previous videos how Arpa became Darpa. People who have missed out on the previous videos. Please Watch it. 

Who is deciding the Future Technology of Humankind?

Darpa is the one who decides the next Technology. 

10 to 15 years ago we wouldn’t have imagined about GPS system. After Darpa developed and used it, they wanted the world to use it because they can collect data. Now the Whole World is using GPS, which was developed by DARPA. 

Darpa Developed technology, which the World thought was unimaginable and cannot be developed. 

Many Countries are in Tech Race with Darpa. There is recent news from the UK. We know that the UK is not a part of the EU. The UK has announced that within 2 years 2021 and 2022, they will invest 14.6 Billion Euro in Technology. 

What was the reason given by the UK govt?

The country said that it needs to boost its army. They said that they had to show the world, that the UK is one of the Superpowers. We also discussed that the UK is the Second Country to have a Second Army Base. Many countries were colonies once under the rule of the British Empire. To enhance its army and its technology, the UK needs an organization similar to Darpa. 

This is the reason they have announced nearly 1 Billion USD which is 76000 Crores rupees to be invested in R&D. The Uk’s Science research agency name will be called Aria(Advanced Research and Invention agency). 

Who will control ARIA?

Is Laser Weapon Technology Future Warfare? - DARPA PART6

Darpa is not under any govt control, but they directly send their report to the President of the USA. UK’s Aria will function autonomously. So Aria like Darpa will invent new Technology for the UK govt. 

The news all over the world is based on Coronavirus Pandemic. In the pandemic also the World is advancing in technology. The World has continued to function normally. 

In other news, we hear about Project Blackjack. Darpa has announced that Project Blackjack will be started in 2021. Darpa has placed an order for 6 satellites and Additional 4 satellites for the Project. In 2021 Darpa will launch Project Blackjacks three payloads into space. They are going to create a meshed network. When we talk about Mesh Network, Starlink is already in Place. Elon Musk through Project Starlink has launched more than 1000 Satellites into space. 

Similar to Project Starlink, Darpa’s Version will be Project Blackjack which will have many satellites launched into space. These Satellites will be in Low Earth Orbit. Darpa has developed software to control the satellites. This Software name is Pitboss. The Three payloads consist of Mandrake1, Mandrake2 and Wildcard. Mandrake 1 and 2 are satellites. The Wildcard is the Satellite that will carry the Softwares. Within 2022 Darpa will test launch these satellites. Through this Project, Darpa will be able to get direct communication. Darpa’s Blackjack is an exact match to Project Starlink. So Darpa is now creating a project which equals the Starlink Project. 

Why is Darpa doing Project Blackjack?

What is the reason behind Project Starlink?

The Next era will contain AI, Facial Recognition and Modern Warfare. The World which we live in will disappear. The Next world will be a Virtual World. Cars Without drivers. Aircraft without Pilots. So the AI will decide everything in that modern world. 

So for an AI to function effectively, it will need a Superfast Network. If there is a problem in Connectivity, this will cause a Chain Reaction which may end as a disaster. This is the reason Projects like Blackjack and Starlink are Developed. 

What is the Connection between these Projects and the Direct Energy Weapon?

This is the next question. The answer to this question is all countries are now in an Arms race to develop advanced Hypersonic Missiles, Ballistics Missiles. These missiles are capable of carrying a Nuclear Warhead. 

Countries in the world are living in constant fear of a Nuclear War. 

How will they destroy these missiles which are Hypersonic and Ballistic Missiles?

Is Laser Weapon Technology Future Warfare? - DARPA PART6

To destroy these missiles, the enemy has to disconnect the connection between the satellite and Missile or they have to destroy the missiles. To destroy these missiles, Direct Energy Weapons will be used. 

When it is Laser Weapons, it is One to One. If they want to destroy a target like a missile, laser weapons will be directed towards these missiles. The Power of the laser weapon should be determined before they fire the weapon. This is the Laser weapon Technology. 

In 2019, America’s introduced DLWS(Demonstrator Laser Weapon System).  A Truck which has nearly Ten Kiloton Laser Weapon. America tested the Laser weapon and it was a success. America announced that it has developed Laser Weapon Technology. India is currently working on the technology. This project is firing lasers from the Ground. 

Darpa’s aim is to install the laser weapons system in warships. Darpa named the Project HELIOS(High Energy Laser and Integrated Optical Dazzler with Surveillance System). HELIOS weighs nearly 150 Kiloton. Darpa’s aim is to install HELIOS in warships to destroy enemy warships. HELIOS can also destroy Anti-Ship Missiles. 

The Power of HELIOS is 150 Kilton. Now they are in Development of 500 Kiloton and 1 Megaton Laser Weapon system. 

We have discussed this technology for Army and Navy. 

They want to include Laser Technology in the Airforce. Darpa has initiated a Project called SHIELD. 

You could have heard this term used in Marvel Movies. SHIELD is a laser energy weapon in aircraft. 

Is Laser Weapon Technology Future Warfare? - DARPA PART6

How are they going to implement this technology in the airforce?

This project is called Project SHIELD. 

Please search for this topic SHIELD. 

In the Darpa part7, we will discuss in detail SHIELD and HELIOS. 

We will also discuss India’s part in this technology. 

Where does India stand in Laser weapons technology?

Has China Developed this Laser Weapon?

Have you learned something from the terms used?

Please search for these terms. Nobody can say that knowledge about these weapons is useless. 

If we learn about these Future Technologies. We can teach it to the Next-generation. If the next generation learns then they will try to counter these weapons. This is the reason we discuss this topic now. It is upto you whether we continue or not. 

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