Israel UAE Twist – Will The Arab Countries escape the Trap?

Israel UAE Twist - Will The Arab Countries escape the Trap?:

Israel UAE Twist- Tamil Pokkisham,

Turkey and Pakistan are having a secret verbal communication. If we hear what they are talking about, Pakistan offers Turkey to be the senior authority of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

When Turkey accepts the deal, Pakistan wants Saudi Arabia to dig over the Kashmir problem again. But Saudi Arabia became highly furious and are not interested in this deal by Pakistan.

Then MOSSAD started to generate a different plan. Soon that became an important plan against Iran. But the United Arab Emirates [UAE] got caught in that plan by MOSSAD.

From this, the 53 Islamic nations could be divided into different parts and Sectors and that is what we are going to see in this video.

                           Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.


Already we have discussed the deal that was going on between Pakistan and Turkey. When Saudi Arabia interfered into this, Pakistan didn’t want them to know about this. But after some stage, Pakistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs gave a bold speech to Saudi Arabia. He said Pakistan can Convene the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and they didn’t want Saudi Arabia to be involved in this. When Saudi Arabia came to about this, they replied that they will not be giving the Oil resource for the Country.

After 3 to 4 days, when there was no response from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia cancelled the $6.2 Billion Loan they were about to give Pakistan. In that $3.2 Billion was there to be given in Cash. The remaining $3 billion was there to be given as Oil resource. Already Saudi Arabia had given $1 Billion to Pakistan as a loan, now they are asking that to be repaid. They also further quarrelled that they wouldn’t be giving any Loan or Oil resource to Pakistan. 

The Head of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation [OIC], would normally be considered as the Major leader of all Islamic Countries. The Current Head is Saudi Arabia since they have got Oil Production along with sufficient amount of money. They don’t have any major country problems and or face any Economic crisis. But Islamic countries like Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia tries to create problems with Saudi Arabia to hurdle their reputation. Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia also decided to create a Radio for all Islamic Countries. This was also like objecting Saudi Arabia. 

Then Saudi Arabia decided to move away from this issue. Later Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia joined together.

But which Country would support these 3 Countries?

If Iran supports Turkey then what would China do?

If China Supports them, then what would Russia do? 

But in this case, we need not want to think about World politics. We are only going to see about how Saudi Arabia would stand alone. How Pakistan and Turkey turn their way differently. Till now we were only seeing about Islamic Countries but now are also going to see about Christian and Jewish Countries.

Israel and America are getting involved in this issue with the help of UAE. But what did these Arab countries do?

The MOSSAD system had been watching the leaders, Heads and politicians of UAE by spying them. Even the opposition leader couldn’t find that. A few days ago, An announcement was made i.e Israel and UAE are going to sign an agreement by September named Abraham. The name which was common for Christians, Islams and Jewish is Abraham. So everyone decided to name the agreement as Abraham. This agreement was made for a purpose. From this agreement hereafter, Israel and UAE are gonna be friends. And Israel’s embassy will be there in UAE, UAE’s embassy will be running in Israel like Research, Education, Establishments etc.. And Israel is also going to combine the Jordan valley, but this idea is stopped by now.

On January 2020, America had released the DEAL OF THE CENTURY in which they said they are going to sort out the issue of Palestinian Israel by giving a lot of tactics to them. But later many World Organisations and Countries turned against America by saying it is like stabbing in the backbone of Palestinian people. And now everyone’s opinion about this Abraham deal is that it is the Disguise of DEAL OF THE CENTURY by America. Until now Israel hasn’t accepted the Jordan valley to be combined, but maybe in the future that could happen.

There are also many others like the western bank, western shore and other land resources that would be combined. But the talks of these actions are still happening.

By this Israel would get a huge amount of Profit. But what would UAE get from this?

For this question, UAE replied during this Corona Pandemic they get all kinds of medical equipment and other major weapons suspiciously from Israel by the MOSSAD. So from this, we understand UAE too has been Benefitted. Not only this but also UAE has said they have been involved in a partnership with Israel about helping the Palestinian people. But Palestinians didn’t approve this since there weren’t any pieces of information about them in the agreement. So they asked UAE to send their Embassy officials back to Palestine. This soon became a matter of concern in the Country. When this Arabic Islam country named UAE and Islamic country named Palestine were in trouble, another Arab country named Iran joins over this issue. They replied the fault of this issue belongs to UAE and now Iran has become an Enemy for UAE. For the first time, A Gulf country is now going to be in friendly partnership with another Gulf country.

Already Arab countries like Egypt and Jordan are in link with Israel. So now 3 countries are in the side of Israel. Other than these, which country is going to be there after the UAE. It is the Saudi Arabian Country. If this happens then there will be an overall confusion for the 53 Arab Countries about which side they can go. By using this Situation many Communities have chances of being assumed as Terrorists.

But this type of Terrorism could be different since they can be happening between 2 Arabic Islam Countries. When that happens, many other Countries could interfere in this issue and would standby those 2 countries by saying they can sort their issues if they do some works for their country. Already this has started with some countries like Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and so on. From this, we can sense that most of the Islamic countries are in deep trouble. We can also look at how could MOSSAD do these many works without any problem. If we look at the previous episodes of MOSSAD we can say that they can do something, even more, bigger than these works.

Now let us look at how is America going to be benefitted from this.

A month ago from now, Iran reported that they had met with a Fire accident in their Nuclear Station. Whenever a country says they are creating Nuclear weapons, Israel would load down Bombs on that Country and will say about that incident only after 10 to 15 years later.

When everyone came to know about Iran. America replied they are going to impose Sanctions on Iran since they are creating Nuclear weapons. But Iran and China have had a Friendly agreement for 25 years. So even though America impose Sanctions on Iran, China will be there to help them. Therefore, Iran, China, Pakistan, Turkey are now been left out alone. In this situation, America’s President Donald Trump gave a big announcement to everybody. He said the Abraham agreement was previously thought to be named as Donald J Trump agreement. But he thinks the Future will have great respect for him since it has happened during his time as President. So by this, there could be some political revelation happening there. Even Joe Biden, the Vice president of America has appreciated Donald Trump for this move because Israel UAE agreement will surely be one of the Important agreements in this world. Countries like Germany, UK, France etc.. have also raised positive opinions about this agreement [ including World Bank and WHO]

So this is surely a Hallmark for Donald Trump and America. Even if America gets involved in a fight with Iran in the upcoming months they will be benefitted from this by imposing sanctions on them. They can also create problems in China with this issue since they have a Bond partnership together. But however, India can be highly benefitted from this and surely Pakistan and Turkey will face losses from this.

There can be changes in World Politics in the upcoming years. If any country tries to warn India in that, they can surely face massive changes from that.

We can look at what changes does India face and What do other opposition countries face in the upcoming years.

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Article By Hari Chidambaram

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