Jasmine Revolution – Israel Syria and Arab Countries

Jasmine Revolution - Israel Syria and Arab Countries:

Corona Virus is teaching the people and the world a lesson. We have started to live with the virus. In this Corona Situation, we have War tensions going around the world. There is War tension between Nepal, China and India. 

There was another War tension in Libya. Russia and Turkey and tearing apart Libya, This news might not have reached us. We have our own issues in India. 

When did Libya issue start?

What is the Jasmine Revolution?

Was Gaddafi his original name?

We will answer these questions in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Nearly 66 Lakh People live in Libya. These people constantly live in fear. Until 2011 Libya was a rich country. Still, Libya has abundant Oil Resources. It was one of the African countries which were rich until 2011. 

On 2015 many People in Libya said that “Libya will become a country like Somalia”. There are so many issues in the country. Muammar Gaddafi, his name was Muammar but Gaddafi is the tribe he belonged. 

Nearly 66 Lakh People live in the country. 15 Lakh People are migrants from different countries. So there are so many ethnic people living in Libya. 

How many ethnic groups live there?

More than 120 Ethnic groups are in Libya. So Muammar Gaddafi was the one who protected these Ethnic groups and the people. Libyan people tend to add their ethnic name into their names. This is how Muammar included Gaddafi. 

We can separate Libya into three regions based on three important ethnic groups. In the West, nearly 10 Lakh People live in the region which belongs to the Ethnic group called Warfallah. Gaddafi’s Wife’s Ethnic group is this Warfallah. The Middle region is dominated by the Gaddafi Ethnic group. In the East lives Zuwaya, Misurata, Al-Wahib and more ethnic groups. This is the structure of Libya. 

Jasmine Revolution - Israel Syria and Arab Countries

Before we go into details of Libya. Please Check the Post called Mossad Part13. The Mossad series is the successful series in Tamil Pokkisham. The 13th Episode is called the Six Days War.

What is this Six Days war?

This starts when they founded Israel. May 14th 1948, Israel a new country as born. The UN says that they should create Israel by dividing Palestine. Many countries support and oppose this and Country Israel is born. 

The Countries which opposed the idea were Arab Countries. May 15th The Arab nations launches a joint attack against Israel.

Which countries attacked Israel?

Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan who are the members of the Aran League. The Holy war and Arab Independence Army were created by these countries against Israel. In this Jordan occupied Israel’s lands. There are many wars after this one, Nobody knows what Mossad Does. After they have completed their mission the other countries will recognize that Mossad did it. 

Israel wanted to take revenge against The Arab Countries. Israel is surrounded by Arab countries and they are Israel’s Nemesis. 

So Israel created a big plan. In 1964-65 on 7 am many aircraft from Israel flew over the Arab countries. These flights will be visible in the radar for a while and they will disappear. For two years Israel sends its Airforce into enemy territory. Until 1967 the Arab countries ignored it. In 1967 June 5th Israel’s airforce flies over the Arab countries and they ignored them. But suddenly Egypt’s Entire Airforce was destroyed. Until June 6th they were planning the attack and they executed it. 

Jasmine Revolution - Israel Syria and Arab Countries

This started the Six Days War. Many Arab countries join together and declare war against Israel. Israel won the war, the Jordan occupied Region was recaptured. The Short form of the war is Israel won the war. 

After the war, The Arab Countries engage in various agreements. In 1967 August, a Conference was held in Sudan. The Arab League Countries sign an agreement. 

What is said in this agreement?

The first Conclusion is there should be no Israel. The Arab nations will not recognize the Birth of the State of Israel. The third is there will be no Peace talks with Israel. So in 1967, they sign the agreement. There were so many issues which happened after this event. 

On 1979, Egypt quits the Agreement. The reason was they signed an agreement through America with Israel. When Egypt exited the agreement, it was given 2 Billion USD every year as Relief Fund. During these wars, many people migrate to many countries. 

Jasmine Revolution - Israel Syria and Arab Countries

Israel immediately starts to take a  Population Sensex. When people went out of the country during War were not allowed into the country forever. So the people after the Sensex who come into the country doesn’t belong to Israel nor Palestine. They were called Refugees. The region was occupied by Israel. 

So this feud between Israel and Arab countries started. But Egypt after a while said it will remain Neutral. Then it was changed from Arab countries VS Israel into Israel Vs Palestine. Egypt must be noticed here. After this event, Egypt actions were in support of the Western Countries and they didnt support the Arab Countries. 

So decades go and now we are in 2010. There were issues in the Arab and African Countries. There was an issue in Tunisia. Corruption was everywhere, there was Un-employment. There is the main reason why we are discussing this post right now. This situation should not come to India and must not lead to a revolution. People’s Revolution is used by Many Countries for their own benefits. This is happening in Libya. So if you understand the topic, then you will know how India’s and the World future will be.

Un-Employment, Hungry People, Poverty and Corruption. There is a family which has no father and a youngster is looking after the family. Mohamed Mous si.  So he goes to meet the Governor of Tunisia. He owns a shop and asks a question.

What must I Do against the Corrupted people?

But he was not given a chance to meet the governor. He has tried everything till that moment, so he burned himself alive. This starts a revolution among Youngsters. Social media was discussing this issue very highly. The Arab Countries are under the rule of Tyrants and Monarchies. 

The Spark which was lit in Tunisia spread like a wildfire into the Arab Countries. 

This revolution was supported by Mossad and America. If the Arab Countries are at peace, then they will turn against Israel or America. America cannot appoint a puppet govt in the Arab Countries. So when the pour Fuel into the fire, this Jasmine Revolution starts to become stronger. Due to this Tunisia was faced by a change of Govt. The National flower of Tunisia is Jasmine so the revolution was called the Jasmine Revolution. 

Jasmine Revolution - Israel Syria and Arab Countries

Where did the Jasmine Revolution spread?

Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Iraq and many countries. This revolution spreads in Egypt also. In Egypt, the govt is a puppet govt to America. America’s Intelligence was very keen in stopping the revolution into Egypt. A Single Woman changed Politics, her name is Asmaa Mahfouz. 

What did she do?

She has fought for so many days. She posts in Facebook, So she asks her people to gather in the Tahrir Square to protest against the regime of President Hosni Mubarak. 

After she released the video only 3 Youngsters came to the square. The Police arrest these 4 people. After some days they release Asmaa. 

Did she keep calm?

No again she posted a video. She tells that the last time few came to the square. She wants to know how much people will gather this time around. People started to gather in thousands and the Govt was Changed due to this revolution. So in Tunisia and Egypt, the govt has been changed. 

Now the Western countries turn their attention to Libya. For nearly 40 Years Gaddafi was ruling the country. Gaddafi was a tyrant says many. The reply to them will be at the end of the post. Gaddafi has been warned by Western Countries and many issues were created to him. Gaddafi didnt give in to the pressure. So they start a revolution in Libya. The Rebels were given Weapons, Bombs and Aircraft support by America. The weapons were given to the rebels as free. Gaddafi was murdered by The rebels. 

So after killing Gaddafi, People who said he was a tyrant should accept that there should be peace in the country. People started a Revolution against Gaddafi and it succeeded. But in 2015 Libya’s Ministers say that Libya will turn into another Somalia. Now Libya has been competed by Two Countries over power. One govt is set up by the UN. Puppet Govt by the Western Countries. This govt is called GNA(Govt of National Accord).

The govt which are against GNA is called LNA(Libyan National Army). The LNA was fighting to capture the Capital of Libya. Egypt now says that it will help to solve the Civil war through Peace talks. 

Where did Russia and Turkey come in this issue?

In Syria, Turkey and Russia are competing for power. The same is happening in Libya also. We discussed that the Arab Countries join to fight against Israel. 

Do these Arab Countries have Unity among themselves?

They don’t have any Unity. In Libya, we discussed GNA and LNA. UN’s GNA has the support of Turkey, Qatar and Italy. LNA is supported by Russia, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. So these Arab Countries have no Unity. 

How will they defeat Israel?

Libya has been shattered into Pieces now. Now they say the Civil war is over. 

Who is victorious?

Is it Russia’s Victory?

Is it Turkey’s Victory?

Is it Israel’s Victory?

Is it a win for the Western Countries?

No One is Victorious here. The real defeat is to the People of Libya. 

Why this defeat?

We have to discuss the Biography of Gaddafi?

The answer lies there. 

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