Jai Bhim Dark Side of History – The Untold Truth left out in the movie

Jai Bhim Dark Side of History - The Untold Truth left out in the movie

In Tamil, many bad words refer to a Female Organ, a relative or the Tribes. This post is a small vibration made by the Jai Bhim Movie. We don’t know whether you will like this post or not. If we don’t post it, we can never be human beings. 

The One video which we have regrets about is the Reservation video. After this video, we have learned a lot and changed our views. History taught us the truth. 

Jai Bhim movie focuses on Tribes called the Irular. 

Who are the Irulars?

How many tribes are there?

There are nearly 36 Tribal communities. Nearly 36 Tribes have ruled Taimnadu says History. In every District the Tribes had control. We differentiate using the regions as Mullai, Marutham, Neiythal and Palai. People are over the world once belonged to a tribe. 

These tribes lived in the forest. Then they migrated to Plains. Then they Civilized and lived in Cities. The Modern people who now live in cities have forgotten their history. 

Jai Bhim timeframe is 1993-94. Lockup deaths are still happening in Tamilnadu. Sathankulam Lockdeath happened. It’s been two years. 

The Tribes many of them don’t have Caste Certificate. In 2018 The Hindu, 2020 BBC, 2021 Vikatan have discussed these Certificate issues. 

How many people have not received the caste certificate?

Nearly 800 to 1000 People are waiting for their certificates. 

Why haven’t they got their caste Certificates?

In India, if a student finishes his 12th Standard he needs his Caste Certificate to join a college. Imagine the Tribal students who don’t have the Caste Certificates. The Men go to work as Coolies and Women are married at a very young age. Their future is affected. A 20yr old Girl Sangavi has passed in NEET. Sangavi has said that her victory is her villages victory. This is a community’s victory. The first generation of students and Graduates from the Community is their Victory. 

Jai Bhim Dark Side of History - The Untold Truth left out in the movie

Is the Irulars life in the dark?

Yes. They are still struggling with their lives. In Tamilnadu, there are 36 communities. In India, the numbers are 62 Communities. The Tribes are divided into three Aboriginal Tribes, Primitive Tribes and Tribes. The Aboriginal tribes are the ones who ruled the earth. These people have not enjoyed any comfort of modern life. 

The Total Percentage of these tribes are 1% in Tamilnadu. The Politicians say that the 1% is not important as votes. 

In 1989, The Tribes were given Caste Certificates. In 1989, this was used wrongfully. 

How did they misuse the Certificates?

There are a lot of allowances for the Tribes. Some People wrongly apply as tribes. So the new law was passed in 1989. Imagine how many years it will take for these Tribes to get their certificates. For nearly 60 years the Irular Community is waiting for their certificates. The Law was for good intentions but the Tribes suffered. 

The Tamilnadu govt said that the Schools will give the Caste Certificates. But in this new law, there were so many issues and it is stopped. In 2013, district Headmasters of the schools can give Caste Certificates. But first, they have to identify the Tribal people. They identify The tribal people with the way they speak. 

First, we have to understand the Dravidian Language groups. The Languages which split from Tamil are called Dravidian Languages. But they have added Tamil into the Dravidian language. 

Gotha, Thoda and Koya are languages from the Dravidian languages. This discrimination in the words became the bad words. These are people whose languages are now considered Bad Words. 

But we forgot that these Tribes were our ancestors. Now we fool ourselves as a Modern men. 

Jai Bhim Dark Side of History - The Untold Truth left out in the movie

In 2011 a survey was conducted. Nearly 80% of the people in Tamilnadu are educated. The Irular Community has 36% people. 

What are the Govt, Politicians and the Govt officials doing?

We cannot blame the govt. As the Govt is passing laws. The laws are used in the wrong way by some people. Due to these people, the tribes cannot get their certificates. This is the reason the Tribes community are suffering. 

How can we overcome this issue?

The Sufferings of the Irular Community is horrible and very sad. If you have not seen JaiBhim please see it. In Tamilnadu, there are only 1% of the Tribes. For 1% the govt has failed for 70 years to even give certificates. 

In 2021 still don’t have any Certificates.

What are we going to do?

We must speak. We must search the history. 

Who are these Tribal People?

Why has the law neglected them?

Why were false cases filed against these people?

In the 36 Communities, there are nearly 6 Lakh people. The Tribal people who are in Tamilnadu Nearly 47% of them are Malayalees. The Tribal people scattered throughout India. 

Jai Bhim Dark Side of History - The Untold Truth left out in the movie

If the Police file a false case against these people,

Who will support and help these people?

This question cannot be answered. Discrimination is still among us. 

Is there unity among the tribes?

Within the Community there are separations. We have to conduct a complete study and learn the truth about these Tribal People. Please teach your children the truth. Learn the history of your people. 

The Starting Point is created by the Jai Bhim Movie. 

Ambedkar is not a leader for one Caste. He was a leader for the Indian People. 

If you have questions after you have seen the movie. Please Comment. We will discuss this in another post. 

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