Is the Yom Kippur war a Lesson to India – Mossad Part 27

Is the Yom Kippur war a Lesson to India - Mossad Part 27:

The Yom Kippur War took place in 1973. 

Would it transform into a Nuclear War if America has not intervened?

India China Border Dispute, Israel- Egypt Dispute. 

Are both the disputes considered to be the same in world Politics?

How did a Failure happen to American Intelligence and Israeli Intelligence?

Is a failure or is it a Trick?

Let's discuss in detail. 

Mossad Part27.

Yom Kippur Part3.

We know that the Mossad Series is very successful. The link to the Last two videos of the topic is in the description of the Video. Please view the two videos for continuity. 

On 6th Oct 1973, the Yom Kippur war started. Many commented that they can imagine the War Scene.

But when it comes to War Scenes there is a War Strategy. Many Countries wanted to go to war. But we can understand their Motive and their Strength. 

We know that Israel has not anticipated the Yom Kippur War. 

Why didn't Israel predict this war?

This was due to the failure of Intelligence from Mossad. The Second was their confidence in their country. But the main reason for the Israeli failure was the Russian aid to the Arab Countries. From 1970 Russia has started to supply more than 300 Mig Jet Fighters to Syria and Egypt. Russia also supplied the Arab Countries with tanks and Weapons. 

Egypt’s President goes to Saudi Arabia. He requests loans from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia asks the reasons for the request of Money. Egypt replies about the Operations on Israel. 

Egypt also requests Saudi Arabia to impose A Oil Supply Ban to America if it interferes in the War. Egypt wanted Saudi Arabia to stop supplying Crude Oil to America if the Country helps Israel. Egypt had the Perfect plan and started their attack. 

Is the Yom Kippur war a Lesson to India - Mossad Part 27

Egypt concentrates on the Sinai Peninsula as in 1967 was occupied by Israel. The Main target of Egypt was the Sinai Peninsula. The other target was to lure America into the trap. If this doesn't happen with the help of Syria, Egypt wants to be the Leader of the Arab countries. 

The Egyptian army advanced towards the Suez Canal and the Surrounding regions. But Israel has heavily fortified the area. The Egyptians needed tanks to go through the Fortifications. Egypt needed Tanks which can transverse through the water. 

When Egypt was advancing in the area they knew that there were 16 Checkpoints in the region. The Sinai Peninsula had 16 Strategic Points. But to protect the 16 Strategic Points Israel has deployed only 400 Soldiers. Egypt knew that it would be an easy task to re-occupy the Sinai Peninsula and the Suez Canal. Egypt’s army was advancing in the region. 

The date was Oct6th and 7th. The Israeli Prime Minister takes a decision on Oct8th and 9th. Golda Mier Knew that no Country will come to help Israel. She also knew that her armed forces were weak. Israel was going to lose the war. Golda Meir thinks about Nuclear War. 

Before the war became a Nuclear war, She wanted the Israeli Air Force to cause heavy Casualties in the Egyptian Army. Israeli Air Force (IAF) was the tip of the spear for Israel. 

Israel thought that the Airforce and Some Tanks are enough to win any war against the Arab Countries. So Golda Meir wanted to give a warning to Egypt’s army by sending the Israeli Air Force to engage the enemy. Ofira Air Base was the staging point for the Israeli attack. Ofira Airbase was located in the Sinai Peninsula. The airbase was under the control of Israel. 

Egypt's other main target was to destroy the Ofira Airbase. Egypt had to destroy the Ofira Airbase to re-occupy the Sinai Peninsula and the Suez Canal. Egypt is now ready to attack the Ofira Airbase. 

Egypt used 28 MIG Jet Fighters to attack the Ofira Airbase. Among the 28 Jet Fighters, 16 MIG21’s and 12 MIG17 Jet Fighters were used. So 28 Egyptian MIG’s are approaching the Ofira Airbase. But Israel had only Two Fully Operational jet fighters and Two Pilots. The other pilots were on leave to attend the Yom Kippur Celebrations. The Ofira Airbase had some Army Soldiers. An Israeli soldier spots the Egyptian jet fighters using Binoculars. He alerts the Israeli Soldiers and they refuse to believe. But soon after the Soldiers recognized that the Yom Kippur war had just started. 

The army soldiers alert the Two Pilots in the Airbase. The Pilots ready themselves for a Dog fight. The Pilots names are Amir Nahumi and Daniel Shaki with their Navigators board their two F-4E Phantoms. 

When the Israeli jets were in the air. The Pilots can see the smoke coming from the Airbase as Egyptian jet fighters have started bombing the airbase. Now the situation is 2 Israeli F-4E Phantoms against 28 Egyptian MIGs. The Jetfighters engage in a dog fight. 

Is the Yom Kippur war a Lesson to India - Mossad Part 27

When the Air battle was over, The Two Israeli Jet Fighters returned to Israel. But the Two Phantoms have destroyed 7 Egyptian MIGs. Among the 7 Egyptian fighters which were shot down, One was piloted by the brother of the Egyptian President. This was considered to be a big loss for Egypt. 

Egypt named the Operation as Operation Crossing. But Operation Crossing resulted in a failure due to two brave Israeli Pilots. Israel started to believe that it can win the war with the Israeli Air Force. 

This proves a theory that the Soldiers who fight in wars constantly become Veterans of War. The Soldiers who had training and not seen war will not be effective against an Enemy Veteran army. Israel when it was born has constantly seen War and War Tensions were there all the time. 

Let's discuss the Current India China Border Dispute. After all the incidents the reasons why there is no war is due to India’s Tolerance. The other Reason is China is provoking India, this is making the govt spend money. China has huge reserves but India on the other hand is low on Reserves. The Indian govt has opted to Change the Public Sectors into Private Sectors. If we need to understand the Spending of India for its army.

We have to look back to the Yom Kippur War. In the war, The costs for moving the Israeli troops to the Frontlines was 11 Million USD which happened in 1973. If we compare the amount now it could reach Billions. So moving troops to another location and camping the Troops in one Particular Location will cost the Govt Money. India is facing the Expenses which has become an issue now. 

If there is news that 10000 Indian Soldiers are stationed iN Ladakh region. We the People see it as just News. The government has to supply everything and look after the troops stationed in the regions. The government has also taken care of the health and Morale of the Troops. This will cost the Indian govt. 

In the Yom Kippur war, Israel faced the Money Crisis. Israel has no other way but to ask for help from America. But America says that it cannot help Israel directly as it knew the trap of Egypt. America told Israel to send the EL Al Passenger flight to America to load it with Weapons and Supplies. This passenger flight has to make up to 10 to 20 runs per day. 

Is the Yom Kippur war a Lesson to India - Mossad Part 27

With the Help of EL AL Passenger flights Weapons were taken back to Israel. America at one point recognized that supplying weapons will not be enough to save Israel. America wanted to be the Middle-men between Egypt and Israel. The war must be won, and America will remain Neutral thus protecting its Identity as the Current Superpower. 

America was helping Israel from Oct10th, but they got involved directly in 12th Oct. America’s Operation name was Nickel Grass. Through Operation Nickel Grass, America supplied Military Logistics needed by Israel. 

In 1973 the Yom Kippur War was considered to be an Indirect Electronic War. There were SAM’s and Anti-tanks Missiles used in the war. America has used this in the Vietnam war against Russia and Vietnam. America had to use its Air Force to conduct major Military Operations in Vietnam. So America has the equipment fitted in their AIrcraft to Evade the SAM’s. 

Israel needed this technology in the Yom Kippur war. So Before Operation Nickel grass, The EL AL Passenger flights made their supply run during night time. Israel knew that in the daylight the EL AL flights may be exposed or tracked by the enemy radar. The EL AL Flights flew their missions in Low Altitude. 

After the execution of Operation Nickel Grass, Lockheed's C-5 Galaxy and C-141 aircraft were used. The Operation was a go, but the distance from America to Israel is 6000 Nautical Miles. The aircraft cannot make that kind of run, they had to stop and Re-fuel.  

Which Country will allow American Aircrafts to stop and Re-fuel?

Many Countries denied the request From America. But there was once a country which helped Israel which was Portugal. Portugal gave permission to land and Refuel the American Aircrafts in the Place called Lajes Field. So the C-5’s and C-141 made their runs under the MAC strategic Airlift Organization. MAC means Military Airlift Command. America faced a loss in the Vietnam war. 

The reasons for the loss was America was not clear in moving its troops, Tanks and Airforce in the Strategic Regions. America didn't have an organization to monitor and deliver Weapons and Soldiers at Critical Locations. America then formed the Organization called MAC.
MAC was called on to make the runs to Israel carrying Military Logistics. 

How can they bring the Military equipment to Israel?

Which way must the Air Force use?

Many countries have refused the request of America to land its Aircraft. MAC gives a solution stating the aircraft to fly in the International borders, but not to fly into any country’s Airspace.MAC drew a route for their aircraft. This route is 6000 Nautical Miles to Israel. They had no other way but to fly in the route. 

Russia was supplying Egypt with Military Equipment. Their distance was only 1600 Nautical Miles. America had the C-5 Galaxy Aircraft to make these long runs which carried more than 22314 Tons of Military Equipment. 

Is the Yom Kippur war a Lesson to India - Mossad Part 27

How many runs America had to make?

It took nearly 534 runs to supply Israel. Nearly 18414 hours were spent to make the runs. Thus through Operation Nickel Grass America helped Israel. Russia used AN12 and AN22 Aircraft. 

How many runs did the Russian Aircraft do?

Nearly 935 Runs were made by the Russian Aircraft which carried 15000 tons of Military Equipment. 

Now coming back to the present, two years ago India has planned to buy C-17 Aircrafts. 

Why Didn't India buy the C-5 Aircraft?

C-5 Aircraft was capable of carrying Military equipment, Weapons, and Heavy Weight Equipments. Using this equipment Israel moved to the next phase of the Yom Kippur war. This resulted in Israel defeating Egypt and Syria and winning the war. 

At one point, Syria changed its attack Plan because Israel was attacking Syria’s Capital. In Nov Russia and America call the countries for a ceasefire. 

Where did Israeli tanks were stationed during the Peace talks?

The Israeli Tanks have crossed into both Egypt and Syria borders and were only within 63 Miles of Cairo(Egypt Capital) and 25 Miles of Damascus (Syria Capital). So Israeli forces were ready to attack the Capitals. The Whole Sketch was drawn by Mossad. 

Mossad after the failure of intelligence about the Egypt and Syria attacks. They came back strong and provided Intelligence to Israeli govt to win the war. Thus Israel won the Yom Kippur war and Egypt got its Regions which included the Sinai Peninsula. The real loser was Syria. 

For the efforts of America, it remained the Superpower of the World.

The world was surprised when Israel won the war. Many Countries believed that Israel would be defeated. If the war has turned into a Nuclear war, Israel will face a Defeat. But America came forward and helped Israel win the war. The Arab Countries decide not to sell Crude oil to America. From 1973 to 1974 The Arab Countries did not sell Crude Oil to America. Due to this, there was an Economic Crisis in America. 

When it comes to war, A country must calculate the aftermath, Economic bans, expenses and Military Equipment. These factors are vital for determining a winner in a war. 

Many Countries are ready to supply weapons to India. China also knows that India has good strategies and India has a Veteran army which has fought in many wars. 

China has only Inexperienced Army and Duplicate Military Equipment. 

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