Jack Ma Arrested by the CCP? – CCP against the Rich in China

Jack Ma will be present in the list of the world’s 20 most Powerful list. 

The Powerful Jack Ma has been missing for two months. 

Jack Ma, GIO mart. Reliance has decided to open many Online Grocery Stores. 

What is the connection between Jack Ma and reliance?

The Chinese who loved Jack Ma, now hate him.

What would be the reason?

Is Jack Ma the only popular Person who has gone missing in China?


Are there many people in this missing People list conducted by the CCP?

Let’s discuss in detail.

The reason why Jack Ma is loved by the people is easy. His Confidence facing even the hugest failure he will keep on trying until he succeeds. The people who made a mockery of this Appearance were stunned and shocked by Jack Ma’s Success. 

Why was Jack Ma loved by the Chinese?

It could be a drama or a big event in his company. Jack Ma will wear disguises and dances and sings. This businessman can never be easily seen. 

Jack Ma is a powerful person in the world. 

What are the Chinese people reactions to Jack Ma’s missing?

People all around the world are asking the question “Where is Jack Ma”. 

People going missing in China is a common thing which happens under the CCP regime. SO Jack Ma going missing in China is normal news to the Chinese.

But to the People of the world still remains a mystery. We search in google and get some results. 

How can the Chinese people search for Jack Ma in their Internet?

The Chinese internet is called Baidu. When you search in this Search engine using keywords Jack Ma and Ma Yun. You will get some results. Take and Screenshot of the suggestions. Now come to google and translate those words. 

Jack Ma Arrested by the CCP? - CCP against the Rich in China

You will get these results. 

The results are Jack Ma fled Abroad. Did Jack Ma really flee aboard?. Jack Ma Sentenced to Prison. Jack Ma Disappeared. Jack Ma Shanghai Speech. 

Through this, we can understand that the Chinese people have started to search for Jack Ma. Jack Ma has more than 2 Crore Followers. Jack Ma’s last post was in Oct 2020. Even today there are comments filling this last post. 

People commenting “Jack Ma where are you?”, “You are our Inspiration”, “Please come home we will support you”. 

In Twitter, his last tweet was in October. Many People are commenting in Twitter also. 

Thus Jack Ma is the person who has been searched in the Internet. 

How can Jack Ma just disappear?

Why is he not coming out?

China says it is a Monopoly. Is this Monopoly a trap from China to Alibaba?

This Monopoly has been introduced in India. We should be very careful with this term. 

Alibaba was started in 1999. Before that Jack Ma starts a Website called Yellow Page. But sadly China Yellow Page was a failure for Jack Ma. From the failure, he starts Alibaba. The Company which was started in 1999 now has many branches and is the leading company. Alibaba not only did business. But it was a hub where all businesses were interconnected. 

We know about E-Bay. There is some truth in the news which says that Flipkart was bought by E-bay. An Alternative for E-Bay China had another platform called Taobao.com. 

How did Taobao.com beat E-bay?

Small Businesses can register in Taobao thus selling their goods. So many small Business people started using Taobao Website for selling goods. The profits pour in. Now they have exchanged the money. So they bring in Alipay which is Similar to google Pay. Nearly 50% of the Chinese People pay their payments through Alipay. 

Did Alipay stop there?

No Alipay started to lend loans. They gave Financial loans to businesses. Alipay growth was huge. Paypal is the World’s largest gateway. Alipay overcame Paypal. 

There are chances that the CCP regime would have asked for information from Alipay. If the Information was the one which was requested by the Chinese govt Alipay could have given it. But the CCP started many issues against Alipay. The Accusation of the CCP was Alibaba was doing the govt’s job without informing the govt. 

Jack Ma Arrested by the CCP? - CCP against the Rich in China

Can a Corporate do a Govt’s Job?

Money is the cause. Nearly 60 to 70 Crore people use the app. The CCP said to Alibaba to give all data of the people. Then they also said not to lend loans to people. The CCP asked Alipay to be linked directly with the CCP. This must be refused by Jack Ma. This is the point when the Chinese CCP became an enemy to Jack MA. 

When did the Chinese people make Jack ma their enemy?

The CCP regime did false propaganda about Jack Ma to the Chinese people. The other reason was the Taobao’s replacement was Tmall. This Tmall Website is for the Corporates. But Taobao has small businesses. Registration with Tmall can be done only by Big Corporates. 

So if you search in Taobao for somethings, you will be automatically redirected to Tmall Website. So Tmall is getting its profits. Taobao who had all kind of businesses and Corporates are affected. The CCP says that this was done by Jack Ma. This is the reason the Chinese People hate Jack Ma. They accuse Jack Ma that he has made the small businesses people go down. 

The Next accusation is Alibaba’s Hema Fresh Market. Alibaba has announced that they are going to start more than 100 Branches which will sell groceries. Within two years Hema Fresh market will be opened all over China. If these branches are started by Alibaba. The Small Grocery store or people selling grocery in the streets will be greatly affected. This is also a reason the Chinese People are against Jack Ma now. 

We have discussed the Govt Ultimatum to Jack Ma and the Reasons Chinese people hate Jack Ma. 

Next Question is,

Are there people who are poor and rich who just disappear as Jack Ma did?

If we understand the Question properly. We can guess what could have happened to Jack Ma. 

We should know about Anbang Insurance Group whose Chairman is Wu Xiaohui. 

Wu visits America and stays in a hotel. But within some days the Anbang Insurance bought the Hotel. This sale was helped by Trump’s Son-in-law. Through his help, Anbang Insurance was able to buy a very important hotel. Wu Xiaohui started to buy assets in various foreign countries. 

The CCP regime wants these assets to act to its orders. But the assets have been bought by a Corporate. On 16th Nov the hotel was purchased by Anbang insurance. 

On June 2017, there was an announcement that Wu Xiaohui is missing. Anbang Insurance announced that they have fired Wu Xiaohui from his position. They give some reasons for the removal of the insurance company. Wu Xiaohui was still missing.

Jack Ma Arrested by the CCP? - CCP against the Rich in China

But after Nine Months Wu Xiaohui was accused and a case was filed in the Chinese Court. Wu Xiaohui was accused and sentenced to 18 years in Jail. After the verdict was passed in court. The CCP announces that Wu Xiaohui was arrested and has been held for Nine Months. All assets and the Anbang Company will all belong to the CCP regime. 

SO China encourages Millionaires and Billionaires. When they see the growth of the people going above the govt. The CCP regime will arrest them. Corporate and their assets will all belong to the CCP regime. 

The next missing person is Ren Zhi-Qiang. Ren was an important party member in the CCP. Ren in an interview told the truth that he was not satisfied with the data provided by the CCP regarding the Wuhan Virus. 

Within days he was fired from the CCP. He was accused and sentenced to 18 yrs in jail on Corruption charges after a One-day trial. 

The Next person is Guo GuangChang who was called China’s Warren Buffett. A Chinese Billionaire went missing for some days. There was no information about him. After several days he attends a Public event. From that day onwards he disappeared.

So even a Chinese Billionaire who was called China’s Warren Buffett goes missing and no one dares asks a question against the CCP regime. 

The Next victim is Tomorrow Group owner who is Xiao Jianhua. The Witness says that Xiao was kidnapped by 7 Persons in a Wheelchair. 

Who were the Kidnappers?

But on Sep2020, the CCP announces that he is under investigation by the CCP. After some days, the CCP seized control over the company and its Assets. 

Not only businessmen but even actors and actress. An actress was put in jail for not paying Proper Taxes. For years she has been in jail and she was finned for Many Million Dollars. IF the actress has spoken there could have been a revolution in China. So to stop this, the CCP created issues for her and shut Her down.

So many Rich people like Jack Ma has gone missing and ended up in Jail. Now Alibaba is losing its Profits and respect. The CCP in the future may announce that Alibaba and ANT group now belong to the CCP regime. 

Jack Ma is not a saint. When he started the Fresh Market it could have affected the normal and Poor Grocery sellers. The Corporates should earn profits by following the Govt Guidelines. 

The Govt should not listen to Corporates. Small and Normal businesses should not be affected by these Corporates. This is our Request. 

IS JAck Ma arrested by the CCP?

Have they kept him in House arrest?

Is Jack MA avoiding Public?

Only Time will give us these answers. 

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