Jack Ma Missing – An Inspirational Hero to a Villian | CCP Atrocities

Jack Ma Missing - An Inspirational Hero to a Villian | CCP Atrocities: 

The Newspapers across the world, The International Newspapers are asking the question

Where is Ma Yun?

We don’t know about this Ma Yun. We definitely know Jack Ma. 

Where is Jack Ma?

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

China’s Second Richest Person. He is a very lean and Humble person. He was born in Hangzhou, China on 19 64. The Are he was born in was not a developed area. Many Chinese Hesitated to go to work in the region. 

In 1974 the region started to attract Tourists. Many Tourists come to the region. Ma Yun becomes a guide for the Tourists. He wanted to learn English. He Speaks and learns English. A guided game him an Alias Name Jack.  Ma Yun Included the Jack into his name thus called Jack ma. He didnt have any connections of help. But he had this urge to be successful in his life. To do this he needs Education. He must get into a College by passing the Entrance exams. 

Two times he fails to pass the entrance exams. He never gives up hope. He writes for the third time. He passes the entrance exams and admission into the College. He studies well and graduates from the College. 

He applies for various jobs which included KFC.
We are not going to look into the Entire Life Of Jack Ma. But just an Introduction. He didn’t receive any job offers, so returns to this home town. He joins as an English Teacher in an Institute. His salary was 12 USD. The Year is 1990. 

Jack Ma in 1995 goes for a holiday to America. He sees the Internet and studies the Internet. He doesnt have previous experience on Computers. But he has some kind of interest in the Internet. 

He returns to his hometown and being Translating business. The Internet has arrived in China. Jack Ma searches for a China Beer. But he doesnt get the results in the search. So he wanted to build a platform for China. He started asking people to join him to create a website. Many refuse the offer, but 17 People join Jack Ma’s dream of creating a Website. He starts Alibaba.com

If you ask any Indian Youngsters today, they will know Alibaba and they will connect Alibaba with Tencent. They will compare Alibaba with E-Commerce websites Like Amazon and Flipkart. People around the World now know Jack Ma. Alibaba is a famous Website. He was the Richest Person in China. But now he is the Second Richest Person in China. 

Jack Ma Missing - An Inspirational Hero to a Villian | CCP Atrocities

But for two months Jack Ma was not seen anywhere. From November he was not seen.

What really happened to Jack Ma?

Alibaba has so many Branches Companies. The other company which is a part of Alibaba is called ANT group, Tencent directly reports to Jack Ma. In 2013, Jack Ma didnt want to be a CEO whereas he wanted to be an Executive Chairman. In 2016 when Trump became President of the USA. Trump had a meeting with a Chinese who is Jack Ma. Because of his fame, Jack Ma was called by the Chinese as Daddy Ma. The Chinese said that Jack Ma is their Hero two months ago. 

Now the Chinese People call him, He is not a Hero but a Zero. He is not Daddy but Son. Jack Ma has been mocked in Social Media. 

What happened within two Months?

The Propaganda which has been unleashed against Jack Ma in Chinese Social media is huge. The Chinese Social media is under the direct control of the Chinese Govt. If there is a Controversy in Chinese Social media against Jack Ma, he could have spoken against the CCP regime. 

When we searched for his Speech. We heard about the Conference in Shanghai, China. Jack Ma says he likes living in China. But he also says that the Banking system in China is like Pawn Shops. This was the first truth he told in the conference. He praises the Banking Systems in the International community. The Banking system in other countries solves many problems and issues for the people. But the Chinese Banking System is creating issues and problems for the Chinese people. So Jack Ma gave his Controversial speech in the Conference which is against the CCP. 

Has Jack ma Suddenly come out and spoke against the CCP regime?

Jack Ma introduced a Payment Gateway called Alipay. Many asked a question that information of the people must be gathered. IF Through Alipay anyone is arrested, Jack Ma Will volunteer to go to Jail. Jack Ma very well knows that if speak against the CCP he has to go to Jail. 

Jack Ma Missing - An Inspirational Hero to a Villian | CCP Atrocities

Knowing this,

Why would Jack Ma speak against the CCP?

Four months ago, Jack Ma’s longest request was to include the ANT group Company in the Share Market. The Chinese govt didnt give permission for the Company. The bit in Nov 2020 they let the ANT group into the Share market. Ant Group becomes the Riches Company than ARAMCO. Many were interested to buy the shares of ANT group. 

During this time, Jack Ma was pressured by the Chinese govt to share the data. The Chinese govt wanted to purchase the majority of Shares from the ANT group. Jack Ma enduring this pressure, made a controversial Speechin the conference. 

When ANT group was included in the Share Market. After two weeks Jack MA gave his speech in the COnference. After two days the ANT group has been thrown out of the Share Market of China. 

How much does Jack Ma face as Losses?

Nearly 20 Lakh Crores within one day. The Chinese govt announces that they will introduce an Anti-Trust upon Some Companies. Chinese govt file cases against Alibaba, that the Corporate was acting against China. ANT group was also Targeted. Corporate had to face many issues and Problems. Now the Chinese govt wants to know which shares will be given by the Branch Companies. 

Jack Ma has already predicted this would happen. It has already said that the Chinese govt will try to take over his company. The Chinese govt for so many years was trying to Takeover Alibaba and Tencent. 

Jack Ma Missing - An Inspirational Hero to a Villian | CCP Atrocities

Alipay is similar to google pay. Alipay has been used by 50% of the Chinese People. So the data of 50% of the Whole Population data is in the hands of Alibaba, Alipay and Jack Ma. 

When Jack Ma started to speak against the CCP. There were trolls and Memes in the Social media against Jack Ma. 

We still don’t know whether the Chinese people are talking against Jack Ma. Maybe The Chinese govt is spreading false messages in Chinese Social Media. But many Posts against Jack Ma has been posted and they receive so many likes. One Writer writes to Hang Jack Ma in the Street. The likes for the Post is 1 Lakh 22000. That message has been shared more than 1 Lakh Times in Wechat. 

Thus Jack Ma has turned from Hero to Villian because he spoke against The Evil CCP regime. The reasons are the Chinese govt. China govt will now ask for Half shares of any Company which belongs to Jack Ma. Half of the shares will be under the control of the Chinese govt.

No one should raise their voice in China against The CCP regime. 

What would be Jack Ma’s reply?

When there was no Internet in China. Working hard Jack Ma created his website. The Chinese Internet has so many new layers of Security which added. Due to this many Corporates are unable to do work. The Chinese govt is trying to enslave the Chinese People and Corporates. 

There was an Alibaba Executive who wanted someone to talk about this issue. This is the situation now. 

Thus Jack ma hasn’t been seen in any Public Event. Among these issues, you might have a question,

Should there be Corporates which has to support the CCP to survive in China?

This is the Undeniable Truth. Cases will be filed against Jack Ma in the Upcoming days. The Chinese govt will say that Alibaba is acting against China’s Communist Ideology. 

There are chances that Jack Ma will face Heavy losses from his businesses. 

Jack Ma Missing - An Inspirational Hero to a Villian | CCP Atrocities

The Coming two months will determine 

Whether Jack Ma is the Second Richest Person in China or the 20th?

Only time can give an answer. 

When Jack Ma a hero who is turned to a Villian for his Speech. The International Community has asked a question,

Where is Jack Ma?

The same question was asked to the Chinese govt. The Govt didnt know Jack Ma’s whereabouts. 

Is Jack ma alive?


Is He hiding somewhere?

Has Jack Ma been arrested by the Evil CCP Regime?

There are questions yet to be answered. The World is waiting. 

Jack Ma’s Life will be inspirational. 

Is this a punishment for an inspirational man who just spoke against the CCP?

Many in China looked at Jack Ma for Inspiration. But the CCP has portrayed him to be a Villian. This is Psychological Warfare. China doesnt only do Psychological Warfare against countries. But it does it to its Own people if they talk against the CCP regime and the Communist party. 

A man who speaks against CCP whether he is rich or Poor will be considered an enemy to the State. 

Villain Jack ma. 

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